Welcome to the New Great Year

On December 22nd, 2012, we began a new Great Year and started the Zodiac again in Aquarius.  I know, the Zodiac does not begin with Aquarius and we are going backwards (we came from Pisces, you know the Christian symbol – the fish).  Guess what?  The normal view of the Zodiac and the first house of the Zodiac and the direction of flow between the “Houses” of the Zodiac is all wrong.

There are 12 Constellations in the Zodiac and it takes our Solar System 25,920 years to complete an orbit around the Star Alcione.  Divide 25,920 by 12 and each “House” of the Zodiac represents 2,160 years and we tend to call these “ages.”  The whole concept of the Precision of the Equinox is wrong and  totally ignores our orbit around Alcione.

Ok.  Google “photon belt” and read about it.  The photon belt was “discovered” by astronomers in the late 1950s and was seen as an area of intense light in a vertical configuration that our solar system was moving towards.  That photon belt was the light of Aquarius that we have just moved into.  As our Solar System orbits Alcione, we are on a horizontal orbital plane; just like we orbit our sun, Solar, on a horizontal orbital plane.  As two places in our orbit around Alcione, we encounter this vertical location of intense Light; Aquarius and Leo.  We left Leo 10,800 years ago and we consider that to be the “Golden” age; the last time we were in the “photon” belt.

If you know what a gyroscope looks like, it has a horizontal plane and, an equal-sized vertical plane; the photon belt we have just moved into is a vertical plane that is equal in size and thickness to our horizontal plane around Alcione.  This photon belt intersection with our orbital plane around Alcione is 2,160 years wide at both the Leo and Aquarius intersections.

When we move into this huge, vertical circle of Light, the power configuration of the Universe changes from 80 percent Darkness to 80 percent Light, but only within Aquarius and Leo.  So Lightworker, be sure to enjoy the next 2,160 years as Darkness will revert to 80 percent then.

But….. I do not want to end this post on gloom or doom.  We have two thousand plus years of glorious Light to dwell in and it has already started.  Wonderful changes are coming for everyone and everything.

BTW:  There are seven star systems in orbit around Alcione including our own.  In these sever star systems there are ten (10) Human planets (including our own).  This large star system is often called the Pleiadian or Pleiades system.  And yes, these 9 Human worlds (not including ours) are all in the Federation of Planets.

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