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I struck a chord with my last Post; more than 200 new subscribers in one day. I suspect it was the information on our Space Friends that got all of the attention.

We are in the Ninth (9th) Local Universe in our Multi-verse. The Great Central Sun of the Spiral is actually in the 5th Local Universe.  The Universes are lined up in the following pattern; 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 across the Spiral Nebula. You say, how can the Central Sun be in the 5th Local Universe?

It gets back to the number 14, which is the Creation Number and anytime you see the number 5, it is ALWAYS a 14, even if it is composed of 2 plus 3. So…the Creator established the 5th Local Universe first. That makes sense if it is supposed to be in the Center of Things. What came next? The 4th and 6th, the 3rd and 7th, the 2nd and 8th and, then, the bookends, the 1st and 9th. This pattern is more important than you realize.

Ok, back to the Pleiadians. We, Earth, are the Eighth (8th) Human inhabited planet in our little sector of the 9th Local Universe. One each for Coeleno, Electra, Atlas, Marope, Maya and  two for Taygeta makes Seven (7) and we, Solar, are the 8th. Yes, our Sun’s name is actually Solar, but Sol works. And yes, each of the Stars mentioned have their own awareness and names, just like all of the planets and moons. And, yes, each of the Stars, Planets and Moons are all hollow spheres with an internal energy source that we would describe as being an “inner Sun.” Yes, this includes Earth.

Each of these other Human Worlds evolved separately, except the two in the Taygeta system. Sometime, around 100,000 of our years (orbits around Solar) or four Great Year orbits, these Human Planets found each other and started the delicate dance of interacting and forming trade and communications.

So… they are not so very far ahead of us timewise. But, they are a bit more advanced in how they are organized. Each of these Pleiadian Human Planets is ruled by a woman, backed up by layers of women, who are all Spiritually Advanced Beings. What to I mean by Spiritually Advanced? They are connected to their Spirit Guides and are actively “guided.”

These female rulers have gotten together to form what we know of as the Federation of Planets. Yes, Gene Roddenberry was a Pleiadian plant here on Earth; he gave us the story of the Federation and Star Fleet Command in the classic TV series, Star Trek. Guess what, men dominate the command of Starships as they must be aggressive; Pleiadian men, like ours, dominate their military.

Many people suspect that we, Earthlings, have had help from Space Friends in the explosion of technology that we have experienced in the last 300 years. Yes, but the help came with concepts that we did not have, never in the details of the technology. For example, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells wrote about things way in advance of the actual technology, but they planted the seeds of innovation and invention.

Much of our technology is very similar to the technology developed on these other Seven Worlds, but some is unique. Actually, much of our recent developments in computers and communications are more advanced than our Pleiadians Friends and will form the basis for trade when we are allowed to join the Federation.

Why is this process taking so long? The Earth has been going through a Dark patch where Fear dominated for several thousand years.  That has now changed; we are now in a place where freedom, choice, truth and female energy dominates. Guess what, now, we will be allowed to join the Federation, but there are still some kinks that must be worked out first.

In my last post, I stated that major changes always occur when entering the Photon Belt; that is where we are, and major Earth Changes are being put in motion. Yes, the Pleiadians are here on Earth. Yes, they are here to help us, but cannot interfere with what is happening. There is actually a Star Fleet Flotilla out beyond Neptune and a base on the Dark Side of the Moon.

So…We are not alone and never have been. We are part of an expanded, organized Humanity of, at least seven (7) other worlds. According to my Spirit Guide, there are 238 other planets in our Local Universe that can support Human Life so we are not going to run out of room anytime soon.

There are other life-forms out there who are hostile to Humans; they are called the Reptilians. They have attacked the Pleiadians and exterminated Humans from two planets in the Atlas and Marope systems. Those planets have been repopulated by Humans after epic battles. They also conquered and used the Annunaki and the Grays as scouts and useful distractions. The Reptilians have had a presence on Earth for about 5,000 years, but, have been quietly defeated without our knowledge or participation.

I know, how is that possible with our advanced technologies and all of our satellites? Do you really think that our governments do not know about the Star Fleet ships out beyond Neptune or the base on the Dark Side of the Moon? When we landed on the Moon, the “Mother” ships orbited the Moon; why have we never seen photographs of the Dark Side? Do you think the Hubble was put up there to take pretty pictures?

The Universe is much, more complex that we ever imagined. That’s OK, as we have a part to play in it, especially as we now have more than 8,000 people who have “cubed” themselves into being Newmen and Newomen. This planet is, now, the new center of the Multi-verse because of this activity. BTW, several of the female Pleiadians leaders have come to Earth and “cubed” themselves; from a Spiritual perspective, Earth has become very advanced.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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