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Timing is Everything!

I have been writing about the Templates; this is the energy behind everything. Anything solid is just slowed down energy. There are templates for everything in our lives; beds, tables, cars, planes, computers, smart phones/tablets, businesses and organizations.

Yes, there is an individual template for the United Nations and the European Union; they are almost the same template stemming from a large, Dark, Multi-national organization template. The point is that both of these organizations are based on old, Dark templates left over from Pisces energies.

To recap, in July, August and September, new, Light, Aquarian templates were installed. Yes, it took until the end of September; nine is the number of completion. Notice, I said templates; that means all of the templates for our world to include both books and ebooks, stainless steel knives and forks as well as plastic and all kinds of networks to include WiFi, Social and the Cloud. The point is that all of our templates are now based on freedom, choice, truth and change-for-the-better. Now, all of those disruptive technologies that were resisted by the old energies, can be brought into the world (see my Revitae Technologies site).

Ok. So when do these new templates clearly take over. Everything takes more time than we Spirits-in-a-body want. The new, Aquarian templates are being powered (powred) up over the next three months; October, Novermber and December and will be fully powred up on December 22nd, 2014.

The financial world is very concerned about a new recession in Europe and a potential collapse of China. Guess what? It is going to happen as part of the powring up of the new templates.

Ok. This is a site dedicated to transforming yourselves into Newmen and Newomen. In October, the Newmen/women template has been being installed; the Fire-being template will be completely installed by October 31st. Happy Halloween!

What does that mean? It means that all those who have transformed themselves into Adepts, Masters and Mahatmas will have Aquarian, Light powres to draw on starting in November.  What powres? Increased abilities in telepathy, speaking mentally with animals, better manifesting, especially moving digits around; think bank accounts and other baby powres. Teleporting objects will come in December and Jumping in January. There will be a slow, but steady, increase in our powres and capabilities over the next 90-days.

Those people who have transformed themselves into Earth-beings will begin to get those baby powres in November; think Thanksgiving. By Christmas, all of we Newmen and Newomen will have given ourselves a wonderful set of Gifts with more coming in 2015.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Why Now? Why 2014?

Hopefully, you have visited my Home Page and understand the importance of the number “14.” It is the number that we are allowed to use to create things. Yes, the number “5” is also “14,” but, is less powerful.

We can create on “14” days, but we can also “run” or “execute” on these days. We can also do “mid-course corrections” on these days.

The most powerful “14” days are the triple 14 days like tomorrow, 10/6/2014 which breaks down to 1+6+7 or 14.

When it comes to years, most of us just drop the 20 part and use the 14 part as we all know that we are in the second thousand years since the commonly accepted calendar was started. Spurt drops the 20 as well and this is the first, and only, natural “14” year in the 21st Century.

This is the year that Aquarian Light energies are taking over from Piscean Dark energies and we all had to wait until the end of September which is the 9th month. Nine is always the number of completion.

Are there other important years in the 21st Century? Yes, 2023, 2032, 2041, 2050 and so on separated by 9 years; these are all “5” years, but in reality they are “14” years. They are powerful, but not quite as powerful as this year; 2014.

So… What important things are Humans creating this year? The most important creation is the diminution of Fear and Force and Control; I frequently describe this as Darkness. For all of us on Planet Earth, the way things have been for thousands of years is losing its grip; the expectation of greed, corruption, crime, crooked politicians, crooked judges, the good-ole-boy network and the domination by males in our society is changing.

Aquarian energy is symbolized as a woman standing at the top of a mountain with a water jug; this woman is seen to be pouring water onto the conical tip of the mountain and each water droplet is allowed to find its own way down the mountain. Notice, it is not a man holding the water jug and each water droplet can go down its own way.

Contrast that with the energies of the last three ages we have passed through; the Taurus symbol is a bull, but really represent herds of cattle; the Aries symbol is a ram, but really represents flocks of sheep with a male Shepard, or course; and Pisces has two fish representing a school, but as we have all seen over the past 2,160 years, the schools of thought were dominated by males and their hierarchical structures.

So…Now that we are, finally, being influenced by Aquarian Light energies, what does that mean? Have you noticed that a college degree is becoming more and more worthless; not worth the huge debt to get? Have you noticed that we are all losing our faith and trust in our governments, especially big government programs? Do you think Social Security or other old age pension systems will be there?

If my information is correct, most of the people on the planet will not be allowed to stay; because of their Darkness, they will be forced to leave. Whether there is 300 or 500 million left, it is not going to be the 7,000 million that we keep being told about. If this is true, there will not be enough people to pay for all of these government programs and if Fear, Force and Control are going away, how will they be forced to keep giving Big Government all of their money that it demands.

If each droplet of water can find its own way, that means that there will be much more freedom to do things differently. New technologies, like those on my invention site, will be allowed to come into the world. For the hierarchical structure types, this will mean a huge loss of control and they will view our world as CHAOS. Literally, they will not be able to stand the coming changes.

It is time to bring out all of those changes that you have been trying to do, but couldn’t. The time of resistance to change-for-the-better is over; that too, was Darkness.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Many will begin to Use Their Powres Today

The new, Light templates were installed from June to August; these templates were Powred-UP in September and, now, Fire-being powres are being given to all, ALL, ALL people who have at least 70 percent Light in their energetic make-up.

OK. What does this mean? Remember, if you have 70% Light, it still means that you also have 30% Dark which means you still have a lot of fear. So… Today, many, perhaps as many as 300 millions people on the planet, will start to get “Hero” type powres as in the TV show.

Now, I am not saying that millions of you will be able to fly today, but maybe by the end-of-the-month. What I am saying is that many millions of people ARE getting powres (or powers) and the world WILL be changed. Just imagine, all of these millions will no longer be powerless and they will all have a significant orientation towards freedom, choice, integrity, self-reliability, self-responsibility, truth, love and change-for-the-better. Review my post on Majik Wands; they will now begin to work.

People will begin to get Adept powres today and by the end-of-the-week those people who have transformed themselves into Mahatmas will have those powres.  For those people who have transformed themselves into Earth-beings, those powres will be installed and operating by 10/10/2014.

So… Many, many of us are getting Adept powres, even those who have not transformed themselves (see my Transform Yourself page). Those who have transformed themselves into Vertical Master, Horizontal Master or Mahatma will get additional powres and those who have transformed themselves into an Earth-beings (Keeper, Grower, Miner, Smelter, Builder and Transformer) will receive astonishing new powres.

We have had to wait until Aquarius Light was able to assert itself over the remnants of Piscean Darkness; that happens today, October 1st, 2014. Following the Schools of Thought is no longer required; go your own way Light Being.

What I am talking about here is a HUGE revolution in Human affairs; there will shortly be a large minority of Light Beings who cannot be pushed around by the authorities. All of the authorities are Dark beings who still think that they can rule through the barrel of a gun or the court systems; you know, law enforcement. They are going to make you – force you to obey their laws. NOT. Review my post on Newman Manifesto.

Now. Please wait until you can crawl, before you can walk, before you can run. Most of your will, but some will push their energetic envelopes and get themselves in trouble. Don’t despair, just think of the fun you can have messing with the jails. Your powres will continue to grow and you will be able to get yourself out, even if we do not come to get you out.

What do you think is happening in Hong Kong now; this is the beginning of Aquarian Light in motion.

Love, Light and Laughter,