What Next – An update

When energy shifts, we tend to think it shifts in ways that we understand.  That is a frequently mistaken proposition.

Energy does not shift on dates like December 22nd, 2012.  It may start on December 22nd and the energy template or foundations may be complete on January 22nd, but it tends to be more complex.  The dates that are important in this energy shift are the beginning of each month.

The actual shift from 80% Darkness to 80% Light will occur on February 6th, 2013; but, the energy encapsulation that we call “months” will, actually, shift on February 1st.  Darkness was still in-charge through the end of January and Light begins its reign on February 1st.

So….. For all of you Light-workers who thought Darkness would be finished on December 22nd or even, January 22nd,  you will have to wait for a new more days.

Take heart!  This shift is actually happening.  We who have been waiting for this all of our lives are very tired of waiting and want the shift to be over.  We are so tired of bieng kept “down in the weeds” and are very eager to experience money and success.

That is coming with the shift.  Be patient for a little longer; life will get very much better, soon.

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