Update on my Last Post

Getting information from Spirit is very much a process of interpretation with all of the Human/Newman biases that get in the way. The other problem is timing as the “what” that is happening is supposed to be “accurate.” but the timing is always up-in-the-air.

Having said that, the timetable for the take-over of Light is accurate; it started on March, the 1st, 2015 in Western Australia.

OK. Here’s the part that I misinterpreted; as of April 1st (Fools Day), the Darkest-of-the-Dark removal program is put in place everywhere. This programs does not have to wait until the “Blanket” Sweep has occurred; it goes into effect worldwide on April 1st.

So…We don’t have to wait to get rid of these really Dark Assholes, especially, in the Middle East or Washington DC. Spring and Summer 2015 will be an eventful time on Planet Earth; for those of us staying, we will, finally, get to see a change in Mankind with a major diminishment of fear.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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