The Bomb is NO More

Everyone is, now, scared to death that Putin or the Islamic Terrorists (pick your flavor) will get and use the A-Bomb.

I’ve said it before and will say it again; Spiritual Light has taken over. Light is freedom, truth, choice, doing the “Right” thing and change-for-the-better. Where does Dark Assholes running around with Nuclear Weapons fit in this scenario?

Yes, Nuclear weapons were allowed to be deployed and used on this planet back in the 1940s-1960s; two of them were dropped on the Japanese and a few more were used in testing as demonstrated by media coverage of large “mushroom” clouds. The world definitely knew that the Russians, the US and France had exploded a nuclear weapon.

As our World moved closer and closer to 2012 and the beginning of Photon Belt or Aquarian Energy, there was a lot of “spill-over” of that Energy which provided the creative forces for developing many of the technologies that we use today like the Internet, Smart Phones, laptop/pad computers, 3D Printing, satellite communications, WiFi, etc.

This creative force also took notice of the Dark, destructive forces in our world, especially nuclear weapons. This creative force took it upon itself to limit our laws of Physics and, essentially, turned off all nuclear weapons. THERE ARE NO NUCLEAR BOMBS THAT WORK ANYMORE. Not in Russia or China or France or Britain or Israel or India or Pakistan or the United States or, most especially, Iran.

All this talk of nuclear weapons is just brinksmanship because no one is sure that the other guy knows that they don’t work anymore. And they are correct; just look at how much Iran is spending on getting a bomb that doesn’t work.

What did the United States do when it realized that the Nukes were not working anymore? They shut down their huge nuclear infrastructure and moved rapidly to precision guided weapons; that is how we defeated Saddam Hussein, not with Nukes.

Does Putin have Nukes that work? No, he is all bluff, but Obama is a coward or wants Putin to succeed; anything to reduce the power and status of the US of A. OK. The Iranians are developing ICBMs that are targeted on Europe and the US, if not Nukes, what will they carry? Simple, biologic warfare. Make no mistake, Iran is an evil nation intent on spreading it’s poisonous Islamic ideology to the world.

So…this coming war will be a ground war with armies fighting armies. Fortunately, it will start out with the Shias fighting the Sunnis as is happening now in Iraq. Now that the fighting between them is out in the open, the US Military cannot be seen to take sides, even against ISIS as the West is starting to realize that Iran is worse. So…What happens when the Stone Age Islamic Terrorists are not able to buy or replace Western weapons? Sooner or later, they will run out of all the weapons Obama provided them with. Yes, I really do not like Obama; he is the Darkest of the Dark being on the planet. Evil does not begin to describe him.

But,…Light has taken over and will make itself felt very soon. That is not going to be seen as a ‘good’ thing by all of these Dark Assholes; their options will become more and more limited whether they are in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya or France, UK or Germany.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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