Re-Programming YourSelf?

We all have issues in our lives; we are too short or fat or just don’t like ourselves for whatever reason. Hopefully, we all have things that we like about ourSelves. Here’s some help with that.

OK. Can we change ourSelves? Yes.

Go to the Transform YourSelf – A Guided Meditation page on this site. Figure out how to get to your Inner or Secret Heart. That is where you can re-program yourSelf. Once you find the entrance to your Inner Heart (it will open for you), tell yourSelf to go to the Control Room.

Perhaps, this is a new concept, but you can ask if you can change things in your body or life. You may get some NOs, but you will definitely get some YESs. OK. Work on the YESs. Ask if the limits are ON and OFF, like a switch. Can you flip the switch? Frequently, the limits will be a range, like 0-9 (that is really 1-10). If this is the case, find out where you are; are you turned ON or OFF? or, are you nearer to 1 than 9?

Be patient, it has taken you all of your life to get to where you are now; it will not change overnight. I know, I know, you have tried to remove the blocks many times before, but not by going to your Secret Heart’s Control Room. Try finding out what issues are controlled by the ON/OFF switch; do them first. When you flip the switch either ON or OFF, set your intention to Lock the switch until you change it again.

This process is one of asking questions and getting answers from within your Heart. If you are unsure of your answers, put your hand on your heart while you are asking the questions. Set your intention that you will only get the truth for your specific questions; you will get better at asking questions over time; it is like asking the Internet, keywords are very important.

Frequently, you will get a YES when you ask if you are being blocked in some way. That Block may be a simple ON-OFF switch; if so, an easy fix. But, it may be more difficult to fix if you are a 1 and want to move towards a 9.  You may be limited in how much you can move the dial with this effort and how frequently you can move the dial in subsequent efforts. What I am saying is that it will probably not be a one-and-done effort.

You may be able to move the dial from 1 to 3 or, possibly to 5. I have found it is more effective moving up in odd numbers. If you are on an even number, go to an odd number before trying to move 2 or more in one jump. Once you begin this process, things that you got a NO on, may be changed to YES; it takes INTENT which is a combination of Focus and Willpower. It also takes EFFORT.

BTW, your thumbs are your Intent. Call them Mudras; your forefinger is knowing (Knower), middlefinger is thinking (Thinker), ringfinger is being (Be-er or I am), and little finger is doing (Doer). Mix one or more of your fingers with your thumb; that is another way of changing your programs; this works well with the Inner Heart approach. Ask about it and you will be told. I was a Boy Scout; the oath was grabbing my little finger with my thumb in my right hand; my Doer and Intent. Very powerful, especially when repeated many times. How we touch each other’s hands is very powerful. A caress? Strong handshake or limp? Think about what finger do we use when we flip the bird? Or, I know that/you?

This is something that we all know and use. Just like nodding and shaking our heads. We must learn to tune into this. Ask your Inner Being/Heart if it wants you to communicate your Intent in this way? You know, the nods and shakes routine.

The above knowledge can be used by anyone who can find their Inner/Secret Heart. For Right-Spinners, we have increased/increasing powres to make the changes we want. Ask about your health, your youthfulness, and fixes to your body like vision or hearing or getting slim and fit. If you have any dis-eases, can they be healed?

Ask about your Powres? Do you have any yet? Are they coming? Are they within your Pre-Now or extended Pre-Now? If so, do you have the powre to heal yourSelf (and others)? When healing others, always ask if you can/may heal them; you will be told NO when they have chosen to leave this way.

Again, check where you are on the dial; you may be a healer, but your setting is down around 1. You may have to work to get it up to 9 but that would be an awesome capability. This also applies to vision, hearing, balance, skin, hair, and how tall you are. I am not saying that you can get taller, but you can find out if you can and take the steps to do so. Same for money, success, and sex.

It is always good to find out if an issue is fate; fates can be changed. Destinies cannot be changed.

Again, change is hard. You have spent your entire life getting to who, what, where, when, and how you are.  Some switches will be easy and some hard, but this is a far better approach than positive thinking and affirmations. They may actually work, but only incrementally; not going to move from a 1 to a 5. Besides, they do not work very well for most of us.

As I am writing this, I am being prompted that I have some significant work to do as well; this was their way of telling me. My process is to ask questions, but if I do not ask the “right” questions, how do I get the “correct” information/knowledge?

I have been questing within for more than 20 years and am very good at zeroing in on any opening. Any insight we get is a key to opening the lock(s) for other insights. We are in the dark fumbling around; we need light like a match and a key. We turn that key and open the door (or window) and pick up another key and another light (match, candle, flashlight, whatever).

Going to your Inner/Secret Heart is a huge KEY. You can turn on the light as bright as desired in YourSelf.

Light, Love and Laughter,


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