Enter the Divine Feminine

I keep talking about Light taking over; what does that mean? Well… it means many things. It does mean more freedoms, choices, truth, integrity and less corruption, greed, wrongness. Those are all good things that we can all look forward to.

But, for most of us the Light taking over means that the Divine Feminine is taking over. What the hell does that mean?

We just entered the Aquarian Age a little over two years ago. The symbol of Aquarius is a person, most often, a woman, who is standing at the top of a mountain with a water jug; yes, Aquarius is the Water Bearer. Well, this woman is pouring the water from the jug onto the mountain tip and each droplet of water is FREE to find its own way down. What does that mean?

Each droplet can join with other droplets to form a trickle, or run or stream and can continue to the ocean as a river, or it can strike out on its own and find its own way or a new way. To the Darkies amongst us, this is anarchy or chaos; we have spent the last 6.5 thousand years in follow the flock, herd or school energy.

OK… For those of you who do not understand, Light, Freedom, Truth, Technology,  Child Bearing, Civilization are ALL attributes of the Female and the Divine Feminine. So, for those of you who still think it could be a man pouring the water at the mountain top; think again.

All right. We have moved into Aquarian Light and that Light is focused on Women; not Men. Men have enjoyed the benefits of the Divine Masculine for thousands of years; all of our organizations and institutions are male dominated and structured for the benefit of men. Guess what? That has all changed; the Divine Feminine has taken over.

Do women do things differently than men? Do women think and act differently than men? Yes and YES. Are all of our institutions going to be overhauled and focused differently? I sure expect so.

OK. The women are going to be the holders of most of this new, Light Powre, but men are still in charge; we are stronger, more aggressive, more active and we will continue to grasp most of the Power.

Not true. I keep talking about a large percentage of the people of Earth leaving/dying. Guess what? They are leaving because they are too Dark and cannot stay. Guess what else? If women are much lighter than men as a class of beings, it will be the vast majority of men who will be leaving. Men are Dark and many more of them will be leaving/dying than women.

Wait a second, are there no Dark women? Yes, plenty, and they will be leaving as well, but the pool of survivors will be, mostly, women.

WAIT A SECOND, there will be many more women than men? YES!!! What is the ratio? About 20 women to 1 man and, in places, it could be 50:1.

You women must begin to think about this. Not only will you have to do everything, but you will have to put your ways on everything. OK. Do you think you can have your man, assuming he is a survivor, to yourself? Not likely. The idea of marriage with one man and one woman is being tossed into the dustbin of herstory. What about education of children? Will that be your responsibility or a group responsibility? What about children?

OK. There will be millions of survivors, most of them women. There will be male survivors, but few in numbers. All of the survivors will receive a set of Majikal Powres which will include living far longer in a youthful and healthy body. Will there be children? Yes, but far, far, fewer. Think about it, if we are all going to live far, far, longer, we do not have to concern ourselves about attrition and replacing people as they die. So…Children will not be an expected event from having sex; a child will be a GIFT from Spirit and will be welcomed as a Gift to a community. The idea that a child is yours will continue, but the child will belong to many others as well. Society must be re-organized to adapt to the changes that are arriving now; Along Divine Feminine lines.

The male survivors will lose most of their powre, but the Divine Feminine is freedom, truth, choice and doing the right/light thing. We, as a class, will do alright, but the transition may be bumpy.

Go Girl!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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