March Madness

It’s not just the Ides of March or March Madness coming; March is a three (3) month. For those of you who have been following this blog, you know I am concerned about the use of 5- or 14-days as those are the days that we can (are allowed to) Create on.

Here is a missing piece in that story. Many of you know that nine (9) is the number of completion and that it is the most mystical number; any number that adds up to 9, like 144, can also be divided by 9 cleanly.

Alright, 9 is kinda cool, but so what. Well…9 is also 3 threes. OK. So?

Take a look around you; we all live in a 3-dimensional world; everything has a height, depth and width and they are all 90-degree angles (there is 9 again). What about time? Isn’t that a dimension? Yes, but it is only a 45-degree angle. Same with Space. Both Time and Space are local properties, whereas the 3 parts of a corner are universal.

So…three (3) is a really big deal to Spirit and All-That-IS? Yes, and what is 3 times 3? Nine, of course, but the threes have different meanings/properties.  The first 3 is always a “beginning” and when another 3 is added, it becomes a mid-course correction or apply more power/powre with the number 6. Six (6) is also called the execution stage. And what happens when another 3 is added? It becomes nine (9) and represents the “completion.”

So…I am, now, tieing the Creation Number (5 or 14) to the idea of a beginning, mid-course correction and completion. You must realize that creations do not just happen instantaneously; they require focused intent and will-power. And, now, you know that every creation has a beginning, middle and final phase.

When you start to see that your creation is being manifested, it is important to realize that it still needs your guidance to get through 6 and all the way to 9. This is the part that many of us do not realize; it is why many of our creations do not happen as we intended.

So, one of the bottom lines in this post is that 5/14 is the most important number in the Universe, but 3, 6 and 9 are right up there as well. It is not accidental that 5 and 9 are 14; there are no accidents.

Insightfully yours,


P.S.  March, 2015 is going to be the “kick-off” month for much of what I have been writing about. Beware the Ides of March.

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