Why do Some of US have it All?

Anyone reading this site for a while knows about Left- and Right-Spin energies. When Left-Spinners are in charge, they get the vast majority of the goodies available. When Right-Spinners are in charge, they get the vast majority of the goodies too.

OK. Right-Spinners are in the final part of the transition year where the power in the world shifted from 80% Left-Spin to 80% Right-Spin. Moving forward, Right-Spinners will be in charge for the next several thousand years or longer.

Is that all there is to it? No. In order to receive stuff, anything, like money, friendship, sex, love, following, leadership, respect and things we think of as talents or gifts (Charisma, Music Skills, Language Skills, Math Skills, Programming Skills, Balance, Hand-Eye Coordination, etc.), we must have Containers that don’t leak.

Many of us receive all of the above stuff/things on a regular basis, but we do not have a container or the container is like a sieve (leaks). It is all energy and it flows in and out. Ok. That is part of the problem. We must give ourSelves permission to have leak-proof, or more leak-proof Containers for each of these issues.

But……., there is an even more important concept that we must address first. Many of us do not receive EXTERNAL Energy at all or it is very limited. What do I mean by that? Money, friendship, sex, love, following, leadership, respect and gifts/talents are all examples of External Energy; they flow to us from the outside world.

Our Self-image, health, youthfulness, internal get-up-and-go, intelligence, curiosity, awareness, laughter, smile energy are all examples of Internal Energy and all come from within each of us.

Just as many of us do not have containers to hold the energies that we want, many of us have limited or very limited Internal and External Energies. For most of us, this is a decades long result of negative Self-Talk to ourSelves.  But……..for Right-Spinners, Darkness or Left-Spin, which had 80% of the power in our world, messed with us for most of our lives. This is particularly true of External Energies.

In my own case, my Spirit Guide guided me into a military career where I paid into social security and was eligible for Veteran’s benefits. I was only able to receive External Energy that came from the Government; that’s a hell of a limitation. Whenever I bought and sold a house, I always lost money or barely broke even. Whenever I bought stocks or bonds, I lost money. Whenever I tried my own business, I could not get it off the ground. I did not realize that I could not receive ANY External Energies that did not come from the Government (which is Darkness/Left-Spin).  As long as I worked the Government angles, I could receive enough money every month, but could not accumulate it; no Container. 

In order to have a container that holds stuff, we must first be able to receive the right External Energy for that container; no External Energy, no viable container.

GOOD NEWS!!! On January 1st, 2019, all Right-Spinners will be able to give themSelves External Energies and CONTAINERS. Why then? Right-Spin will have 80% of the Powre in the world. Be patient with yourSelves, energy flows do not happen quickly; you’ve spent much of your life without so it’s important to give yourSelf a few weeks to turn things around.

If you know how to ask, you can begin to receive External Energies sooner. Again, be patient, energy does not turn on a dime. The External Energy flows must be flowing/in-place before you can create/improve the Containers.

This is also true for Internal Energies. You may have self-limited yourSelf, or maybe, it was Darkness messing with you. Does not matter. You can ask for your Internal Energies and External Energies to be brought back to 100%. Then you build or beef up the containers.

What is going to happen to the External Energy flows of the Left-Spinners?  Think of almost every $Billionaire/$Millionaire you have heard of; they are going to be losing their External Energy connections entirely or will be very limited. What is going to happen to their Containers? First, they will get holes and then the holes will get bigger and soon, the Container will dissolve. Right-Spin energy will be doing to them, what Left-Spin energy did to us.

Yes, our world is going to get much better for us and now, you know the important energy mechanics that need to be changed. Go Light-Worker, Right-Spinner; the meek are truly inheriting the Earth.

Love, Light, and Laughter,


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