The Great Die Off Begins

My Spirit Guide is telling me that the “Great Return to Spirit” is about to begin. Say, there are 7,000 million people on Earth. I believe it is more like 3,000 million people, but that really does not matter. What does matter is that only 300 million of us will still be here when the Great Die-off is complete.

That is a lot of people leaving in a relatively short time period over the next three years.

Why so many people? Do they all have to leave? Is there something they can do to change their fate?

It is all rather simple. Darkness has been in charge on Earth for thousands of years and the vast majority of people here chose to be oriented towards Darkness. So… Darkness is no longer in charge and all (or most) of those Dark, Left-Spin people have been made persona non grata. As I keep saying, Darkness is all about fear, force, control and resistance-to-change. Darkness is the source of all corruption and intimidation. Light has taken over and it is all about freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance and self-responsibility.

If Light has a choice, is it going to let a bunch of Dark Assholes hang around to create trouble? Or is it going to make a “clean sweep?” Yes, you’re right, it’s going to be a “clean sweep.” Only those with 59% or less of Dark, Left-Spin energy will be allowed to stay; there is that Creation-14 number again. So…if you have 60% or higher, you have your “ticket to ride” and you will be dying to go somewhere else.

Yes, you will be re-born again on some other planet, but not here on Earth. The “left behind” will all be Spirits-in-a-body that are advanced enough to remain; all of those who cannot make the cut will be washed out. Fear not, we are all immortal souls who will be given a chance to come back into a body.

Ok. Got it. What is going to happen to all of those billions of bodies? If that many people are leaving in three years, we have a huge “clean up” problem, one of Epic proportions. I’m not sure how, but my Spirit Guide tells me not to be concerned about the bodies; MAJIK is coming into the world and the bodies will be taken care of.

Now, in one of my other Posts, I told you that our stuff tends to disintegrate when we are not around to use it. Abandoned buildings and cars deteriorate rapidly and this will happen everywhere when the people are gone. The same Majik that will take care of all the bodies will also take care of all of the abandoned, un-needed stuff. Oh, the vineyards will continue to grow and the cattle and sheep will continue to multiply, but without so many Humans. The 300 million survivors will be guided to survival areas where our civilization will continue, but without criminals, rapists, child molesters or terrorists; all of these are Dark, Left-Spin types who are leaving and will not be allowed to stay. Bye-bye and good riddance.

Initially, the survival areas will be in the United States and Australia. The survivors in all other areas will have to find their way to these two locations. Expect to be able to use satellites and cell phones and digital banking; money will still flow and, as millions begin to leave, food and transportation will not a problem. Please, do not get lost in the “Why Me” conundrum; you have been selected to survive, get on with it.

Are the Darkest-of-the-Dark going to be going first? Yes, but everyone in the 99-80 percent Dark will be leaving around the same time; it will be a decapitation of the Dark Asshole leaders like Obama and all of ilk. It will be strange for many of us; most of our political, financial and business leaders will go quickly and we will be, briefly, concerned about being leaderless. But, then, we will see how much better we are off without them. Most of our Judges, Bureaucrats, Law Enforcement, Education, Medical and, some, Military leaders will be going with them.

Will there be a round 2? Yes, all of the 79-60% will leave/die in the second phase. If you are in this group, re-member to ask for more Light, it might help you move into the 59th percentile.

So…when is all of this going to begin? It has already started, but it is energetic and in the Forms World; it will begin to manifest itself here before the end of February. Darkness has ruled for a very long time, but not for much longer.

One more point; Light, Right-Spin is female at it’s core. Many more women will be survivors than men; it could be a much as 50 women to one man when the die-off is complete. Our social norms will have to change; women-on-women relationships will become the new norm. The survivors will all live far, far longer and in good health and youthfulness; yes, if you are already old, you will be made younger and, if you are sick, you will be made healthy. Having a child will be rare and considered a great gift to be shared by the community. Women will rule and men will have to find their place. The good news is that Right-Spin is in charge.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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