The Pleiadians are Landing

For many of you, you already know that the Pleiadians are amongst us and have been for a long time. Actually, the peoples that we think of as European are all descendents of the 50,000 warrior-colonists put on Earth about 4,000 years ago; this includes the peoples of Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia. It also include about half the population of the US and Australia.

Why were they put down in Europe? Weren’t there people already there? No, the place was empty as the Annunaki (see Sitchen’s The 12th Planet and more) had driven the Neanderthal people to extinction or deep into the Earth by capturing their females to genetically “manufacture” high-quality slaves.  So… the Europeans are all aliens, from other Human Planets; yes. The Europeans are of Pleiadian stock? Yes.

What about the European Jews? They are what is left of the Annunaki genetic engineering with the Neanderthals; they are not Pleiadians. The Neanderthals were the most advanced primates on Earth when the Annunaki arrived about 50,000 years ago and were highly prized because they made excellent administrative slaves. The worker slaves were engineered by mixing Annunaki genes with gorillas and chimpanzees and other primates. Orangutans were also highly prized and were the basis for slave populations in Asia.

Wait a second, if the Europeans are Pleiadians, does that mean that all other peoples on Earth are what’s left of the Annunaki slave-making process? Yes, the Annunaki were prolific in their slave-making; they took eggs from every primate on every continent and “enhanced” them with Annunaki genes. The Annunaki were the “missing” link that every anthropologist is looking for.

But…the Europeans can breed with everyone else; how is that possible? The Pleiadians evolved from the same kind of Primates as we had on Earth, but without interference from the Annunakis.  The Annunakis evolved from lizard/reptilian lines and are shape-shifters. Yes, they did evolve from egg layers to live birth from a womb.

The big difference between the Reptilian-Primate slave populations and the Pleiadian populations is the genetic encoding of social structures. The Annunakis have a “hive” mentality similar to ants and bees; they have highly structured, top-down rules/laws that focus them on Kings and Queens as rulers. This is where Kings came from. This is where the Divine Rule of Kings came from. The ruler of the Annunaki Home Planet, Nibiru, is a King.

OK. Annunaki genes allow Kings/Dictators, but they also empower the idea of cities where masses of people huddle together. Of critical importance, they also are a genetic baseline for “mind” control, primarily through propaganda and today’s media. Reptilian-Primate peoples are “hard-wired” genetically to embrace “big” government.

BTW, Reptilian-Primate slave peoples are ALL left-spin; they cannot help themselves – it is “hard=wired” into their genes.

Pleiadian populations tend to be right-spin and prize individual freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance and self-responsibility, but there are many who have chosen to be left-spinners either before they were born or during this lifetime.

As we all go through this Gi-gan-tic change, the take-over of Light/Right-Spin, our protectors, the Pleiadians, Star Fleet Command, the Federation of Planets will make themselves known to us. We are not alone; we never have been.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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