What is Awareness?

Everything here on Earth (and off) has some level of Awareness; Yes, even the rocks. Everything is slowed down energy; rocks and metal and concrete are just slowed down a bit more than we are.

There are two kinds of Awareness; the basic kind can be called Collective Awareness and the more advanced kind is Individual Awareness. Rocks, metal and concrete all have small amounts of Collective Awareness as do single cell plants and animals and all the way up the chain of progression to many Humans.

Whoa. What are the properties associated with Collective Awareness (CA)? At each level of CA, there is a set of natural or instinctive information available to that kind of rock, element, plant or animal. Yes, water has it’s own level of CA; it knows when to turn cold and then, freeze or when to turn hot and then, into steam.

Do Whales and Dolphins have CA? Yes.  Do Dogs, Cats and Horses have CA? Yes. All creatures, even Man, have access to CA. What sets Man apart from the other creatures is that Man has evolved a capability of becoming self-actualized and moving towards an Individual Awareness or IA.

So….You see, it is not about Intelligence or IQ; that is a false notion or a theory with not enough information. When we attempt to measure intelligence, we are measuring how that person or creature taps into it’s Collective Awareness.

For Humans, CA provides a lot of information on fight or flight, the benefits of fire and shelter, how to obtain food by hunting or growing and how to organize ourselves into villages, towns and cities.  It also gives us access to mathematics and language skills at higher levels. This is why some groups of Humans are better at some things than other groups; for example the Jews are known for their math and business skills, but then, so are Asians. These two groups have evolved a way to access a level of Collective Awareness that others have not reached yet.

Collective Awareness is a reservoir of knowledge that can be tapped in levels and when the upper most level is reached, Collective Awareness morphs into Individual Awareness.

Before moving into the IA discussion, let’s examine the role of CA in Human Society.  When we use the term Slum or Ghetto or Tribe, we are talking about groups of people who are OK with living on top of each other in packed conditions. This is an extension of the CA that we find in insects; it is their most successful strategy and we call it the Hive.

The Hive mentality has been very successful for groups here on this Planet as well as many other planets. The Annunaki and the Reptilian Overlords are two species of Aliens who were organized and evolved using Collective Awareness and the Hive.

OK. Let’s get to Individual Awareness. When a group of people gets to the highest level of CA, they think that they are at the very top of the food chain; they have math, libraries of knowledge and technology like sailing ships and horse-drawn transportation; yes, kind of like us 150 years ago.

What happened to us? We had an Industrial Revolution; we went from manual to machine. First, it was steam for railroads and making textiles. Then, we got the Internal Combustion Engine and cars and trucks, and yes, trains and planes. Along the way, we got Telegraph and Telegrams and then, Electricity; that opened up our modern world. We got command, control, communications, computers, tablets, smart phones and intelligence. We got Jet Planes and rapid travel. We got measures and counter-measures and counter-counter measures. Yes, along the way, we realize that we have had a Digital Revolution and an Internet Revolution.

What happened was that small groups of Humans started tapping into different levels of Individual Awareness; first it was Steam Technology, then the Maxwell Equations, then the electrical grid for telegrams and early telephones, and so on.  Each new level of technological advancement was a new level of Individual Awareness that was accessed.

The biggest problem that we have in our world today is that huge groups of people are still stuck in Collective Awareness; think the people of Africa, the Middle East, South America and Asia. Yes, they are all enjoying the benefits of advances in IA, but are still not there.  Yes, individuals are being taught how to access their IA, but not groups.

So…Reading, writing and arithmetics are important, but is just a baseline at the top level of Collective Awareness. Just think, if you cannot read, write or do math, there is no chance that you will be able to access your IA. Accessing your IA allows you to think in the abstract and to visualize things in your mind.

There are many more levels of IA that we can access if we allow ourselves.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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