The West is Waking Up

Allah is Darkness; pure and simple. He is like Hitler before the Battle of the Bulge; he sees that he is losing his power and gambles on destroying Christianity at its source, the Vatican.

For the past six years, he has put his most trusted believer, Barack Obama, in the White House to enable ISIS, or as Obama calls it, ISIL. ISIL is a much more expansive description as it includes the entire Levant; this term includes all of the Middle East including Turkey and Egypt. Do you get it? Obama insists on referring to ISIS as the expansive, intact, in fact, Caliphate.  Obama has tied the hands of the military in its fight against ISIL. Obama is, still, a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood which he installed as the State of Egypt; but that, fortunately, did not work out; they showed their true “hand” too quickly.

This includes Libya and has from the beginning. Obama and his girl, Hillary, made sure Gaddafi was destroyed so that all of the arms could be funneled to ISIS and ISIL could expand into Libya. Why Libya? Because it is so close to Italy and the attack on Italy has been in motion for the past year or more.

Yes, Hillary Clinton, is also a most trusted believer in Darkness. Hell, most of the Democratic Party principals and faithful are followers of Darkness. Wait a second, are you saying that the people running the US Government are planning a take-over by Islam? By Darkness? In Europe? Here, in the US of A?

Yes, but their plan involves the West staying asleep until it is too late. That is why Obama desperately refuses to call it, Islamic Terrorism; he wants to keep everyone asleep, he wants to call it anything but an Islamic attack on civilization. If the West wakes up and decides that it must defend itself against this Islamic attack, then, the sneaky, stealth attack through “innocent” refugees become problematic. Guess what? This applies to the US Southern Border as well.

Wake up people! Islam is not just another religion that we can, peacefully, coexist with. It demands Sharia Law which allows women to be stoned to death. It is written that unbelievers can be enslaved or killed in the name of Allah. There are 1.5 Billion Muslims on Earth now; 22 percent of them actively believe in Jihad, after all, it is written in the Quran. In case you do not want to do the math, that is 330 million which is approximately the population of the United States, or, Europe.

Is this something that we can afford to stay asleep with? These believers in Darkness are very good at killing and destroying gruesomely and they are coming for us. Their God, Allah, says it is OK; kill, destroy, kill and their young men are happy to be suicide bombers as they will get 21 virgins in Paradise for their pleasure. Women are Light; women are civilization. Is this thought pattern acceptable? At all? Even, just a little bit? Hell NO!

You Women must start leading the charge to wake up; this is not the time for passivity. Do you want to be forced to wear the Burka and not be allowed to drive or be educated?  Do you want the “Civilization” that you have worked so hard and so long for to be destroyed by these Dark Assholes?

The energetic tide has already turned against Darkness; Light has taken over. Allah realizes that time is against Him and he must “conquer” the West very quickly; this is going to be a “lightening” attack and the Barbarians are at the gate.

Is Darkness going to succeed? No, but, Light might have a big mess to clean up. Let’s not let that happen.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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