Why do the Dark Assholes Live so Long?

On this blog, I write a lot about the differences between people of the Light and the Darkness. This is not a mainstream view. It is NOT about good and evil because a lot of good people are still oriented and operate out of fear or being told what to do; that makes them Dark. There are quite of lot of wonderful, salt-the-earth type people who came here oriented towards Darkness solely because it was the predominant power.

Depending on how much Darkness they came with and what they have done about moving towards the Light, many of them have choices. If anyone wants to move towards the Light? All they have to do is mentally or verbally demand, “Give me more Light.” Is it really that easy? YES.

The same can be done with Darkness. Moving towards the Light or Darkness is the only “free” choice that any of us have; everything else is a “SetUp” by either Darkness or Light.

With the takeover of Light, people with 59% Darkness, or less, will be able to stay here. These people will be given the chance to move towards the Light; there will lots of incentives to do so. Anyone with 60% or higher, will be forced to leave/die; it is just a matter of timing and will occur between now and January 2018. Three years is not a long time, but enough time to put your affairs in order.

How do I know if I am oriented towards Darkness? Are you fearful? Do you want to be told what to do and how to do it? Do you believe that you must obey the law, even if you know its wrong? Do you believe that Law Enforcement officials are your friends, or somehow, good for the community? Do you get scared into buying things by commercials, the Internet or print media? Are you fearful about your health or money or identity theft? Do you think that the Government provides? If this fits, generally, you are oriented towards Darkness.  OK. How do I find out how much I have? If you have a firm “Yes” for most of these, you are clearly above 59%. Another way to find out is to ask you “Inner Being” or “Spirit Guide”; if you ask that small still voice within, you will get an answer.

OK. Back to my title question. When you are oriented towards Darkness or Light, you give either of them power to create “setups” for you. A “setup” is an event like meeting someone or having something happen to you. It can be good or bad or happy or sad and, frequently, you do not have any control over when it happens or how it happens.  There is no such thing as Luck or Accident or Happenstance; it’s all a SetUp.

For the past 6.5 thousand years, Darkness has had 80% of the power. What does that mean? Darkness was able to provide positive setups for it’s people. That meant Money, Health, Longevity, Sex, Acquisition of lands/estates, etc. Light only had 20% and was not able to do much for it’s people; anytime a Light being got anything significant, it was taken away quickly. Most Light beings were not allowed to accumulate money or riches of any kind.

Here is a footstomp. Dark people in positions of power were given the health and longevity to do what Darkness wanted them to do. Wow, this is something that Darkness had the power to do? Yes, just like signing a contract with the Devil; where do you think that notion came from?

I get it. Now, that Light has taken over, it has the powre to pull that health and longevity and wealth and everything! Yes and yes and yes and YES. The people in power now, are all Dark (well, most of them), and they expect that everything will continue just as it has for their whole lives and for thousands of years.

The changes have already started; Dark people in power will be getting sick and dropping out quickly. They will also be dying suddenly, and, to the public, unexpectedly. Harry Reid, a really Dark Asshole, just poked himself in the eye (I’m laughing).

Again, Light is taking over and it is about time.

Love, Light and Laughter,




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