Right-Spinners: How to Heal Yourself

Healers have always had problems healing themselves; you can give to others, but cannot give to yourself, unless you do it indirectly.

We live in a world that is dominated by Left-Spin Healers; they want to push pills and do surgery. Both really mess with the body and actually prevent healing. Oh, they know what to do and have all the answers. They have devised the tests to drive home the point that you MUST take their pills and test your blood four times a day.

Like many of you, I have been diagnosed with Diabetes; it comes from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, 45 years ago. Oh, by the way, I also have Asbestosis or Mesothelioma, again from 45 years years ago.

So…I am a mess and am being told that I will get worse; both of these conditions are fatal, it is just a matter of time. My blood and urine tests showed way too much sugar and I have a cataract in one eye. Wow, I better do what the Doctor tells me to do, OR, I will die; talk about fear, force and control.

Wait a second, I am also an advanced Spiritual Being who has transformed himself into a Newman; doesn’t that count for something? So…What to do? Listen to the Left-Spinners or follow guidance from my Spirit Guide?

You guessed it, the Spirit Guide won out. Ok, I have stopped eating sugar, bread, pasta, white rice and potatoes; that is “common” sense. I must have chocolate from time-to-time; it is one of the best gifts from Spirit that we have. Ok, what did my Guide tell me to do? Take two large capsules of cinnamon powder and one capsule of garlic once a day. This was the start for me as it started lowering my blood sugar, but there had to be more.

Because I can, I asked about how the body processes sugar and food, in general. The answers I got are a little different than what the Doctors think. Are you surprised? Lets talk about blood; it brings oxygen to all of our cells and it brings disease fighters and it carries away a lot of “garbage” to our kidneys and liver for elimination. And, hey, high blood sugar is bad for you; do they know the mechanism for regulating blood sugar? No, but they know it has something to do with insulin because people who have diabetes can survive longer if they take insulin as it does, regulate blood sugar levels somewhat.

My answers tell me that we all have a mechanism that regulates how our bodies turn food into fat or blood sugar. Have you ever seen a person who is always slim and can eat anything they want? How is that possible? Well, we all have a sliding scale from 1 to 10 on the ability of our bodies to handle sugar. When I was 20 years old, my scale setting was 6; meaning that I converted most of the sugars that I ate into a fat that was, then, sent to my Solar Plexus for burning. It also meant that I had some blood sugar issues if I ate too much sugar. So…now, at 65 years old, my scale setting was 1.5; meaning that most of the sugar that I eat is going into blood sugar. This is why I have Diabetes.

So… I asked if there was a diet change that I needed to make? Yes, eat more fat, particularly more fat in meat like pepperoni sausage, beef sticks and beef jerky. This also included eating more butter.

Ok, I am moving in the “right” direction; I am not taking the Diabetes drugs and not doing the blood testing. I am managing my Diabetes through diet, but my loved ones around me are freaking out. How do I know what my blood sugar levels are? They wanted to see blood test results.

So…I had to come up with a better approach. In case you missed it, when you eat something, anything, it get absorbed by your colon and, somehow, gets to all of your cells. The Doctors, who know so much, are clueless about how this actually happens as there is no physical structure that they have found by dissecting dead people.

Well folks, we actually live in a world where we depend on wireless communications all of the time; it’s called WiFi. What happens to the food in your colon is that it is converted to a special fat that is sent to your Solar Plexus. The Solar Plexus has long been thought to be the power source within Humans. It is; it is a furnace that burns the food fat and distributes it to all of your cells via wireless transmission.

I know this is a new idea; how can this be? Well…our technology is based on what is already in nature. The Human body uses all kinds of wireless communications even if we do not think of it that way. What about telepathy? What about Clairvoyance? What about “Knowings?”

What I do know is that the blood does not carry “food” to the cells so there must be another mechanism; why not a wireless distribution of energy?

Ok, Merln, where are you going with this?

Say, you want to become an “immortal”; how does one do that? Most approaches involve moving the body away from eating and all of the decay/elimination involved. Well…if you have a Solar Plexus that is providing sustenance to your cells, hook it up to your Light Tube or Prana Tube and draw your food sustenance needs from Spirit. This is not a hard thing to do.

For me, I am doing both; I like eating and drinking too much to totally eliminate them. After all, there are many pleasures associated with a physical body; why be hasty?

OK. This post is about Healing Yourself; let’s get to that. Once you hook your Solar Plexus up to your Prana Tube, now you can draw on the powre of Spirit to send Right-Spin energy into your body. Any dis-eases, syndromes or conditions that you may have are all based on pain and are, left-spin.

Another way of looking at this is that pleasure is right-spin and pain is left-spin. If you are in pain, you can counter-act the pain energy with pleasure energy; try it, you will like it. For example, if you like chocolate, eat a small piece and focus the pleasure of it on your pain. Yes, you can drive the pain away, even if it is deep and pervasive. We are creators who are waking up to our powres; don’t limit yourself – be limitless – be free.

Have fun with this,

Love, Light and Laughter,


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