Light is putting it’s Powre into Big Picture issues First

I keep saying that Light is taking over. It is true, but Light must wait until the 1st of the new month to use the incremental increase in powre from the previous month.

May was the shift month, but Light was not able to use it’s superior powre until June. In July, Light will be able to use the increased powre from June. The shift is happening much slower than many of us hoped for, but it is happening. Each new month brings a 20 percent increase in Light’s powre over Darkness.

In July, Light’s primary focus will be to degrade the power of Islam in our world; Islam is 100 percent Darkness and all (ALL) of its adherents are Dark. Yes, I know that could mean as many as 2 Billion people.

There is some good news for Light Beings individually. Light will have some powre to start healing us physically and financially. This healing powre will be increased in August and the healing should be completed in September.

Be patient Light Worker; the changes, they are coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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