Who are the Pleiadian Humans? and Are they Here?

In my last post, I put a postscript in about ten (10) Human Planets and the Federation of Planets.  The Pleiadians  are a space-going race of Humans.  They only started exploring their sun and planet systems about 5,000 years ago, but were forced to rapidly expand their space-faring activities by an invasion of Reptilian beings who were intent on taking over their planets.

These Reptilian invaders were not like the Annunaki, but more like a hive of Army Ants; they were not interested in peaceful co-existence.  The Reptilians actually exterminated Humans on two of the ten Human worlds and took over completely.

Fortunately for Human-kind, some of the Human Planets were further along than others in Space Technology and they pooled their resources and defeated another Reptilian Invasion Fleet; it was a near thing, but the Human prevailed.  In this desperate fighting, both sides learned a lot about their enemies through captured ships.

The invading Reptilians actually brought large number of colonists with them; this induced the Pleiadian Humans to explore their nearby Sun systems to locate and destroy any Reptilian Hives that were vulnerable.  Sure enough, when the Pleiadians arrived in Earth orbit, they detected four (4) Reptilian Hives and proceeded to destroy them with depleted uranium rods weighing 2-3 thousands pounds each.  This was about 4,000 years ago. These Hives were all underground and could be ten miles deep and fifty miles across.

The Pleiadian forces landed and exterminated any remaining Reptilians; or so they thought.  Unbeknownst to the Pleiadians, the Reptilians had established a  fifth (5th) Hive under the icecap in Antarctica and it was not detected.  The Pleiadians left Earth and returned with 50,000 warrior-colonists that they landed in what we call Europe today.  When these Europeans arrived, Earth was already alive with Human-like peoples; the slave races created by the Annunaki.  These were created by mixing Annunaki Reptilian DNA with indigenous Earth Primates.  These Primates were close enough to the Pleiadian Humans that interbreeding took place; but what to do with the Reptilian DNA?  That is a dilemma that is still unresolved today.

The remaining Hive expanded back into the original five Hives by the middle of the 19th Century (1850); they did this totally underground and remained undetected by the peoples of Earth.  By 2011, the five Hives had 25 million warriors ready to come out and take over.  The only thing preventing them was the knowledge that the Pleiadian Space forces controlled our local space and would detect them; they had to wait and coordinate their attack with an attack by Reptilian Space forces.  The Reptilians were not concerned about the peoples of Earth as they have been controlling our leaders through mind control for much of the past 4,000 years.

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