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How does/did Money work?

For those of you who have been reading my Blog, you know that I have an orientation on Darkness and Light; now Turquoise and Aqua.

Have you ever wondered how a person could amass a $Billion or even many $Billions? It all has to do with the power that you could draw upon. Every single $Billionaire on the Planet had to use Darkness to amass their fortunes. More specifically, they used Dark Angels who rewarded people who were oriented towards Darkness and punished or limited people who were oriented toward the Light.

This state of affairs existed for the past 6,480 years when Earth was under the dominion of Darkness (Darkness had 80% of the power). That has changed and, now, Aqua/Light have 66.67% of the power. Accordingly, Aqua/Light Angels have the power to reward people oriented towards the Light/Aqua and also punish or limit people who are oriented towards Darkness/Turquoise.

OK. We all know or have heard of “Guardian Angels,” but what does that mean? From a Money perspective, Guardian Angels kept the Dark Angels from taking everything and required a basic level to live. Now the Guardian Angels new job will be to prevent the Aqua/Light Angels from taking everything away from the Turquoise-oriented who have acquired so much. Fear not, the Dark/Turquoise $Billionaires and $Multi-Millionaires will be reduced to a basic level to live. They will become “Dead Broke;” I mean really.

Why is this happening? When we moved into Aquarius energy on December 22nd, 2012, we moved into an energy where Light was the dominant power and we have, now, completed the power shift or transition. Now, Light/Aqua Angels can begin to reward those people who are oriented towards Aqua and Light. And yes, it is their job to punish or limit those who are oriented towards Darkness/Turquoise.

Wait a second, you are saying that the flows of money energy are the work of Angels? Most definitely! Money is giveth and taken away; some can keep it and others watch it slip away. Money is energy and so are Angels. Traditionally, precious metal coins and cash and gems/jewels have been the province of the Angels, but our world has embraced digital money in networks and magnetic storage devices. To make this all work, the Angels enlisted a more basic form of energy called Elementals; these are also responsible for all pleasures and pains.

Whenever there is a shift in power between Darkness and Light, the Angels and Elementals are deeply affected. This shift in power is actually happening right now; new templates are being installed and the old, Darkness-oriented templates are being removed/fading away. The shift in Money Angels will occur at midnight on July 7th, 2014; an incredibly powerful 14-day. Angels also administer the energy we call Success or Luck or Fame and these too, will be shifted on 7-7-2014 (7-7-7). Fame and Fortune go together; now you see how.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Our World Appears to be so DARK

All of our systems appear to be malfunctioning at a systemic level.

Our Governments are way to big and intrusive. They appear to be corrupt, incompetent and unaccountable. Our Education system is wildly expensive and is, no longer, worth it. Student loans have made many young people members of the “company store.” Our Medical/Health systems are far too expensive and everyone is experiencing “rationed” care in the form of increasing wait times. Insurance has ruined the Doctor-Patient relationship. The Police and the Courts seem to be focused on “shaking us all down” for fines and letting the murderers and rapists out for over-crowding. Elon Musk has released his patents because the only people who win are the big companies and the lawyers. What about the release of terrorist commanders? What about the US training the ISIS in Jordan? What about this continual need to feed the Military-Industrial Complex? We are, finally, coming home from Afghanistan and, now, we have “military” issues in the Ukraine, but the Europeans are not biting so we now manufacture a “crisis” in Iraq.

Folks, this is the Darkness before the Dawn; it really could not get much darker without going over the edge. Fortunately, we are not going over the edge and are about to pull back and move towards safety. We moved out of Pisces on December 22, 2012. We were ruled by Darkness for the past 6,480 years and all of our laws (codes, statutes, rules), organizations and institutions were based on fear, force and control, other names for Darkness. It has taken 18 months for the new, Aquarian energies to take over. Don’t ask me why 18 months, but there is always a brief transition from one energy to another; after all, we will be in Aquarian (Aqua) energy for the next 2,160 years at a minimum.

So how is Aqua/Light different? Simple, it is based on order, but intelligent, informed, responsible, voluntary order. But wait, what about all of those people who are not intelligent, informed and responsible; how will they function without fear, force and control? Again, simple, they won’t. They will not have a choice. They will no longer be welcome here on Planet Earth and will have to leave (die). Vast numbers of these fear-based beings will be leaving and returning to Spirit to be born again on many other Planets, but not Earth.

Earth is like a hot-air balloon that is getting ready to lift off (ascend), but it cannot because it has too many sandbags tied to it’s basket. Each sandbag represents millions of low-energy beings who are dragging Gaia down and they must be cut. Only when enough low-energy beings have left, can Gaia ascend.

In a recent post, I wrote that new templates would be installed between June and September; that is still true, but the installation date is actually June 22nd and the templates have been in preparation for the past 18 months. The first significant impacts of these new templates will be felt on July 7th, 2014 (that is a 7+7+7). You say that adds up to 21. No, it is the most significant day of this decade; it is a 14 day that actually makes six different 14s and they are all made from 7s.

What do I mean by “impact”? It will be like we have been hit by several good-sized meteors; all of our laws, organizations and institutions are going to break down and it will appear that chaos reigns. Out of chaos will come order, but without fear or force or control. Yes, we will still have the Internet and Smart Phones and Apps and Credit Cards/Digital Money. Money will still flow so we can buy food and pay the rent, but banking will change. Governments will change. The Social Contract will change; handouts will cease to be. Instead of turning to Big Government, those who remain will get sustenance and guidance from within; this has always been the case, but Darkness has fooled a lot of people.

Over the next three months, we will all experience the Shift of the Ages at the start of a new Great Year cycle.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Energy Centers/Chakras – What they mean?

On this site, I write about the five Platonic Solids and what they mean; the Tetrahedron is the Fire-being shape, the Hexahedron is the Earth-being shape, the Octahedron is the Air-being shape, the Icosahedron is the Water-being shape and the Dodecahedron in the Spirit-being shape.

We are all born here as Fire-beings and our MerKaBas are made up of two phase-shifted Tetrahedrons. For those of you who have transformed yourselves into Newmen/Newomen, you have put yourself on a path of becoming an Earth-being and higher levels of attainment. This is also a path to becoming a 4th Dimensional being and higher.

OK. What does this have to do with Chakras or Energy Centers? When we are born, we are actually in our Heart Chakra; that is where the processing center is. That is where decisions are made; not the brain.

As you become an Earth-being (see my Transform Yourself – Guided Meditation page), you transport yourself into your Throat Chakra. As you become an Air-being, your home is your Third-Eye. As you become a Water-being, your home is your Crown Chakra. Whoa, we’ve run out of Chakras. Not true, we all have a connection Chakra with our Spirit Guide; it is 6 inches above our Crown Chakra and it the location we move to when we become a Spirit-being; this allows us to be with Spirit and still be here in the PHYSICAL where all the fun is.

This is an insight that I have had for a while and wanted to share.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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New Templates being Installed in June-August

First, to address all of the “bad” stuff happening out there; this IS the Darkness before the DAWN. An old cliche, but apropos.

On June 1st, the new Aquarian energy templates began to be installed in our world; they will take approximately 90 days to be fully installed or until September 1st, 2014.

I’ve written about templates, but will give the full explanation here for new readers. Whenever we move from one House of the Zodiac to another, there are always energetic adjustments. For example, the herbs, plants, bark and roots that healed us in the old energy, do not always heal us the same way or even at all, in the new energy.

On December 22, 2012, we moved out of Pisces and into Aquarius; we moved out of follow the leader (follow the school) energy into go your own way energy. For many of us, we wanted the energy shift to be instantaneous, but it has taken 18 months and will be complete on June 22, 2014, the Summer Solstice.

Our world has been in Taurus (Herding Cattle), Aries (Flocking Sheep) and Pisces (Schooling Fish) for the past 6,480 years. These are all follow-the-leader energies and explains why we have such a male-dominated, hierarchical structure in our world. We are told to go to the authority figure for answers and to never trust ourselves. Think about the importance of the word “School” in our world; we go to schools and there are schools of thought and we “school” together like “bait balls” or Lemmings going over the cliff.

After each transition from one of these “follow-the-leader” energies, the basic energetic templates did not change significantly; everyone knew what a bed or table or house, but in Pisces we did get a whole host of new things that needed templates; trains, cars, trucks, airplanes, electricity, appliances, mainframe computers, communications networks, PCs/Macs, the Internet and Smart Phones/Tablets and Apps. These, and many others like them, all came in the last 100 or so years of Pisces where there was significant overlap with the energies of Aquarius/Light.

Ok. Look around yourself. You see stuff like walls and floors and ceilings, buildings, transportation vehicles, beds, tables, clothes, electronic devices, shoes, etc. These are all examples of slowed down energy to make physical things for our use. All of us are the same and everyone and everything is based on an energetic template. Each template can have many variations.

Here’s the deal, for the past 6,480 years, we have been in energy that was dominated by Darkness; fear, force, control and resistance to change. We have, now, moved into Light/Aqua and many of the old energetic templates which supported fear, force and control will not be renewed.  As an example, the US GOVERNMENT will cease to exist. Same with the EU, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the WHO, the WTO, NAFTA. This will also apply to all of the Central Banks whose primary function is to reduce the value of money/ create inflation.

All of our institutions and organizations will undergo significant changes; the Medical/Health community, the Education community, Insurance, Law Enforcement/Courts/Lawyers/Politicians, Banks, the Business community and the Military. By the end of 2014, all of these organizations and institutions will have undergone major changes to make them free-er with far more and better choices for everyone.  Many of these old energy organizations will not be able to transition and will just fade away. Our world will be changing in many new and wonderful ways over the next six months; embrace the changes.

Love, Light and Laughter,