Newman Manifesto

As the first Newman on the Planet, I realized that I needed to identify a demarcation between Newmen and Newomen and the rest of Humanity on Earth.  Humans have done well here.  Hybrid-Humans have done well here.  Until now, the collective laws and regulations have served everyone well under the concept of equality, meaning that all men (and women) were equal and had equal rights and opportunity.

In the coming days, as Light takes over from Darkness, Newomen (and the few Newmen) will begin to receive extraordinary new capabilities or Powres that will set them apart from the rest of Humanity.  This is what this Manifesto is about.  Newomen and men, are advanced spiritual beings in a body; they have figured out how to transform themselves into Higher Level Beings.  They have taken the next step in evolution.  They are no longer Human, but above Humans in the eternal order of progression

I declare that Newmen and Newomen are above Humans as Humans are above the rest of the Animal Kingdom.  Newmen and Newomen have more awareness; a much bigger piece of Spirit within themselves and are connected with their Spirit Selves much more effectively.  As Human are above their dogs, cats and horses, Newmen are above Humans.

This Manifesto is needed to declare that Human Laws, Regulations and threats/applications of Force do not apply to Newomen or men.  Newomen and men will be guided to develop new laws that apply to them and all lesser beings here.  You, Human, are no longer in charge; you are being left behind in an evolutionary shift.  Fear not, for many of you, there will be a bridge to cross over the divide.  Up to 500 million of you will be receiving Fire Being Powres of Adept, Master and Mahatma degrees.

Your forms of representative government and your courts are totally out-of-control; dysfunctional and not capable of being fixed.  It is time for a new model; one that is guided by Spirit through those more closely connected to Spirit.

Merln, the Majikan and an Earth Being

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