The End of the New World Order and/or Great Reset!!!

Vladimir Putin was supposed to be one of the Great Reset leaders who were supposed to seize and permanently hold power after the Covid 19 pandemic. We all saw how the Austrian, French, and Canadian governments tried to do so. Putin had already done so and was serving as a model for other leaders.

But, it was not to be. Putin thinks that Russia holds a special place in the history of the world that was separate from the Globalist World Order; he arrested (or drove away) the Central Bankers who were tied in with the US Federal Reserve (a private company) and the European Central Bank (another private company). He took over the Russian Central Bank himself. Additionally, he started opposing the Deep State/WEF OneWorlders in every respect possible; Russia was not playing along. I am not endorsing what Putin has done in Ukraine; it is barbarous. But, whatever his motives, he has destroyed the careful planning of the OneWorlders/Deep State.

China was created by the OneWorlders; while the US Navy kept the peace on the world’s oceans, China was able to expand out beyond the First Island Chain and become the factory of the world. This was by design; it allowed the hollowing out of manufacturing in the United States and Europe. China was and is an authoritarian nation; it was supposed to develop the technologies for mass surveillance and control. These technologies were supposed to be exported everywhere; they were one of the most important foundations of the Great Reset.

After Trump shut China down, it felt it had been betrayed by the OneWorlders and stopped playing along. It even moved closer to Russia as an authoritarian ally. With India, Russia, and China represent 50% of the world’s population and landmass; all three of these countries are rejecting the Globalist New World Order or Great Reset. They are coming up with their own world order and are developing their own response to SWIFT which is what the New World Order/Great Reset is based on: all transactions worldwide. These and many other countries were outraged that Russia could be shut out of SWIFT; if it could be done to Russia, who next and for what?

This all goes back to the creation of the Federal Reserve; the first Central Bank. It has grown to over 200 central banks; one in every country. All of these private companies are controlled by forces in the Rothschild banking dynasty, Washington DC, or Brussels. These forces wanted “free” trade to create Globalism and Multinational Corporations. They were also behind (and funded) the entire Global Warming/Climate Change efforts to get people to reject coal, oil, and nuclear power. Natural gas was OK until the wind and solar technologies could be evolved; big problem, both were never reliable enough as replacements. Europe is finding that out the hard way now, today, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Covid 19 was also part of this incredible plan; it was planned in the US and developed/funded/supported in China. The lockdowns were supposed to get us all used to the idea of staying put and doing what we were told. That was supposed to transition into permanent rule by the technocrats/Elites.

My point here is that the Central Banks, Globalism, Global Warming, the shutdown of Hydrocarbons/Nuclear, the ongoing pandemic tyrannies, and the rise of Wokeness in our world are all part of the same plan that was organized 100 years ago.

Has this plan been derailed? Yes, Putin upset the Global World Order when he invaded Ukraine. What happened? He was sanctioned and much of his oil, gas, strategic metals, fertilizer, and wheat cannot be shipped from the Black Sea. There are already shortages in energy (natural gas and oil) and there will be massive shortages in food over the rest of the year. These food shortages will have a severe impact on the Middle East and China. The Middle East will buy all the available rice from India and Myanmar; China has already defrauded them for $100 million (USD). China gets nearly 30% of its wheat from Russia/Ukraine and nearly the same for oil and natural gas.

All of a sudden, people are waking up everywhere. The cost of food, fuel for cars, fuel for heat, and fuel for manufacturing/factories is leaving nothing for enjoying life; many will not have enough money to cover the basics. Governments will help, but for how long? We have all woken up to the knowledge that it may take years to resume getting oil, gas, and nuclear energies back. Meanwhile, we are in an Aw Shit moment that is not going away soon.

If the war continues, there will be famine in China, and perhaps, other places next year. As I have said in other posts, China is a failed state; it cannot keep the lights on and soon, will be unable to feed itself. Why? Far too much corruption for the Elites in both China and Russia. $Billions going into their pockets and basic goods and services are not being funded or maintained. Young people are seeing this and escaping in large numbers; they can see the collapse coming and do not want to be trapped. This is a Brain Drain of their finest.

China cannot afford the sinking of even one ship around Taiwan; if so, all commercial ships will stop sailing as they will not be able to get insurance. This is what has happened in the Black Sea. In three-to-six months’ time, China would cease to exist as a country; no oil, no natural gas, no food, no raw materials, no coal, and, again, no food.  Demographically, both China and Russia do not have enough young people to replace the old; they will both be gone as forceful nation-states in 10-20 years (or even sooner).

One of the fascinating news items coming out of Ukraine is the kidnapping of people from Ukraine, especially children. These people are being moved into Russia as far away as Siberia; Putin considers all Ukrainians to be Russian anyway.

Anyway. Do not be too concerned about the Great Reset. The world has become a very (much more) dangerous place. With energy and food shortages, every country will be trying to take care of its people. Peaceful, “free” trade will rapidly break down into war zones where ships cannot get insurance. Who is going to pay for those sunken ships? If the Saudis and Iranians start fighting each other, how is the oil/gas going to flow from the Persian Gulf? From where will the energy come from? Russia? Venezuela? Africa? Will there be fighting over this/those?

Are the Europeans, Chinese, and others going to have to pay for a Navy to escort those energy/food shipments? Not just ships, but bases as well.  It may not be the US Navy soon.

What I am saying here is that Globalism or OneWorldism (run by the Elites) is dead; not going to happen. The slow, peaceful takeover of everyone has just exploded and now, everyone is wide awake and looking around critically. Why is this or that happening? How did we get here? And, who led us here? Will there be accountability? Especially for the monsters who created Covid and the incredibly harmful vaccines/jabs/boosters. And the tyrannical politicians and technocrats?

The United States is going to be a big island of calmness in our coming world. We have plenty of oil, natural gas, food, and make most of what we need. We have large oceans on either side and friendly neighbors to the North and South. What happens if we stop exporting our energy and food and high tech? Energy and food are likely to get very dear (expensive). After the collapse of the Russian Army, no one is going to mess with the US Military; especially China.

What happens to Russia with the loss of the war in Ukraine? Will NATO survive? Will the United States continue stationing forces in Europe? With Russia and China imploding, does the US need all of its alliances? If not, which ones will be kept? The EU is fatally flawed and will not survive the energy shifts going on. Europe will be forced to come up with a security strategy that makes sense for each part of Europe; Russia is so weakened in so many ways that it may not be a threat in the future.

I absolutely love what is happening in Hungary and Poland; I hope they withdraw from the EU soon. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, the Baltic States, Poland, Czechia, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands may need to enter an alliance against the Germans as they are rearming.

If you are a hard Right-Spinner/strong in the Light, consider making the trek to the United States; it will be much more difficult almost everywhere else. For now, the Southern Border is wide open. If you haven’t tried yet, please consider making yourSelf a NewBeing/Newoman/Newman (see the Guided Meditation page).

Darkness only has 20% of the power in our world; all of the stored/residual powers in the UN, the EU, the Vatican, the CCP, and the OneWorlders/Deep State have been dissipated/dissolved. Now, Right-Spin/Light has 80% and can use it all; the forces of Darkness have lost their power source. They have lost the war. This loss will not be for 4 years or 10, or 100, or 1000, but for thousands of years. We have a new world now.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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