Light is Pushing Back against Darkness

Happy Flag Day!

Here we are in mid-June on a triple-14-day. In May, Light began it’s push to achieve dominance over Darkness. In June, Darkness is being overcome. In July, Darkness will begin to be defeated. To quote Churchill, it is the end of the beginning. By the end-of-the-year, it will be much more clear that Light and Right-Spin and Doing-the-Right-Thing are in charge.

This has taken far too long to happen from my perspective, but, it is, finally, happening. To Spirit, this timeline is incredibly rapid, but to we, Humans and Newmans, it is very slow.

OK. What to look for? When Humans worships a “God”, that God is a Local God that is created here on Earth. This is true of the Greek, Norse and Egyptian Gods and applies to Jesus, Mary, Buddha and Allah.

The multi-God paradigm is long-since been depowered; the worshippers have moved on and no longer send their creative/worship power to those Gods. These Gods have faded away into nothingness and they no longer have any power to reward their worshippers.

This is not true of Christians, Buddhists and Muslims; their Local Gods continue to receive worship power from their believers and, as such, have power to reward their followers.

This is changing this month.  This Blog writes about the on-going war between Darkness and Light and the coming ascendancy of Light.  Guess what? Allah is Darkness.  Allah is a Dark, Local God. Effective today, June 14th, Allah is being cut-off from the worship power being sent to Him. Who, or what is doing that? Light! Because, finally, today, it has the power to do so.

What about Buddhists and Christians? Simple, they are both of the Light and Buddha, Jesus and Mary will continue to receive their worship power. Unlike Allah, they will still be able to reward their believers.

Allah still has lots of power, but is no longer being re-charged. Eventually, Allah will run out of juice like a discharged battery. When that happens, Allah will become another nothingness Local God. Oh Shit, oh Dear!

How long will it take before Allah loses most of its power? Fortunately, worship/belief power is always in motion and is difficult to store. Without re-charging, Allah has about three (3) years of power depending on how its spends it.

Does Darkness have the power to counter-attack Light and re-connect to its worshippers? No! This is something that Light and Darkness have been battling over for the past 30 months; in that time, Light has cut-off Darkness numerous times and Darkness has successfully re-established contact. Now, today, Darkness does not have the combat power to do so again.

This is a huge development.  Darkness has lost its hegemony! The outcome of the battles in the Middle East between Sunni and Shiites or between the Saudis and Iran does not matter any more. The great contest between Islam and Christianity has already been decided; Western Civilization will continue it’s march forward. After all, it is based on the Light in the New Testament.

OK. What about Russia? Darkness is going to lose their as well. Same with China. They will both cease to be a problem before the end-of-the-year.

So…The United States of America will be the big winner? YES! The US of A was established by Light. As was Australia. Both will survive and prosper during the coming Earth Changes, but both have a lot of Darkness that needs to be driven out.

In July, Light will be in the driver seat and the changes will begin.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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