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Big News – the Lucifer and Michael Experiments are Over

In my last post, I spoke about the Michael and Lucifer Experiments that have been ongoing for the past 300,000 years.  In these two experiments, Lucifer used 80 percent Fear, Force, Control and a focus on Dark Technology while Michael used 80 percent Love, Truth, Freedom and a focus on Light Technology. The other 20 percent was the opposite power/powre.

These two experiments were proposed to the “One” or Spirit as a way to speed up the process of Spirits-in-a-body (people) to re-unite or re-member that they are Spirit. Prior to these experiments, the Dark and Light energies were equally distributed and tended to cancel each other out.

While Lucifer and Michael each took one-third of the host of heaven (Angels and Suns and Planets) with them, the “One” kept one-third as a control and retained the 50-50 distribution of power between Darkness and Light.

As Earth was the only planet on the border between Michael’s and Lucifer’s Experiments, it received a lot of Light during three-quarters of it’s 25,920 Great Year orbit and a lot of Darkness during one-quarter; we have just completed 6,480 years of 80 percent Darkness during the ages of Taurus, Aries and Pisces.  Our world is full of weapon, energy and communication technologies that are used to control the masses.

Two Great Year cycles ago (~52,000 years), as we were coming out of the Dark ages, Atlantis destroyed itself and the Annunaki arrived from their mobile home planet,  Nibiru.  The people of Atlantis were destroyed totally by catastrophe and disease and Earthlings started over as slave races to their master Annunaki “Gods.” These slave races were “created” by the mixing the DNA of the Annunaki with the DNA of various primates on Earth. This is where all the Neanderthals went; they were the most intelligent primate on the planet. These Annunaki Gods are the “Gods” worshiped everywhere from the Gods of India, Meso-America, Polynesia, Sumer, Egypt, the Greeks and, with a twist, the Jews; same Gods, different  names, priests, cultures and languages. En-Lil and En-ki, two Royal Annunaki brothers fought each other for control of the Earth for most of that 50,000 years and their slave races were mostly canon-fodder in the many battles fought. The Jews made their Covenant with En-Lil  about 6,000 years ago; Abraham was his High Priest. I know, this does not make sense to us; how could two brothers fight each other for 50,000 years. Answer: the Annunaki have lifetimes of up to 100,000 of our years as they come from a planet that does not orbit a star and do not have gravitational imposed limits.

So… What happened to the Annunaki? When did they leave? Why did they leave? After all, they were Gods.

I know that it sounds fantastic, but the Annunaki developed a technology that uses natural diamonds as fuel to make their planet move like a giant spaceship; this is absolutely true. Talk about “crystal power.” Even that technology did not stop a race of Reptilians from conquering them and turning them into scouts whose mission it was to find habitable planets. About 50,000 years ago, they found Earth, established slave races, harvested gold and diamonds and told their Reptilian Masters about the riches of Earth.

About 4,500 years ago, not so long ago, the Reptilian Masters arrived and told the Annunaki to depart Earth and continue their scouting mission elsewhere. There was a problem; the royal brothers has fought each other so well that the harvested gold and diamonds were still on Earth and Nibiru had used up all of it’s diamonds.

The Reptilians said “too bad, so sad, we are keeping the gold and diamonds”; a prolonged negotiation was started. The Reptilians are an aggressive, violent race of beings that attacked and captured two other Human inhabited planets  enroute to Earth;  this was part of a military expansion into this part of the Galaxy.  The Humans were annihilated on these two planets; mostly as food for the Reptilian warriors.

The Reptilians moved too quickly; they overlooked seven other Human planets that suddenly got motivated to defend themselves and bring the fight to the Reptilians.  These planets are all in the Pleiades Star system; we call them the Pleiadians and they are our friends and protectors. The Pleiadians formed a Federation of Planets and, yes, the Star Fleet Command and took on the Reptilians in a series of deep space battles of epic proportion. Think of the Reptilians as the Klingons.

Meanwhile, the Reptilians were happy to use the slave populations of Earth for labor and food and settled into the construction of five large Hives each fifty miles across and sloping 20 miles down in the center; they are located Europe, near Alsace, North America in New Mexico, North Africa, near Cairo, Australia, near Perth and under the ice in Antarctica. These are all interconnected via underground/underocean tunnels.

About 3,600 years ago, the Pleiadians arrived after being victorious in a major space battle; the Reptilians came out and fought for their planet. The Pleiadians had air- and space-superiority and easily defeated the Reptilians in all of the Hives that did battle; all of the Hives except Antarctica, that Hive stayed hidden. The Pleiadians destroyed the four Hives and landed 50,000 warrior colonists from these seven Human planets; they chose Europe as no groups of slave races lived there. The Neanderthals had been wiped out by the Annunaki slave hunters. The European white races are all from the Pleiadian Human planets; they are not native to this planet. But…neither are the slave races “created” by Annunaki-Primate mixes.

I go into this history of our planet as all of this happened during the dark ages of Taurus, Aries and Pisces under the influence of Lucifer. There is more complexity, but the Pleiadian Humans were left to prosper and they ended up conquering the world and creating the colonial territories that still impact us today. There is more, please see my book Reptilian Wars: A 50,000 Year Update; Kindle is available for Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads and Android.

Ok. Fast forward to today. The Reptilians expanded into their five Hives again and planned to seize control of the planet, but they still did not have air- or space-superiority. In 2011, they were decisively defeated and completely destroyed without the knowledge or participation of Earth’s leaders or military. At the end of 2012, Earth left the dark ages and entered Aquarius.

On March 23, 2014, the “One” or Spirit decided that She/He had enough information and ended both the Lucifer and Michael Experiments.  All of the hosts of heaven have been returned and the new ratio is now 66.666 percent Aqua (Light) and 33.333 percent Turquoise (Darkness) throughout our nine local universes, AKA our Multi-verse.  This new powre arrangement starts on April 1st – Happy April Fools Day!

Everything Dark, which is nearly everything around us, will lose its reason for being and underlying power. Changes are blowin in the wind.

Everything that is based on Fear, Force and Control, even technologies is on the losing side of this shift. Bet on Aqua, Freedom, Truth, Love and change for the better. Yes, NSA will be stopped; Obamacare will collapse; and, somehow, Putin will be stopped.

Love, Light and Laughter (LLL),


Do you know about the Michael Experiment?

Most of us in the West have heard about Archangel Lucifer and his rebellion; he took one-third of the host of heaven and left.  Lucifer was a prima donna who thought so highly of himself that he wanted to be the Co-God; kind of like Hillary.

There was a huge problem; mankind was not progressing back to the One.  Spirit had allocated equal amounts of freedom (Light) and fear (Darkness) and everything-everywhere was in a kind of stalemate.  Lucifer proposed a different approach to God; he would take one-third of the many planets with people and one-third of the Angels and he would change the focus to 80 percent  Darkness and, only 20 percent Light. This translates experientially as 80% intelligence and 20% emotion or 80% technology and 20″% Love. Spirit agreed to this experiment and allowed Lucifer to proceed.

At about the same time, Michael proposed an opposite experiment where the focus was 80% Love and 20% Fear. He got the go-ahead and took the other third of planets and angels . That is the Michael Experiment.

This left Spirit with the remaining third as the “control” in the experiment; it remained at 50% Love and Fear. OK. If you divide a circle into thirds, they all touch each other on two-sides; Lucifer’s Experiment touched Spirit on the left and Michael’s on the right.  That means that Michael’s and Lucifer’s Territories touched each other. Now, expand the thirds into one-third of a sphere, but the same principle applies.

What does this mean for us, on Planet Earth? We are the only planet in all of existence that is on the border between Lucifer’s and Michael”s Experiments. Elsewhere on this site, I provide information on the Great Year where our solar system orbits a giant, dark star called Alcyone and it takes 25,920 to complete one orbit. Divide that by 12 to get 2,160 years for each age, or House of the Zodiac.

The insight that I just got is that this Great Year orbit is mostly in Michael’s territory and is only in Lucifer’s during the ages of Taurus, Aries and Pisces; this is, essentially, the last 6,360 years of our history. Is it any wonder that all of our institutions are so fear, force and control oriented?

Here’s another insight; Lucifer is focused on intellect and technology as the way forward; not love and freedom. Is it any wonder that our world is transfixed by technology and the incredibly rapid advance of technology?

OK. Now that we have left Pisces and entered Aquarius what is happening? It has taken 14 months to get far away enough from Lucifer’s influence, but finally, we are under the full influence of the Michael Territory (80% Love and Freedom: 20% Fear and Force).

In the past, when we left Pisces, we rejected technology and embraced the new ways of Light. We remember this as the “Golden” Age. This time around, Light put a lot of focus and energy into the technologies that we being developed like the Internet, smart phones, computers and networking everywhere. These have been embraced by everyone to improve communications between people and their governments.  This time around, all technology will not be rejected; some will be seen as valuable and will be retained; this is part of the shift from Light to Aqua and Darkness to Turquoise.

So…will advanced technology be part of our future? Yes, but only if it has a key component that can only be described as Majik that uses the Light technology only available in Michael’s territory.  All purely mechanical and chemical processes will fall away as Majikal processes (spells) will be far easier and much more effective. These spells are also much nicer to our environment; Gaia will be much happier.

The good news is that Spirit had enough information from both Michael’s and Lucifer’s Experiments that She/He was able to make a decision.  Henceforth, the multi-verse will use a ratio of two-thirds  Love and Freedom (now, Aqua) and one-third Fear and Force (now, Turquoise); both Michael’s and Lucifer’s Experiments are over and all planets and angels have been returned to Spirit. Earth and it’s peoples had a huge role in helping Spirit to arrive at this monumental decision; we are a very special place with many advanced being players.

Love, Light and Laughter,  Merln

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What the future of Government looks like

Darkness/Turquoise is in retreat. Look at Australia, the takers have been cut off at the knees. Everyone still has a vote, but now, if you have a college degree, or have been in the military, or own land, or employ people or are a senior citizen, you get an extra vote for each of those achievements.

What does this mean? If you are a Maker, you can have up to six votes.  What about the Takers? If you are on Government assistance, you lose your vote.  I am not sure what that means, but I think if you are on welfare or live in public housing, you do not get to vote.  This makes a huge amount of sense, unchecked, the Takers will always vote to take more.

This is what is wrong with the Western Europe Socialist countries and the United States; the Takers have taken over. We need to have the Australian Revolution everywhere in the world.

Fortunately, this is what is already happening as part of the Aqua Energy take-over.  Not only are common sense changes like changing the voting structure being put in place, but the Drug Laws are being relaxed everywhere.  One of the main thrusts of Darkness was to limit access to any substance that made people happy and less fearful like alcohol and weed; the Dark types are moaning and groaning about the legalization of Marijuana, but it is happening and their controls on alcohol will be relaxed as well.  Aqua is bringing more personal freedom and choice and self-responsibility; if you want to kill yourself with drugs, that’s ok.

The whole notion of limiting people in the name of safety and security is going away.

The whole notion of locking criminals up to keep people safe from them or to rehabilitate them is going away. Justice is coming back and it will be swift and much more severe. If people deserve to be snuffed, they will be.

The people who prey on other people are all of the Darkside (fear, force and control) and they will no longer be tolerated.

There is a God after all!

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