Light has Taken Over; How and When?

I knew Light started it’s take-over of Planet Earth on March 1st, 2015, but I assumed it was happening everywhere, all at once. Wrong assumption.

Light started it’s “blanket” take-over in Western Australia on March 1st. By “Blanket”, I mean addressing areas of Dark excess uniformly whether they be “big” or “small.” It will take until the end of March for this blanket sweep to be completed and will include all of New Zealand. Why start “down-under”? Because Darkness had not yet had enough time down there to make a large mess; the clean-up was the easiest.

OK. Where next? Light will sweep Northward into the Pacific Island Nations and Eastward across the Pacific. It will sweep North America, to include Alaska and Mexico, from the West in April and May and Central America, the Caribbean Islands and South America in June. Light will sweep the Polar Regions (both Northern and Southern) in July.

In July, Light will sweep Eastward across Greenland, Iceland and the Westward edge of Europe, Norway. By the end of August, all of Europe from the European parts of Russia, to Eastern Europe and Greece will have been swept.

All of this time is a time for growing stronger and Light will need it for the Middle East, Africa, India and China. In September, Light will sweep the Caucasus, Turkey, the Middle East, and Africa. In November and December, Light will sweep Siberia, India, Tibet, China, the Koreas and Japan; saving the most populous places on Earth for last.

Alright. I have written about the departure of the Darkest-of-the-Dark; how does that fit in? After the general blanket sweeps, the next 30-days get re-swept for the people who have 90% and higher; those who did not get picked up in the general sweeps will be sent back to Spirit. The next 30-days after that, those with 80% and higher and so on until all the Dark oriented people who have 60% or higher have left.

So…this will be a multi-stage event that may last well into 2016 for India, China, the Koreas and Japan.

Note: With the exception of Indonesia and Malaysia, the core areas of Islam are all being saved for later in the year, when Light will have it’s greatest strength. Yes, Islam, in all of it’s forms, is Darkness.

Love, Light, and Laughter,


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