Why is THIS taking so long?

In the last two posts, I wrote about being on the sidelines of the game and about the recent change to put US into the game, finally.

So…You are one of the many thousands who have transformed yourSelf into a Newoman/Newman. Yes, you have made a significant change to your physiology and, yes, I told you that you would be getting new physical powres.

As I also wrote, I put mySelf into a cube back in May 2002. I have been waiting for my powres a long time. It looks like, maybe, there was no advantage to making the Transformation. That would be a wrong deduction. Remember, your Awareness increased many orders of magnatude. Your ability to communicate more effectively with Spirit went through the roof. Your were also put into a very special category by Spirit. You were given the protection of Angels to ensure that the Dark Forces could not take you out/kill you.

Many of you have had problems with the Dark Forces throughout your lives.

OK. Why so long? Darkness had 80% of the power in our world right up the beginning of 2019; that was the initial transition year. That means that Darkness could really mess with any of us if we were given powres. Darkness may have been able to take us out and then, the Transformation may have been futile.

WE have had to wait until Now, this period, for the transition to begin to take hold. The transition will not be completed until December 22, 2021; that will be nine years after it began in 2012. Notice that both of those years add up to 5 or 14, the Creation Number.

So. We, I, was strung along for a long time. Spirit knows that we Spirits-in-a-Body do not have much patience and to be told that something would take 9 years or 18 years would be an unacceptable message. So, yes, they deceived their messenger as well.

As any of us who have been Seekers know, the When is frequently an ongoing deception. The What is, generally, much more accurate when it, finally, arrives.

So, Yes, we will all be getting wonderful new Powres soon. I am hopeful that this will Happen, at least the start, in 2020. Christmas, 2021 seems like a long time off, but it is nothing compared to the time we have already waited.

The Good News is that we are, now, allowed to play in the Game. WE are included in the Plan; we can be moved around the 3D Chess Board. We are now Pawns that cannot be taken off the board. As we grow in Powre, we will become Knights, Bishops, Rooks and, even, additional Queens.

We were kept on the Sidelines for all of this time to protect us from the evil coming from Darkness. The need for that protection is Gone. Enjoy the Game! Enjoy the Show!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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