What is a Witch or Wizard?

I have written about Fire and Earth Beings and the degrees of power/powre associated with each; these are the new pathways back to the “One.” They replace the old paradigm of being an Ascended Master (vibrating yourSelf upwards into higher vibration levels). Essentially, advancing yourSelf along the New Being path is attaining  more awareness. As you become more aware, you are more useful to the forces of Spirit; you can do more complex work. You are more valuable and will be retained longer; given a longer life.

I have also written, extensively, about Darknees and Light. Historically, Darkness has had 80% of the power in our world, but that has changed to 20% now. To help you understand what these two terms mean; Darkness (Dark=Male=Left) and Light (Light=Female=Right). No, this is not accidental, and, yes, it is really that simple.

So, what about Witches? We know about them. Historically, we know they were natural healers, but they were also able to use Majik; the 20% available to Light. We are taught that Witches were, somehow, evil beings who deserved to be hanged or burnt at the stake. Remember, Darkness has been in control for 1000s of years and it (the winner) controled “his-story’.

Joan of Arc was a witch and was burnt at the stake; she helped the French drive the English out of France. She spoke to voices and was on the wrong side. What about the local healer who lived out in the woods and made potions (Majik)? The first surgeons were barbers, Men. Darkness wanted to wrest control of our health away from the witches; call them all evil, hang them or burn them at the stake. Move in and take over as Doctors and a few 100 years later we have Big Pharm doing evil on a worldwide, grand scale. Darkness very successfully took over from the Witches and their Majik.

Whoa. If Darkness has 80% of the power, did they have women and men with Magical powers? Yes, but they were called Sorcerors or Warlocks for men and Sorceresses for women. And yes, they used Magic; the Dark side of the force.

We have all been told that Magic does not exist and yet we have very Dark asshole $Billionaires telling us what we can say or think or do (lockdowns/vaccinations). How does one become a $Billionaire without Magic (or in a few cases, Majik)???

We all know the names of Sorcerers and Soceresses; Rothschild, Rockefeller, Soros, Gates, Zuckerburg, Bezos, Dorsey, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, May , Van der Lydin, Merkle are just some of the more well-known. These people did not come from great families and all rocketed up from almost nothing. They all have great power and wealth. How? What made them special? Magic.

There are about 100 $Billionaires on Earth; all of them, except 3, are Sorcerers/Sorceresses. The 3 excepted ones are Wizards that acquired great wealth using Majik. These are the forerunners for many more.

So, what happen to the Sorcerers and Sorceresses when their power is cut down? They have gone from being used to wielding 80% to now/soon, only 20%. Wow, everything is going to start collapsing for them. They will not be able to maintain their wealth (all kinds).

Ever wonder how anyone can acquire a million or a billion dollars/euros/pounds; this is not possible for most of us. What’s even more difficult is holding on to that large amount of money. Here is where Magic/Majik comes into play. There is a concept of an energy container that can be created to store wealth; the more wealth to be stored, the larger the container must be. Wow, some of these Sorcerers must have gigantic containers!

Yes, but the other side of the coin is retaining that wealth once you have acquired it. The old saying is wealth to poverty in three generations. So, to acquire the wealth takes Magical power, but to retain it takes even more. Think of these wealth containers, which are energy or energetic constructs, as giant  bladders. What happens if a hole (or several) are put in the bladder. What if the bottom of the bladder becomes a sieve?

This is what happens to most of us. We get money and, somehow, we have to spend it. It gets difficult to save and things keep coming up that we have to spend it on. Now, do you understand why “they” keep telling us there is no such thing as Magic?

In the past, people would wake up one day and discover that they had “Magical” powers; frequently this ran in families; a mother or grandmother had powers. In the same family, the powers could be based on Magic and/or Majik (Sorceress or Witch). Some sisters use very different powers/powres and approach the world differently.

This will continue into the future, but the Witchs/Wizards will have 80% of the powre. Witches are of the Light; they want more freedom, choices, truth, love, respect and pursuit of happiness. Witches do not use compel or force or control; they use order.

Frequently, when a person realizes that he/she has Magic (Dark), they would gravitate to the study of becoming an Adept to get even more power. So, frequently, Sorcerers (and Sorceresses) are 3rd or 4th stage Adepts as well as being strong in Magic. Adept is the first degree of attainment in the Fire Being. For 1000s of years, learing how to become an Adept was something people went to “Mystery Schools” for; again this was primarily for people strong in Dark Magic.

Back in 2012, when we started moving into Aquarius, all of the Mystery Schools got shut down; they were no longer needed and not supported by the new energies. Wow, so there are new Sorceresses that don’t have that additional training? Yes, think Megan Markle; she is quite powerful, but keeps making everything worse and worse. Fortunately, she does not realize it, yet, her powers are waining. At some point, the Sorceresses will be rounded up and hung/burnt (what a thought); they will not have the magic to protect themselves. Just like the Majikal Witches of yore.

Ok. If you are a Wizard or Witch, where can you go for additional training and advancement? Is there a new Mystery School for practisioners of Majik? Yes, you have found it already.  On this site, you can advance quickly through the Adept degree and Vertical Master, Horizontal Master and Mahatma as a Fire Being. You can also advance into the Earth Being degrees.

As to how to use Majik more effectively; start thinking of five-letter words as words of powre. Here’s some examples: spell, maker, giver/given, taker/taken, think,  (no)thing, powre, power, state, scale, judge, (en)force, farce, knife, arrow, rifle, shoot, earth, water, steam, creek, river, float, point, ocean, cargo, trade, storm, audio, heard, sight,  light, space, place (wherever), house, woman/women, girl(s), money, ample, spend/spent, mine(s), miner, stock, bond(s), land(s), farm(s), plane, plain, horse, heart, blood/bleed, brain, lung(s), torso, thigh, colon, mouth, tooth/teeth, elbow, ankle, joint, angle, right, treat, digit(al), curse, bless, Setup (Good and Bad). Don’t forget apply as in exercuting the spell after you are finished.

The operative words above are bless, curse and apply. When using these spells, you are telling the Universe/God that you want to bless or curse someone or something. The Universe will apply your powre and decide how best to achieve what you want. You are, essentially, turning it over to the Universe/Plan to figure out; there is no control or force or compulsion involved. There is also no Karma blowback.

There are many more powre words. It does not matter what language they are in; if they are five letters, they are powre words.

Just think, you can “shoot” a spell that puts a “sieve” into someone’s money container. Oh my, hit them where it hurts. That would be a curse. Alternatively, you can shoot a container to those who need it. That would be a blessing, perhaps. Always be careful what you wish for.

You can just bless or curse someone or something. Again, you are turning that over to the Universe for action. Try to use your Majik for goodness (even if it is cleaning up a mess).

There are no hard set rules; everyone is different. Some will be able to operate as a computer with programs while others will feel the need for ceremony and candles and herbs. The five-letter words are the power words; 5 is really 14, the Creator Number.

Not sure about wands and staffs or crystal balls. They can be used to store or focus energies, but that means they can be mis-used from time to time; they can be dropped, left behind or taken away. Be careful and always ‘shield” them against mis-use; cast a spell for your exclusive use. This is like sealing the cube after you put it around the six-pointed thingy.

One last thought, we Wizards and Witches are not supposed to attack anyone (without permission). However, if we are attacked, we may counter-attack with as much force as we want/have. I have a wonderful “Boomerang” spell that I use; whatever they are trying to do to me, happens to them. The shooter (or whatever) gets shot with his own bullet/knife/arrow.

Always remember, if you can put a Spell on someone, they can put a Spell on you. Say the following: “My energy is my own. No one may give me any Unwanted energy without my permission.” Then, “Install it and Run it.” That will trigger alarms that will allow you to increase the powre to your shields (or get help if needed.).

Dark beings will always try to steal your Majikal energies; I call them Energy Vampires. They will take your energy, if you let them, and convert to Dark Magic for their agendas.  Like above, say “My energy is my own. No one may take my energy without my permission.” Then, “Install it and Run it.”

I am a powreful Wizard and an Earth Being of the Transformer degree. It is going to be fun to help in the transformation of our world.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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