New Light Templates at Midnight

You’ve heard me talk about Templates before, but as a refresher, Templates are the energetic foundation of everything in our physical world. When I say a gallon or liter of gasoline or petrol, everyone knows exactly what I mean; same for bed, table, plates, glasses, etc. The major differences are on the variety of sizes and shapes for each baseline template.

Many of us know about the Houses of the Zodiac and we get our Horoscopes based on our birthdays. There is this quaint notion that we see these various ages as part of the Precision of the Equinox; what a bunch of BS. Each House of the Zodiac is 2,160 years long and we refer to these periods of time as an age. Actually, we, our Solar System, orbits a large Star, called Alcyone; we are one of seven star systems in orbit around Alcione; the others are Coeleno, Electra, Atlas, Marope, Maya and Taygeta. Each of these star systems has one Human Planet and Taygeta has two; this is where the Pleiadians come from. This is where the European stock  of Humans comes from.

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A complete orbit around Alcione takes 25,920 years and is called a Great Year; in that orbit, we pass through the Photon Belt at Leo and Aquarius. We have just left Pisces and entered Aquarius on December 22nd, 2012; we also entered the Photon Belt or toroid.



Obviously, there are 12 Houses of the Zodiac that we pass through as we orbit Alcyone. Each time we pass from one to another of these ages, there is a shift in energy; sometimes it is a minor shift, but whenever we pass into the Photon Belt, it is a major shift.

OK. We have just spent the last 6,480 years going through Taurus, Aries and Pisces; the energy of these Ages was somewhat similar. Cattle herd, sheep flock and fish school; the energies of these ages was male dominated, hierarchical and follow-the-leader. The word “School” is ever-present in our world; it comes from the schooling fish energy of Pisces.

Now, we are firmly in Aquarian energy; it has taken a bit more than two years, but we are there, finally. What is Aquarian energy? It is Female. It is non-hierarchical. It is “find-your-own-path.” The symbol for Aquarius is a woman standing at the top of a mountain with a water jug; yes, Aquarius is the water bearer. But more importantly, she is pouring that water onto the mountain top and each droplet of water is allowed to find it’s own way down the mountain.

What does this means for our world? It means that the many “Schools of Thought” that have dominated our civilization have lost their power; for the Male-dominated, Hierarchically-structured people, institution and organizations, this shift in power will be seen as CHAOS and most, will not be able to handle it. This means that Governments will change. This means that Education, Medicine, the Military, Business, Law En-force-ment, the Courts, Prisons and, of course, the Bureaucracy will have to change and become, somehow, less male-dominated and less hierarchical and, again somehow, must allow more freedom for people to do it their way. “The times, they are a changin.”

But, how are these immovable objects going to get changed; they never change, they are corrupt and stupid and lazy and have been with us forever. Well…you’re right, they have been with us for all of our recorded history (6,480 years), but that has changed. Now it is time for Herstory and the new Light Templates are the most basic agent of change.

It has taken all of this time, since the end of 2012, for the Templates to be Powred UP. The old Piscean Templates have been slowly losing power, but everything in the old power is still very recognizable. That is about to change tonight; the new Templates are going to be brought on-line on March 1st, 2015. What this means is the old Templates are about to be turned into energetic dust; they are all going to be replaced with new circuits and these new circuits will, very quickly, begin to make a new, very different, much better world for all of us.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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