The Dark Leaders are Leaving Now

In July, Light has the powre, finally, to start taking the Dark Leaders out.

For Americans, this means Obama, Biden, Clinton, Bush and Boehner in our perpetual ruling class. For others, it means the leaders of Iran, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and, of course, ISIS and Al Qaeda. More generally, it means taking out the leaders of the Mosques – the Imams, wherever they are.

Taking these leaders out is important, but a side-show. The main effort will be to set the Earth Changes that I keep talking about in motion. Yes, look for the Trigger events of the Twin Volcanoes, the Mexican City/Los Angeles Giant Earthquakes and the coming collapse of China; these are all going to happen before Christmas.  Light will have 67% of the powre in our world on November 1st. The new broom will sweep clean; it has a lot of Darkness to clean up/out.

2016 will be a year of great catastrophes/calamities in many places of the world. Places of relative safety include Canada, the United States (not California), Europe and Australia.  Why? These are all bastions of embedded Light, particularly the US and Australia. All of these places look fairly Dark right now, but are receiving a lot of Light Powre now and going forward.

I do not write this to scare you, but you must be prepared.  If you are strong in the Light, do not be too concerned; you will be protected and will proper. If you are strong in Darkness, bend over and kiss yourself goodbye as you have a “Ticket to Ride” the whirlwind. It will not be comfortable for the people in the middle.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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