Things will be Done Differently

For anyone reading this Blog for a short time; I write a lot about the transition from Darkness to Light. Here is some more. For the past 6,480 years, we were in a period dominated by Darkness.

Everything in our lives is an evolution of that domination. How we build houses, roads, bridges, high-rise office and apartment buildings, cars, trucks, airplanes,  everything, is based on properties that were driven by Darkness.

So…now, that Light is in dominance, what kind of changes can we expect? Let’s talk about food production like farming and fishing and ranching; are they going to be essentially unchanged? Most people would say that these are relatively fixed, unchanging occupations. Oh, they have been changed by new, better technologies; wonderful farm equipment to plant and harvest, sonar to find the fish and ocean-going factories to process the catch, and ATVs can now replace horses, if desired.  Is that the kind of changes to expect? NO, the changes will be much more profound and will involve Majikal energies.

In the near future, the ascended survivors will be empowred/enabled to use Majik in their everyday lives. Instead of having to go to the store to buy things, we will be able to teleport them to ourselves; need a bag of nails? how ’bout eggs, milk and cigarettes? No problem. But wait, how do they get “paid” for? Re-member, all of the Dark people are leaving. The ascended survivors all have a high degree of integrity; payments will be made.

There is also something that we call telepathy; we are all experiencing it’s unfoldment with the use of emails and texting on our phones/tablets/laptops. The next step will be to communicate mind-to-mind with or without the phone. Not many will be able to do this at first, but this capability will expand to include most of the ascended survivors.

There is also “Jumping”; that will be for the very few, but will gradually expand as the ascended survivors expand their amount of Light.

Then, there is this Spirit-based mechanism that I call a “SetUp.” Many others call this luck, an accident, happenstance, etc. There are no accidents; everything is a Setup. OK. You may be violently disagreeing with me. As part of this new way of doing things, the ascended survivors will be able to view or get information on the setups coming their way and, if they “see” a setup they do not want, they can “terminate” that setup.  Or, if they cannot terminate it, they can reduce the impact of it or delay it for a better time. The one big problem with this new power is that you must ask about what is coming your way to get a warning. If you do not ask, you will not get the warning to make changes. This defines being proactive in an entirely new dimension.

Are you starting to see how everything that we do is going to change. We are already seeing huge changes from the Internet; these have all and will continue to be driven by the incoming Light.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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