The Shift is Happening

Look around. The world is getting more (and more) restive. A massive uprising is going on in Sri Lanka. Why? Their government could not pay its debts. Now, it will have to depend on charity; no food, no fuel/gasoline, no electricity, no capital for lending, no credit cards. Back to the Stone Age. Guess what? This is going to happen to 100 more countries around the world. Everyone went a little nuts when debt went to zero interest; now, it is going back to norms of 3-5 percent and defaults are happening everywhere. Not just governments, but companies and individuals as well.

Marry that with huge increases in food, heating/cooling, transportation, and shelter costs. Guess what? We are running out of money collectively. The last time this happened was in the 1930s – the Great Depression; what makes a depression different from a recession is that all the money disappears, for years. Never mind the digital money, that will gone in “poof”; trillions of it. I am talking about cash; THAT is going to disappear.

Yes, we are all concerned about inflation now, but what happens when none of us can afford the basics? Demand dries up; that is called demand destruction. The price of everything will suddenly drop/crash; it will deflate like a popped balloon. Remember, cash will become very scarce. Build up your cash and coin reserves; they will come in very handy. Use your credit for everything. Hold your cash to the end, it will become very much more valuable.

Our old world is disappearing. Russia is already starting to collapse; most of the Russian military has been sent to Ukraine and Central Asia is revolting/exploding. Russia is losing in Ukraine; what’s going to happen to it? What will Germany do when the lights go out? It too will collapse. And when Germany collapses, the EU will as well. Will the German be allowed to repeat Hitler? China is having a very hard time; the real estate segment has crashed to 10% of what it was a year ago. In China, that is where 70% of investments go. That is driving bank runs and the collapse of the banking system. The Chinese stock market has already collapsed. Same for the bond market. China is actually worse than Sri Lanka, but the world has not figured it out yet; it is just so big. How are the Chinese going to be able to import all of the food, gasoline, coal, etc? Imagine China like 1820 in less than a year. China’s woes will spread to Europe and the world fairly quickly.

Now, look around and imagine that your location may be going back in time as well. It can not be avoided; all of us are heading for difficult times. Surround yourselves with dependable people; we are going to need each other. Move to the country; the trucks/lorries will not be coming. Start growing food; indoors and out. Canned food does not expire; you know when a can is bad by the pressure bulges. Keep pickle juice or fermented foods like sour kraut around for food poisoning issues; they work wonderfully well. It’s what our ancestors did before refrigeration.

This is the last year of the old energy and things are changing rapidly. Out with the old and in with the new; most of the old ways will be leaving. Yes, we will still have computers and cell phones, but most of us will not have the time we used to; we will be too busy trying to survive. Eventually, like in the 1930s and 40s, things will get better, but it may take 15 or 20 years. Everyone is in this mess. And no, the new energy will not support more world wars; Ukraine and Russia are fighting out one-on-one (yes, much help is being sent).

The end of the New World Order/Liberal World Order/Globalism/WEF/EU/UN/World Bank/IMF/WHO/WTO etc., is happening. Again, out with the old. Russia-Ukraine is just the catalyst for pushing the old structure over; Covid and Supply Chains had already started killing it/them.

Right-spin people are makers and givers; both men and women. Left-spinners are takers. Push them away, even if they are family. They will always put themselves first. Narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths are all left-spin energy suckers/vampires/takers.

As part of this shift, women will become the dominant decision-makers. Men will still be valued (because we think differently) and will still be needed for children. No one will have to wonder what a woman is.

What about the takers? You know, the people living off the government/taxpayer? Not talking about the helping-hand people or pensioners, but the types who feel they are entitled and don’t have to work. In the coming months, they will be pushed away and be forced to fend for themselves (or not). These too, are left-spinners; me, me, me, take, take, take.

With this shift in energy, many changes are coming.  After the great die-offs, there will be far more women than men; about 20-to-1. Let that sink in. We will all be given extended lifetimes of 300-500 years in youthful, healthy bodies (I know, hard to believe). Children will not be needed as replacement bodies (not as much) and will become rarer; they will be treasured and raised by the community. Women will be head of households with or without men. This new energy will be 80% Light or Right-spin; more freedom, choices, truth, integrity, self-reliance/responsibility, and doing the right things. Men will find their place, but it will be very different.

So, part of these massive changes coming are new capabilities for both Humans and NewBeings. We have called them occult powers like precognition/telling the future or having magical powers like witches (both good and bad). Some of us have a sixth sense about different things. All of these powers will be amplified or empowered in this new energy. Not only will power or capability be broader or more generalized, but the gain (or volume) of function will be greater. Some will be able to start fires or purify water or make it rain; all using mental intention. Some will be able to move things around mentally; a few feet, a mile, or 1000s of miles. Some will be able to duplicate or replicate things (all kinds). Some will be able to make things heavier or lighter, or bigger/smaller. Some will be able to create electrical fields to do many things; this is what we used to call Spells. Remember there is good Majik and bad Magic. People will be able to jump themselves (and others) to far distant locations instantly (see the movie “Jumper”).

All of the survivors will receive additional powres. That is how this new energy will work. Many powres will be weak at first and will require effort for greater strength. Some powres will not be revealed until a baseline powre is achieved. Over time (and effort), everyone will get stronger while maintaining their youthfulness and health. The new path is one of Spiritual Growth but with better choices and time/health to achieve them.

This is what a Golden Age is; we are on the cusp of entering one. Unfortunately, we cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. Earth Changes are nearly upon us.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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