The Male World is Dissolving

Darkness has put WW3 into play. Russia sees itself as the protector of the world against Islam and the effete West. Russia, historically, has been the bulwark against the Islamic Tide whether they were called the Tartars or ISIS.

I watched Glen Beck’s Red Storm Rising opening segment last night and agree with him. Religion and other Spiritual aspects are at play. All of the indicators of coming conflict are starting to be moved about the Chessboard; oil is at $46 per barrel now and three months ago it was $106. This is unsustainable for Russia and all of the other Nation States that depend on oil revenues for sustainability.

OK. Just because Darkness has put World War 3 into play, it doesn’t mean that it is actually going to happen. Re-member, Darkness has lost most of its power; it now has only 33%, not the 80% it had until recently.

So…This is Darkness’ last attempt to screw things up; this is the Darkness before the Dawn. In an earlier post, I used the metaphor of the Sun rising; today, it is at a 9am position in the morning sky. Guess what? It has burned away all traces of Darkness; WW3 is not going to happen.

Oh, to mankind, it looks as if CONFLICT is going to happen. After all, we have Conflict/ISIS happening in the Middle East and we have DARK Assholes killing in Nigeria, France and other places.


Light has taken over!

Darkness will NOT have its way or sway.

What about the Nukes? Russia has so many of them.

None of the nuclear weapons work anymore. When is the last time you saw a video of an air burst mushroom cloud? Not since the French tested in the Pacific. Oh, the Nukes worked on Japan and the Soviet Union got them working enough for testing. But, you have to understand; when a world/planet gets to the stage when they pop a nuclear weapon, it sends a huge signal to Spirit.

What does Spirit do when it gets this signal? Easy, it decides whether to wipe the Planet clean of the civilization that created the weapon, or Not. Guess what? Spirit decided that we had potential and just turned off the mechanism that allowed the “bomb.”

Wait a second, you mean Spirit can change the “laws” of Physics? (I’m laughing)


Think about it. It has been 50 years since anyone saw an Airburst Cloud. Oh, they passed a Treaty banning airburst testing. Why, when that is the most dramatic way of announcing it? What do we see? A small mushroom cloud coming out of the ground. Guess what? That can be produced by building a large underground cavern and detonating 20,000 tons of TNT in it.

So… the very notion that Israel, Pakistan, India, China, France, England, Russia, the United States or Iran has a bomb is bullshit. What did the US do to solve this crisis of no more nukes? At great expense, it built the Global Positioning Satellite System or GPS. You all know and use GPS for location services on your phones. What else did it do? Also, at great expense, it developed smart bombs that could be dropped with laser pointers, and then, GPS guidance. As we all saw, these weapons destroyed Saddam’s Army and Air Force, easily. The smart bombs today are as small as 250 pounds of high explosive; that is a big bang on a point target and the delivery aircraft can carry a whole bunch of them. If we wanted to take out ISIS really, we would turn our Air Force loose on them. But Obama is a secret Muslim who doesn’t want to destroy ISIS; after all, it is the return of the Caliphate.

Enough about that Dark Asshole. Back to Nukes. What about the Subs with their sea-launched ICBMs?  The Governments of the World do not want to tell us that the nukes do not work anymore. Why? Because the Iranians and others are spending a huge amount of money to develop their own nukes and no one is sure that the other guy knows that they do not work anymore. It is all a high-stakes bluff in poker. Hey, we all saw the Airburst Clouds, right?

OK. But why do the Government of the World want us to be scared about Nuclear Annihilation?  Simple, Darkness was in control and Darkness is all about Fear, Force and Control. Do you get it?

Now, after putting some Light on that subject, why no WW3? The US of A is a Light Nation; it still has lots of embedded Light and, now, Light has taken over.  OK. Again, at great expense, the US has developed stealth aircraft that can carry hundreds of these small smart bombs. These aircraft cannot be seen by radar and cannot be shot down like the Malaysian Airliner. Guess what? These small bombs can be dropped from 50 miles away from the target. Guess what else? These small bombs are stealthy. That means the air defense weapons that are supposed to shoot them down may not be able to do their job.

Moving Armies around safely, even in tanks, is no longer possible; we all saw that in the Gulf Wars. It really depends on the will to use this new weapon technology against an aggressive foe. The idea that Russian Armies of tanks will roll into Western Europe is ludicrous.

Again, Light has taken over. Again, Fear, Force and Control has lost most of its power. Freedom, choice, truth, love, integrity and Doing-the-right(light)-thing are moving into position, now.

Feel safe, the Dark Male World, with all of its conflict, fighting and destruction is leaving with a whimper.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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