Why December 22nd is SO Important

I am an agent of change. I was born on a 22nd. I was conceived on December 22nd. 11, 22 and 33 are all Master Numbers. What does that mean? Master numbers are like Jokers in a deck of playing cards; many different weird and wonderful things can happen on Master Number Days.

OK. Why is December 22, 2014 so important? As I have written, it is the day that the Aquarian Light Templates go operational. What does this mean? I am not totally sure, but I do know that Light Templates will operate very differently from Dark Templates. The fundamental difference is that Darkness operates out of fear, force and control and resists any change-for-the-better with all of its might/resources.

So…Light Templates will operate in freedom, choice, truth, love, integrity, self-reliance, self-respect and change-for-the-better. If you think about, our entire world is now operating out of fear, force and control; we fear being attacked in our homes so we must have security, we fear being attacked by identity thieves so we must have a deterrent, we fear not having enough food or money or shelter or clothing, we fear not knowing where these things come from.

Whether we know it, or not, all of these things are being, and always have been provided by our Spirit Guides/Selves. Big Government is a deception by Darkness as part of its fear, force and control programs.

Is Government going to get smaller, more responsive and less intrusive? YES! 

Will it disappear entirely? No, but it will be the servant, not the Master.

What about Taxes? Will there be a Flat Tax? Yes, on the way to Voluntary Taxation where you can designate how your taxes will be used. Will there be Excise Taxes, like on alcohol, tobacco and weed? Yes, these will based on consumption and they will be around 10 percent or less.

Re-member, Light has taken over. Put that another way, Freedom from Fear has taken over. The Dark types who operate out of fear whether that is murderers, thieves, rapists, child molesters, embezzlers or your standard sociopath will be leaving us; they will not be allowed to stay. Yes, they will all be dying soon. Yes, that means we will not need to have prisons and this giant court system to deal with criminals. All of the people who think that they can use violence on you, whether they be criminals or cops/Police will be leaving. The world, shortly, will not be ruled through the barrel of a gun or the sudden attack of a SWAT Team.

Wait a second, does this mean there will be no crime? No, but much less and we will have better, non-violent ways of handling it.

How is this going to happen? The Light Beings/Workers are getting new, very powreful capabilities that will replace the force of the knife, sword or gun. Just imagine having the powre to prevent a bullet from being fired (or a bomb exploding or a missile being fired/exploded). This applies to gas and poison as well. What if, people who know what is Right/Light can impose that Rightness on society in a truly civilized manner with lots of freedom and choice.

Say, a sniper shoots you with a big bullet fully expecting to kill you. One of these new powres will enable you to turn that bullet around in mid-air and send it back to the shooter; wow, the shooter kills himself. Same with all of the other ways to kill or maim. Even better, this also will apply to whomever ordered the attack up the chain-of-command. Yes, the intended bullet kills the shooter and whomever ordered it even up to the Prime Minister/President. This is what I mean when I say ruling through the barrel of a gun is over.

Now, you are beginning to understand what I meant when I told you to start using your Lens as a Laser Beam. Whether you know it, or not, your physical body is a flesh-and-blood-and-spirit machine that can be programmed; now, with Light in-charge, you can begin your reprogramming. You can give yourself powres and money and success and stuff, but you cannot mis-use them.

By that, I mean that you will not be allowed to mis-use them and they will be taken away if you continue to try to mis-use them. Light, the source of these powres, is always watching and, now, has two-thirds of the powre in the Multi-verse.

Lots of changes are coming. If you are of the Light, you will welcome them. If you are of the Dark, not so much.

“The Changes, They are Coming” – Bob Dylan

Love, Light and Laughter



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