The Great Awakening

People read/follow this site because much of the information is not available elsewhere. Yesterday, I told you about two major options that most of us are clueless about; neutral leaning negative, and neutral leaning positive.  But, anyone who knows what a compass is, already knows that we can go in four primary directions: North, South, East, and West. What on Earth made us believe that it is just Positive and Negative?

But hey, that is what we are taught. That’s what our science believes and teaches us, even for “scientists” and “engineers.” Add in “PhDs.”

Many of us have been told to “follow” the science recently; take the jabs and boosters. Don’t worry, it is safe. We all know (of) people who have had very adverse responses or died. And yet, nearly every country in the world tried to make taking the jab mandatory after they told us, “it is your body, so it is your choice” for decades.

Sorry, to me, Covid has been an attempt to kill millions of us. How is it possible to get 192 countries to agree to anything? Yes, I know, FEAR and Propaganda. I have been OK with this mass mind control effort as I have been told many times that we are passing through a great die-off as part of this energy shift; too many left-spinners. If we have 7 billion people, nearly 6 billion will be leaving.

Did I believe in getting any of the shots, jabs, or boosters? Hell no. Eventually, I did get Omicron in January and was sick for a week, but now I’m immune. Do I trust the “Government” or the “Media”? Again, Hell no. The hysteria and lies coming from our ruling class were just too over the top. Masks and 6-feet separation will protect you from something as small as a virus? Pure lies and propaganda, but some still adhere even when they are driving alone in their cars. Too many of us are just too stupid or believe in authority figures (left-spin).

I have written about moving into a new Age, Aquarius. This is a very different energy than what we have known over the past 10,000 years; male-dominated, follow the leader, must be connected/part of the club, must have the correct credentials/secret handshake. This old energy was based entirely on fear, force, and control; if you did not do as you were told, you were thrown out of the tribe (a likely fatal fate). Unfortunately for the world, this fear-based energy was the dominant energy (80%); freedom, truth, and good choices were only 20%.

This year (2022) is the transition year between this new age and the past. By the end of the year, freedom, truth, and good choices will be the dominant energy (80%), and fear, force, and control will be 20%. Women will be dominant and everyone will be able to go their own way (within reason); no more following the herd, flock, or school.


What I am saying is that it will become increasingly difficult to lie, deceive, hoodwink, program, or get people to believe false things.

Just think, they tried to force us to get the jabs, but as many as 50% of us refused. They were going to keep us in lockdown; that did not work. They were going to keep forcing us to wear masks; not. THEY did not understand why their Great Reset did not work; it always worked in the past. It’s all about the energetic shift.

Their Great Reset was all about a world being told what to do by the ELITES. We all know them as the Ruling Class or Uniparty. Their world is collapsing around them; massive supply chain problems, not enough food, not enough fuel, not enough spare parts, not enough chips, and not enough time (for just in time) solutions. Even worse, we are questioning them and their technocrats; we do not believe them anymore. Is this some kind of Universal accident? Was Covid? Ourworld is being massively changed by some gigantic force. Welcome to Aquarius!!!

I have a recommendation for you. If you are following me, you know that this energy shift is “red pilling” many of us. It is happening all over the planet politically; the Globalists and Big Government types are losing. What most of us believed, we are now questioning.

I recommend that each of you begin to question one of the core beliefs we all have; are we a spinning sphere/globe of a planet? Is the Sun the center of our system? I have visited the hollow earth in meditations, but that could be my childhood programming. I am questioning many things now.

Here is a link worth exploring: Please do not just dismiss this request. As I told you yesterday, the neutral leaning negative and positive (90 and 270 degrees or East and West) are how the Universe works. It makes sense and so does an analysis of the Flat Earth stuff. If you go up high, you can see far beyond what the curvature of the Earth should allow/provide. Look out the window of your next flight and ask yourSelf if you should be able to see that far?

Yours Thoughtfully,

Love, Light and Laughter,



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