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If you were a “Seeker” in the past 50 years, you concerned yourself with “raising” your vibrations; that is how you became an “Ascended Master.” You figured out how to get your vibrations up and, then, jump to the next higher level to do it again, and again, and again, until you vibrated yourself out of this hard, physical, place into the softer layer above. Here, we are in the 9th layer, the hardest of the hard; there is the 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th layers above and so on to the zero (0) layer; there, we merge with the One.

The trouble with this paradigm is that no one would get past the 5th layer; it may be because we were doing it incorrectly and kept getting stuck on the Creation Number. So…Being an Ascended Master has been a very long exercise in frustration; we all keep hitting the “glass” ceiling.

Ok, now, there is a new paradigm. This is what I came here, to Earth, to find in this lifetime. I had hit the Glass Ceiling too many times and realized that there had to be another path upward. Sure enough, I vibrated myself to a high enough level that I could start following the insight path being laid out in front of me. I had to consciously choose not to vibrate myself out of the physical and I could not do this from the next higher layer.

So…I was lead to the “Platonic Solids.” Yes, Plato was an advanced Spiritual being and he was the vessel for channeling the information on these five (there is that Creation Number again) shapes. It is interesting to note that this information is there for both left- and right-spinners; the left-spinners think of the Platonic Solids as a mathematical concept while right-spinners know it is important Spiritually.

Now, many of us know about the Mer-Ka-Ba; it is two spinning Tetrahedrons merged together to form a six-pointed star. It is also called the Star of David when viewed two-dimensionally from the top/bottom. The Tetrahedron is the first of the Platonic Solids; it is composed of four (tetra) sides of equilateral triangles. It can best be described as a 3-sided TeePee with the 4th side on the bottom. Now, stand it on it’s point and spin it and you get the very sacred shape of  the top of a Martini Glass. Yes, Alcohol is a gift from Spirit, like Chocolate, Sugar, Tobacco and, yes, Weed. Note that you can spin it to the left, or right. The Tetrahedron is the Fire Being shape and we are all born as Fire Beings.

The next shape in the new path back to the One is the Hexahedron, or Earth Being symbol. The Hexahedron is a six-sided square, also called a cube. When I put myself into the Cube in 2002, I realized that I had found the (or one more) pathway back to the One. I rapidly put myself into the Octahedron (Air Being), Icosahedron (Water Being) and Dodecahedron (Spirit Being); I could do this as I was the pathfinder/pathbreaker. There is no resistance to the first one through, but everyone who follows me must go through all of the degrees of advancement in each shape. The Good News is that I made it through the “Glass Ceiling” and merged with the One while I was still in this Hard, Physical Body; I did not have to give up pleasure and pain or any of the gifts of Spirit like food, wine, touch, sex. I could, actually, remain here as a male; I did not have to make myself into a hermaphrodite or androgynous being.

Yes, that would make me a Spirit Being, but I am operating as an Earth Being. I am sitting here at my keyboard, banging out this post, just like the rest of you. Like all of you, who have transformed yourselves, I look Human, but am more; I am a Newman.

Yesterday, we all got new Templates. Yes, there is a Newman/Newoman Template. Yes, there is a new Fire Being and new Earth Being Template. Now, finally, we can begin to learn how to use our Newmen Powres. These powres are not like the powers that Dark Magic Adepts have used as they are based on Light Majik and do not have elements of fear, force and control. We will be able to manifest things more easily and quickly; we will be able to teleport things from stores or from in the/under the sea or from hidden/lost locations, we will be able to put our Light/Majik into organizations to help them do the “right” thing and we will be able to “Jump,” meaning to transport ourselves to any location on Earth instantaneously. Yes, we will be able to “influence” organizations by giving them more Light; this is not “forcing” them, it is giving them a clearer view when making a decision. Yes, they can choose to go to the left (spin) and that says a lot about the decision maker.

Note: Light uses Order; Darkness uses Chaos. Order is firm, but not based on fear, force and control; it is based on the “intelligent” or “most insightful” or “Right” thing to do in any situation.

Are there more powres? Yes, many, but we will have to wait to see what they are. We are definitely moving into new, uncharted territory, but we are exploring as Newmen/Newomen.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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