When does a New Day start? a New Year?

New all know that a new day begins at one second after midnight in whatever time zone we are in. Same with the start of a New Year after midnight on January 1st.

That is true on Planet Earth and on many other planets. Reference the number 14; the Creation Number. Each new day, according to Spirit, happens at 1400 hours, which is 2pm in our afternoons. OK. But, Energetically, many things do not happen until 0500 (which is a 14) the next morning.

Each new day is, actually, a new creation. It is important, Spiritually, to look at it like that.

OK. So when does a new Spiritual Year begin? Answer: When the shortest day begins getting longer. For us, in the Northern Hemisphere, that is December 22nd. And for those of us in Southern Hemisphere, it is June 22nd.

Wait, you tell me, it is the 21st. Not true. Spirit uses Master Numbers, particularly 22, for annual time demarcations.

So… When you think back to the end of the Mayan Calendar, it was on December 21, 2012.  The next new year for them, would have been on December 22nd.

So the real importance here is to allow my readers to get a jump on creating what they want for themselves as early as possible. At 1400, every day, you can create what you want for the next day. Set your INTENTIONS for next Day.

Same for the next year. You do not have to wait for New Years for your resolutions. Again, set your INTENTIONS for the Next Year on December 22nd (or June 22nd). Remember, we are all Creators. During the Year, use Creation Days (any day with a number of 5 or 14) as these will allow you to CREATE Consciously as opposed to Unconsciously like so many of us do. See my Home page again for more on the number 14.

While we are talking about Creating, here is another tip. This site is a resource for Right-Spinners. As Right-Spin energy has taken over and is growing stronger, you can use Your INTENTION to ask for a very Right-Spin event anytime.

Ask for a Most Benevolent Outcome or an MBO for any event coming at you. If you want a particular outcome, ask for it using the Creation Number at 1400 everyday or on 5/14 days. But, if you are willing to trust Spirit, you can ask for an MBO on AnyTHING or for AnyONE at AnyTIME.

You can even set up “standing” MBOs for great parking spaces or eating at your favorite restaurant, etc. Don’t forget MBOs when you are in court; it really helps if the opposing party doesn’t show.

Ok. The last thing I wanted to address was to bring up the fact that Newomen and Newmen are different, more advanced beings than Humans. We all have different, more complex DNA as part of the Transformation. I published a post called, “Newman Manifesto” a while ago.  It is time to review it again or read it for the first time for newer readers.

As the powre shift progresses, Newomen and men will begin to get their powres. Not everyone will get the same powres, but many will have variations on the same. These powres will set us apart from Humans like the Avengers Movie Super Beings are set apart.

Newomen will be much more abundant than Newmen; there are 19 Newomen for every Newman. Guys, we are only 5% (there’s that C Number again). Newomen will rule.

We all do this Transformation thing individually; it is a very personal thing and we are all led or guided to it as individuals; it is not now, and never will be a thing for the masses.

According to Spirit, there are 330 thousand (330,000) people on Planet Earth who have put themSelves on the Newoman/Newman Path. Among the Seven Pleaidian Planets, there are more than 5 million (5,000,000).

Do not be concerned. Many of the most powreful NewBeings  are here, on Earth. Also, Pleaidian Planets are all ruled by women who are the most Spiritually Advanced Being on their planet; all political powre is held by women. Men tend to still do most of the military fighting in their war for survival against the Reptilians. We are part of that War, whether we know it or not.

It is important for You to Wrap the Newman Manifesto MESSAGE around Your MIND. We will be getting our Powres Soon and the Pleaidians will be announcing their presence to us, on Earth, soon. We NewBeings, both on- and off-planet will be working closely together to defeat the Dracos/Reptilians. This is an Existential fight, the Dracos intend to exterminate all Beings who can resist them; they have already done so on two Human worlds that they conquered.  These two worlds have been retaken and are being repopulated.

Note: the militaries of the world are busy exploiting from an Intel perspective, one of the Reptilian Hives (50 miles diameter and 5 miles deep) that has been discovered in Antarctica. There are four more that our Governments do not know about; near Perth, Australia, near Cairo, Egypt, in the Alsace-Lorraine regions in Europe and in central New Mexico, USA. In 2011, the Pleaidians figured out a way to destroy them all very quietly. Remember, Pleaidians are among us and we are very valuable to them.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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