None of this is an Accident


All of the stuff thaat is going on around the world is part of the Plan. Yes, we are all having a Global Pandemic with our governments  trying to control us using tyrany (in many cases). The lockdowns have destroyed the economies of many conuntries, especially the exporting nations.

So…. Why is this happening? Not sure, but everything is tied together. We have all been reading and hearing about Global Warming for the last 20 years; the sky is falling (NOT). We are heading into a period of Global Cooling or a Mini Ice Age. Search 1709  in YouTube; that was a year of incredible cold in Europe (and around the world). It can, and probably will, happen to us.

We tend to think and react to what we are doing (or not doing) and ignore what our planet is telling us. I have written about the Mini Ice Age and the Grand Solar Minimum. It is not only about the fewer and fewer sun spots which will make our planet colder. It is also about the large uptic in Cosmis Rays hitting us.

OK. So what? Have you noticed that the volcano in Iceland has not gone back to sleep. How about all of those sudden new powerful/very powerful earthquakes? Both increased earthquake and volcano activities are directly connected to more Cosmic Rays. This earthquake and volcano activity has just started and it is being ramped up; it is not going away anytime soon.

Wow. A lot is happening. All of Humanity is kind of holding its breath as it tries to figure out where we are going.

We are in the last year of transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. You say, stop, that is just Hocus Pocus. Do you ever wonder where the noun “School” comes from? We use school to describe many institutions of learning like Engineering School or Beauty School or High School. We just left Pisces which is represented by schooling fish. It is important that you realize that the energy of the new age will have significant impacts on us.

An Age lasts 2,160 years and we are in year 9 of Aquarius. It takes 9 years to transition into a new age.

Isn’t it interesting that we are all having a global pandemic during this transition? Is this some kind of a cosmic joke? Ok, what about moving into climate changes? Again, during the change over between two very different Ages. Pisces was male dominated mostly, but females got more power towards the end (2012). Pisces had a strong influence to stay with the school (or flock or herd) or it was dangerous (fatal). Pisces demanded that we join a group in power (club, the right college or a political party); we all had to have the correct/right credentials. We all had to keep doing things the way they are; new ways were to be resisted at all costs. Our governments stayed the same, big  business got bigger, big pharm got gigantic from out of no where, trade blocs turned into SuperStates; it was all about consolidating more and more power. Never mind the rights of the individual; it was all about the ascendency of the collective.

We are less than six month away from being in Aquarius energy; what does that mean? First off, Aquarius is dominated by the female (not Male). Wow, everything in our world is organized around the male being in charge. Will there be massive changes? You bet! Women will look at a problem, any problem, and solve it differently than men. Women will plan ahead; that’s what they do. Men are not great planners unless they have been trained to do so. Men tend to come to the party as they are; women prepare carefully.

What else? The symbol for Aquarius is a woman standing at the tippy top of a mountain and pouring a water jug; the water bearer.  Here’s what that means; each drop of water can find its own way down the mountain (and to the sea). There is no predetermined path; there is no school, flock or herd to follow. Credentials will no longer be needed; we are already seeing the collapse of the college degree. More and more, people will be able to do their own thing; at least more of the time.

Our experts or Technocracy are increasingly not being  believed; just look at all of the Covid lies upon lies upon lies. This is elite control of the masses; that energy will no longer be supported.

After reading (and thinking about) the above, is it any wonder that our world seems to be collapsing around us? Before its done, the pandemic will kill millions of us; many from the vaccines. Many of those leaving will be the supporters of the old ways (which are no longer supported). Perhaps, instead of being 51-52% of the population, women will be 80-90%. What a thought! The changes would be massive in so many areas. Would women become the primary “bread winners?” Yes, absolutely; women will be in charge. Will child care finally be fixed? Yes, absolutely and quickly. Will marriage change? Gigantically.

Something will have to be done about the men. The Pleiadeans only allow their brightest, most advanced women to rule. In times of conflist, their men are pushed into the military (canon fodder). No, seriously, there will be a Men’s Rights movement.

Fortunately for men, women are more compassionate; they have more feelings. So, being a man, I know things will work out well (or as well as can be).

This web site is focused on men and women who are strong in the Light and who have put themSelve onto the New Beings path. Both will be able to use new Majikal Powres; men will have different powres. Those that transform themSelves into higher level Fire or Earth Beings will have other, additional powres.

Remember, Darkness (Dark=Left=Male) and Light (Light=Right=Female). In Pisces, Aries and Taurus (last 6,480 years), the Men had 80% of the power. In Aquarius (and moving forward), women will have 80% of the powre. Yes, it is that stark.

People strong in the Light will be in charge. They will tend to want more Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Self-Responsibility, Self-Reliance and Doing the Right Thing. Individual rights will tend to trump collective rights.

One more thought, people strong in the Light are only 5% of the population.  That is 5 out of 100 or 50 out of 1000. Out of that 50, 47.5 (19 out of 20) are women. So, even amoung the powerful in Light and New Beings, women will have most of the powre/power.

We are Transitioning into a new World that will be very different from the old one.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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