Deflation Coming

What is Deflation? It is where/when all the easy cash is, suddenly, gone. No One has any money. No one has credit. This is what the Great Depression of 1929 (and the 1930s) was all about. Not only did money dry up, but the jobs as well. Note, the world was in this depression for about 10-12 years and only pulled out of it during the significant arms build-up (for World War II). Europe was already fighting in 1939.

People were able to get credit, but only if you were a local who was trusted; strangers tended to be unwelcome. People tended to move out into the countryside to survive. Everyone left the big cities (just like now) with high costs and taxes. Everywhere people grew “Victory” gardens just to feed themselves (and their families/fellow survivors).

Wait, you say. The issue is Inflation, not deflation. Yes, we are all experiencing higher costs of food, gasoline/petrol, heating fuel, and everything else. With the war in Ukraine, there is likely to be food shortages which will push the cost of food even higher. How are the Central Banks going to handle our situation? Simple, raise interest rates, right?

What will that do? It will put us in a recession and force the closure of many companies (no credit for loans). This will force layoffs. People will run out of money to buy anything but essentials (food, shelter, heat, and minimum transportation). Demand for everything will collapse; no one has any money. The cost of everything will come down; they will be giving it away almost for free. Interest rates will drop to near zero. This will last for years. Everyone will have to dig deep into themselves for inspiration/endurance; life will not be easy.

This is how to cure Inflation; too much money chasing too few goods. Raise interest rates to cut the supply of money. If this is not done well, inflation turns to deflation on a dime. Options for getting out of deflation take time; it’s a very different mindset and most of us a struggling to survive.

This is likely to happen in 2022. When everybody has no money, the prices of everything will come down. Essentials will always be in demand. Will our phones and internet and gaming be essential? Interesting!

A depression is coming. Food shortages are coming. Staying warm in winter will be more difficult. Getting around will be more difficult. What else?  We are, just now, entering a long mini ice age (which could last 100s of years); much shorter growing seasons (more food shortages and heating costs). Changing rain/snow patterns, jet streams, and more floods/flooding. This also means more cosmic rays which brings more volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, and what could be called Earth Changes. The large eruptions could actually make the Earth colder with all the dust blocking the sun. GLOBAL WARMING is Not the Issue.

This is all closely related to the shift of energy happening; the Shift of the Ages.; The old Dark energies are being ended. The old ways are going away. The old world is going away. Yes, it will be that big.

We will be experiencing earthquakes above 10-12 on the Richter scale with aftershocks of 8-9. Not everywhere, but in many places. There will be giant tsunamis and land subsiding into the sea. This has happened before; we are finding underwater cities in many places.

Is all of this going to happen in 2022? Some, but not all. Most of it will happen in the next 5-10 years.

Learn how to be an electrician, to solder, a plumber, a welder, or an engine mechanic; you will always be welcome and well-fed. Add blacksmith and farrier to that; horses are likely to make a comeback. Add making cloth and leather for shoes and saddles. Modern high-tech skills will still be important, but the need will be fewer. Learn how to fix/repair phones, tablets, and laptops (see Add memory devices. Yes, solar, flowing water, and wind generation of electricity will be in great demand. Build hardcopy and digital libraries of how to do stuff; you can carry a lot in your phone. Get the tools you need and guard them well. Make yourself more valuable/valued than you are.

One of the best things you can do is to put yourSelf on the New Being path; see the Guided Meditation.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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