The Pleiadians are Coming to Help

Hopefully, you have Googled the “Photon Belt” and, now, understand the Elite’s need to build underground shelters. I am told that the Elites have come up with a chip that is put in the hand and that is how people will be able to access these underground “hidey holes.” No chip, no access. Increasingly, this chip is/will become the new, high-tech passport and will also be used to transfer wealth between borders (or under them).

OK. The Elites are busy as Beavers preparing for a long time underground. To help you understand, we are not going into an area of space with many giant asteroids, but millions of small iron asteroids and they will fall like raining steel balls; anything or anyone caught out in the open will be killed.  Our rooves are designed to keep rain, snow and wind out; not iron pellets traveling thousands of miles an hour. The hardy will still be able to grow crops and fish, but many of the crops will be destroyed and being out in the open anywhere on the planet will have huge new dangers. Being a surface dweller will be far more dangerous than it has been.

What is the timing of this? It will start in about 5 years, sometime in 2020 according to my internal information.

OK. This is what “we” think is happening and how “they” are preparing for it. I have written about the new Templates extensively; they are very real. These new energy templates are being powered up and will be fully empowered on December 22nd, 2014. We are already seeing shifts in power as represented by the US Elections and the increasingly obvious battle between Sunni and Shia Muslims.  The US has no business being involved in this fighting, but Obama is a Muslim and cannot help himself.

The new Light Templates will turn the focus on freedom, choice, truth, self-reliance and change for the better in the new year. Look around yourself; 13 out of 14 of us will no longer be here in 5 years; that is a lot of people dying. In China, India, Indonesia/Malaysia,  the Middle East and Africa, it will be more like 99 out of 100. For more perspective, see my ebook, Reptilian Wars: a 50,000 Year Update.

Most of the population on Earth is based on the slave making activities of the Annunaki where they mixed their DNA with the DNA of various primates that were in development on Earth. Yes, Black people were made with Gorillas, Arab people were made with Chimpanzees and Asian people were made with Orangutans; this is what scientists call the “missing link.”  All of the Annunaki Slave Races have genes that drive them towards a “collective” or Hive mentality; this is why there is such a great divide over the rise of Big Government. It is not just a question of politics, but of genetics as well.

In ongoing warfare between the Reptilians/Annunaki and a group of Human Planets that call themselves the Pleiadians, large groups of Humans from several planets were deployed here on Earth as warrior/colonists in what we call Russia, Eastern Europe and Western Europe; they are what we call the White or Caucasian Race.  This started happening about 4,000 years ago. The only race of man that did not come from somewhere else on Earth is Big Foot who fled the Annunaki by going underground. The Neanderthal branch of Man was exterminated by the Annunaki because they were too intelligent and made great administrative slaves; too many females were caught and used as “egg” resources during the initial artificial insemination period. The remnants of these administrative slaves are what we call Jews today; you know, the Chosen People.

The Pleiadian Forces, also called Star Fleet Command, have driven the Reptilian/Annunaki Forces off Earth and out of this area of Space with the exception of a small group of Annunaki and Administrators/Worshipers who migrated into the Hollow Earth. Zora is the Chief Annunaki who calls himself “Father God” and the Worshipers are one of the lost tribes of Israel.

The Pleiadians have a PROBLEM; the Reptilians and Annunaki have created billions of people who have genes that drive these people towards a collective and communications via mind control.  To them, this is a huge ENEMY population issue. At the same time, their warrior-colonists have been successful, spread out and multiplied many times.

What to do? Intervene? With Bacterial/Viral Warfare? Fortunately, they do not have too. Our Elites are doing it for them and the new, Light Templates will be sending everyone who has 60 percent or higher of Darkness back to Spirit which includes everyone who has active Reptilian/Annunaki Genes and those with Implants.

Fear not, there will still be millions of us left, but there will be some major changes. First off, women will rule everything. Why? Because 49 out of 50 survivors will be women. Men will have to struggle to keep from being sex slaves. Other changes include having Light-related Majikal Powres; men will get some aggressive powres to even the odds. Other changes will include far fewer births and extended lives to around 1,000 years, but in young looking, healthy bodies.

All of this is just around the corner.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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