What just happened?

In the United States, the Left-Spinners (the Left) just lost an election in a Deep Blue (Left) state named Virginia.

It is a state that voted for Lets Go Brandon (Biden ) by 10 percentage points a year ago. The Right-Spinners (Republicans) won all three state offices; Governor, Lieutenant Governon and Attourney General. They also captured the Virginia House of Delagates. This was a shock to the Demoncrats or Demorats and is being called a blood bath loss. Virginia was a reliable Blue leaning state and had voted for the Demorats since 2012. Everyone expected Virginia to stay in the Blue column.

Then, there was New Jersey. It is the deepest Blue of the Blue States and has voted reliably for the Demorats for 50 years. As of this writing, the winner of the Governor race is still undecided; it is down to 1100 votes out of 2.5 million.There will be recount amidst claims of voter fraud by the Dems. This should not have happened. Even if, the Dems win NJ, they nearly lost.

In NJ, a very powerful President of the State Senate (a Dem) was defeated by a 24-year old truck driver who spent $158 dollars on his campaign. Wow, that was not supposed to happen.

We have. collectively, crossed the rubicon. The energy has shifted, significantly, towards Right-Spin. Yes, we are still in the last year of the nine-year transition, but in November, Right-Spin energy seems, finally, more powerful. Only two months left until Right-Spin has 80% of the powre in our world. We are starting to see what will happen.

What else is happening in our world?

China is crashing; its real estate, its electricity, its manufacturing, its shipping, its banks, its stock market, it state owned companies, and its local governments. Its great dam is deformed and showing new cracks; it may collapse at any time. China is crashing now, but, it is a slow-motion crash. You have some time to get ready.

What happens when China crashes? It will drag down the Multinational Companies  and the European Union (EU) with it. Well, the ECB, the Vatican Banks and the Rothschild Group. The US and the UK will be impacted, but will ride the storm out.

We are all experiencing an energy crises. Diesel/Gasoline/Petrol prices are going up fast. Propane and Natural Gas pices are skyrocketing. After fuel for our cars/trucks, heating our homes and higher food prices, all of us will have less to spend on other things. That is called a recession/depression. I do not expect the inflation approach, there is not enough money out there; it was sucked back to the US last year in all the giant Covid payments. Everyone is looking for dollars, but there are not enough to go around.

The housing market in China is valued at $62 Trillion USD; expect a 67% drop or a $40 Trillion hit to banks and investors worldwide. The housing markets everywhere will be hit hard; think twice about buying real estate now.

When the price of anything goes down by 20-70%, it is called deflation. “That can mean that your money can suddenly buy more stuff or it can mean that there is not enough money to satisfy the demand; existing money is worth more.

As I have suggested in previous posts, get into cash. Make sure they are 5s, 10s and 20s; stay away from the 50s and 100s. Think about getting into “normal” as well as silver coins. Gold coins as well, but you cannot spend a gold coin without putting a target on your back.

Again, I believe that the world is going into a deflationary spiral. I am talking about buying a loaf of bread for 50 cents or even, 5 cents.  A cup of coffee would be half of that. Those 50 and 25 cent coins will really be worth something again.  Even pennies. Think about using 1000 units to buy 4000 25 cent pieces.

China is running out of food and electricity to heat homes or run factories. Food prices are already going up rapidly, but may explode soon. What will happen if China cannot buy enough food from the US, Australia or Brazil? These countries may just tell China no to keep the food for domestic food shortage issues.

Get prepared for a long, cold winter. 2022 is the beginning of the next Mini Ice Age. Expect Wintery weather until May. Spring and Summer will be June and July. Mid August will be like late October. You say, not possible. During the last Mini Ice Age, there was a year with no summer. Look it up; Maunder Minimum (1650-1715) some say 1775.

There were massive food shortages and it was so cold that the rats moved in with people. Result? Bubonic Plague three times during the Minimum. Oh, BTW, the major rivers of Europe all froze over including the Thames.

This is not Global Warming; that stupidity will kill millions. We will be needing all of the coal, natural gas and nuclear power that we can get and it is going to get much, much worse than it is now.

Just for fun, check out a new technology. It is an alloy that makes air very hot; 110°C/230°F on contact, instantly. That is hotter than steam. https://www.revitaetechnologies.com/replacement-for-nuclear-energy/

This uses air as the fuel to make steam. It can also be used as a forced-air heating system by mixing in cold air. It can be used to create heat for cooking, boiling, pressure cooking or heating a room using a bicycle pump or a bellows.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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