What is a Flame?

We all know what an open flame is; it is raw fire from a match, a lighter, a gas stove or burner and, of course, a campfire. It is normally seen as yellow and orange and red in color, but it is blue when burning natural gas.

Fire Elementals bring us the red, yellow and orange colors and Ice Elemental bring us the blue flames. Wait a second, blue flames are hot, how do Ice Elementals do this?

Fire Elementals bring us heat using a process that we all know as explosion; when the material is heated, it expands, sometimes very quickly as is dynamite or C4. When water is heated, it expands and becomes boiling water and, then, steam.

OK. When a gas stove is used to boil water, the blue flame is still hot even though it is an Ice Elemental process. How does this work?

The answer is a phase-shift which must go through at least two 90 degree turns to get a result that is 180 degrees different.

Whoa. Cold can be turned into Hot instantaneously and this process is already part of the natural order? Yes.

If that is true, can Hot be turned into Cold instantaneously as well?

The answer is yes, but….

This is a new power/powre coming into the world with the Aquarian energies that are growing more and more powreful with each passing day. It must be created by the Advanced Spiritual Beings that are called Newmen or Newomen.

To answer the starting question, a flame is energy that gets ignited with a spark and is sustained by oxygen and fuel. OK, but where does it come from? How come it ignites in the air as well as underwater (think welding)?

Again, the flame is an energy; actually it is a manifestation of awareness. Only Humans have the necessary awareness to start fires for their own use. Oh yes, the rest of the planet knows what fire is and experiences forest fires and lava flowing from volcanoes. Animals know and fear fire, but are unable to harness fire as a tool.

So…If fire or a flame is something that is given to Mankind because she has the awareness to make it happen, it is reasonable to think that fire is a gift from God or Spirit.

Wow. Just maybe, there is more to this gift from Spirit? Perhaps there are more things going on with a flame than just heat?

Where does this energy come from? Simple, the zero point energy or ZPE; this is the point in every corner. It is also where you try to go when you meditate. It is our AWARENESS that lets us tap into this inexhaustible energy source.

As our Awareness grows, can we do more with it than just create a flame? Yes, we can extinguish flames, even great roaring forest fires, by extending the strength, sort of flexing our muscles, of our Awareness.

If you ask knowledgeable people about what is take to create something, they will tell you it always involves focus and willpower. Guess what, it also involves using your Awareness.

What is the difference in the boy or girl who is very bright and has 800 scores on their SAT and the boy or girl who gets by with “Cs”? What we call Intelligence is really a measure of how well these people can tap into their Awareness.

All of us can learn how to tap into our Awareness better than we are. It is really, just a matter of Intent. But, to have that Intent, we must be Aware that we are Aware.

People who are asleep at the switch are not, and can never be, Aware that they are Aware.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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