The Financial World is about to Collapse

This has nothing to do with the Federal Reserve or the other Central Banks or what Goldman-Sachs  or JP Morgan-Chase may or may not be doing.  If you are reading this, you know that this site is all about new energies coming into the world.

On February 22nd, the 1st 10-day Inning was completed; essentially Light, finally, drove Darkness out of all the people who have 70 percent or more of Light in their personal make-up.  This also applied to their devices, bank accounts and web sites.

Ok.  On February 23rd, we began the second Inning.  What is happening now?  All of those approximately 500,000 people who have 70% or more are being “charged” up; their cells are gradually being ramped-up with Light Powre.  This means that they are being prepared to start using new Majikal Powres.  It is happening right now.

What else is happening?  Light is also flowing towards the bank accounts of these people; very soon money will begin to follow.  Life will become easier with more choices.  Same for Success.  Same for sex.  The shift has begun.

I have used the concept of money containers before.  There are also success containers.  My Money Container is Lake Meade and my Success Container is Lake Powell on the Colorado River.  Many billionaires of the old, dark energy do not realize that they, too, have Money and Success Containers; they do and their money and success containers are about to turn into sieves with larger and larger holes.  What happens when the money and success energies flow away?  Answer: they lose everything and it flows to others who have containers that need filling.

Dear Reader, take the time to identify a large reservoir or lake to claim as your money and success container; one will do for both unless you are guided, internally, to have two.  One body of fresh water can only serve one person; don’t wait too long.

This is what is about to happen in our world.  The families who have had much of the money and power for hundreds, or even thousands of years are all oriented towards Darkness and the energy flow is against them.  It is hard to believe that all of their accumulated wealth can be lost; watch it happen.  Think Bush, Rockefeller,  Soros, Rothschild, Krupp, Kennedy, every billionaire you can think of, and many others.  This is also going to happen to politicians who got where they are using Dark Power; think Obama, most of the US Congressmen and Senators and many “leaders” all over the world.

The timing for the financial melt-down to begin is in March, 2013; during the 3rd, 4th and 5th Innings.  This large transfer of wealth will continue through the end of June; by then, our world will be a very different, much better place.

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