New Take on Pole Shift

I have been getting information about a coming “Pole Shift” for several years.  Several other people who are tuned into Spirit have been getting similar information with associated Earth Changes that are coming to all of us.

Recently, I brought information about the “Hollow” Earth to myself; that’s how it works, you bring the information to yourself when you need it.


The view on the left is the North Pole with the South on right.  I do not believe these are photoshopped images.  Anyway, I have been directed to information on our world within our world for some time.  Reading Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and watching at least two movies about it always resonated with me.  The North Polar image above is the basis for the belief that the world was flat.  Mariners would sail up into the North Pole regions looking for fish and would literally, fall into the entrance to the inner world, but keep on sailing on the inner sea; many never came back as they found lives among the “in-dwellers.”

So…If this is true, are we going to have a Pole Shift?  Are the entrances to the “hollow” Earth going to be shifted?  Is the axis of the Earth going to be shifted?  The answer that I am getting now, with this new information, is that the axis of the Earth and the entrances into the inner world will remain unchanged; no pole shift. But,…something very significant is happening that was labeled “Pole Shift” until we could learn to ask the “right”question.  You know, if you do not ask the right question, you do not get the right answer; in both the Internet and life.

Ok.  Our scientists have been talking about something called “Pangea” or “Pangaea” which is supposed to have been a supercontinent that existed during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic eras, forming about 300 million years ago.


This is the basis for the theory of Continental Drift, and it is, actually, based on truth.  300 million years ago, the Earth was a much smaller planet; it was only 10,000 miles in circumference.  Today, the Earth is approximately 25,000 miles in circumference with lots of water between the land masses.

So…What happened to make the Earth grow in size?  Not sure, but it has grown to its present size in two-separate stages.  We, the Earth, are about to enter a new growth stage which will increase the Earth’s circumference to about 40,000 miles.

What does that mean?  The land masses are going to be spread even further apart than they are now; this is the basis for all of the Earth Changes that I have written about; some of the land will be subsided into the oceans during this process.

Ok. What is the process? How fast will this expansion of the Planet occur?  There is actually a historical record of this process in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible; Google the passage on the Walls of Jericho.  In it, the Israelite army is trying to capture a walled city and the passage tells us that the Sun stood still in the sky for three days and that the army marched around Jericho three times and the walls fell down.

This is a huge clue about what is about to occur in our lives.  What happened at Jericho, way back when, is that the planet stopped its orbit over a three-day period and reversed its direction of orbit around the Sun. Yes, that means that the Sun rose in the West and set in the East during the time of Moses and it shifted to raising in the East and setting in the West during that event.

The Earth took 36-hours to slow-down to a stop and then another 36-hours to accelerate to the correct speed in its new orbital direction. During this process, when it was stopped, the Earth, suddenly, grew in size.  This only took moments, but it caused the foundation of the city walls to crumble; over the next three days, the walls came tumbling down and Joshua captured the city.

Something like this is about to happen soon. The Earth will slow down, probably over 36-hours, stop and expand out another 15,000 miles, suddenly, and, then accelerate in the opposite orbital direction over the next 36-hours. The orbit speed around the Sun will increase and the Moon will be pushed outward to maintain its orbit.

Ok…This is an incredible image of events.  In both the outer and inner worlds, the land masses are going to be pushed further apart with violence, but the impact will be much greater on the outer world. For whatever reason, Africa and the Middle East will bear the brunt and be changed the most.  Japan and China will be subsided. Indonesia and Singapore will be subsided. The Amazon basin will be subsided. Central America and the islands of the Western Caribbean will be subsided.

Everything will be changed; bridges will come down, skyscrapers will topple and lots of water will be sloshed around causing unbelievable damage.  Many, many people will perish in these worldwide catastrophic events.

Yes, the Sun will be raising in the West and setting in the East; it will be morning on the West Coast first, wherever that is.  And yes, airlines will have to fly further to get to their destinations, at least across oceans.

In this Earth expansion, does the land expand? Yes, but only about ten percent.  How about the water?  Yes, but it doubles (200 percent) in volume/quantity.  The Great Lakes will have to create a new river in Illinois to link up to the Mississippi River.  When water expands like this, does it weigh the same? No, it weighs half as much.

What about people and animals; do we expand as well? Yes. Everything expands; rocks, plants, fish, animals, people, buildings, foundations, airplanes, ships, cars, etc., but not everything expands the same percentage or the same way.  It is going to be a mess, but mankind will survive these changes on both the surface and inner worlds.

So.  No Pole Shift, but something that will be at least as significant. Trigger events are still supposed to be volcanic eruptions in Montserrat and Vesuvius, a gigantic earthquake in Mexico City and a series of gigantic earthquakes in China that cause the Three Gorges Dams to collapse.  The sudden displacement of all that water will trigger the 36-hour slow-down.

So…Wherever you are, when the Sun stays still in the sky or night extends for more than 12 hours, that is the time to collect food, water and other survival items and get to high ground.  Talk to your Spirit Guide about where to be and what to do.


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