Monsanto and Glyphosate and Sugar

Monsanto was set up by the One Worlders/Deep State as one of its primary tools for mass killings. Glyphosate, its primary ingredient, chemically bonds to the sugar stored in our bodies.

What does this sugar/Glyphosate molecule do? It forms blocks in the energy flow of our bodies in every organ, in our senses, in our colon and bladder, etc.

OK. Whats the big deal? Roundup is the new name for Agent Orange that Monsanto used to kill the jungle in Vietnam. The trouble with Roundup/Agent Orange/Glyphosate is that it takes about 40 years to start significantly messing with your health.

I was exposed to a lot of Agent Orange when I was 20 years old, in Vietnam. I did not get diagnosed with Diabetes until I was 60 and then with severe neuropathy in both legs; both of these are common Agent Orange/Glyphosate issues.

That was then. Nowadays, Roundup is sprayed on all of our cereal crops several times before harvest. Monsanto’s best sellers are seeds that have been GMO’d to better tolerate more Roundup.  This is poison and it is baked into our flour, bread, pasta, oatmeal, corn meal, etc. More and more people are allergic to peanuts; know why? It’s the Roundup/Glyphosate getting in through the soft shells in the ground. The average person is eating a lot of Glyphosate and does not even know it.

Glyphosate bonds with sugar to create hard, difficult to dissolve “blocks” in our body. From earlier posts, sugar is really bad for everyone, but with Glyphosate, it is even worse.

Because, like everyone else, I ate a lot of bread, pasta, pizza and breakfast cereals, adding more and more Glyphosate into my body. Do an Internet search on detoxing Glyphosate; I am using a supplement called Pectasol which seems to be working well at dissolving these hard blocks. There have to be more and more tools to confront Glyphosate coming out.

Remember, I have been on a Keto (see way of life for six month and do not eat wheat in any form, corn, oats, rice,  or potatoes unless they are purple. My blood sugar went from 343 to 120 and my A1C from 10.3 to 5.0. This has really helped in getting rid of the sugar in my body. I have fully shifted to Ketones or fat as my primary energy source for my cells (instead of Glucose).

The Apple Cider Vinegar helped me get rid of the sugar, but slowed down in effectiveness because of the Glyphosate.

The Medical Establishment and our Governments do not even test for Glyphosate levels in our blood; they don’t want to as it would expose them to be the corrupt, idiots/imbeciles that they are. Everyone is eating large amounts of pesticides/herbicides in our food. Glyphosate was first patented by Monsanto as an antibiotic; what do you think that is doing to our Binome that we call our Gut?

Do you have Leaky Gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Krone’s Disease? It could be the Glyphosate in your food.

One last thought, Monsanto, now owned by Bayer, is the company that brought the world another dangerous chemical called, DDT.

Readers, this is not some giant accident. It has been with Evil Intent (Darkness) to put poison into our water (Fluoridation), into our food (Glyphosate) and into many of our medicines.

All of this is being done at the direction and connivance of our Governments.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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