Many will begin to Use Their Powres Today

The new, Light templates were installed from June to August; these templates were Powred-UP in September and, now, Fire-being powres are being given to all, ALL, ALL people who have at least 70 percent Light in their energetic make-up.

OK. What does this mean? Remember, if you have 70% Light, it still means that you also have 30% Dark which means you still have a lot of fear. So… Today, many, perhaps as many as 300 millions people on the planet, will start to get “Hero” type powres as in the TV show.

Now, I am not saying that millions of you will be able to fly today, but maybe by the end-of-the-month. What I am saying is that many millions of people ARE getting powres (or powers) and the world WILL be changed. Just imagine, all of these millions will no longer be powerless and they will all have a significant orientation towards freedom, choice, integrity, self-reliability, self-responsibility, truth, love and change-for-the-better. Review my post on Majik Wands; they will now begin to work.

People will begin to get Adept powres today and by the end-of-the-week those people who have transformed themselves into Mahatmas will have those powres.  For those people who have transformed themselves into Earth-beings, those powres will be installed and operating by 10/10/2014.

So… Many, many of us are getting Adept powres, even those who have not transformed themselves (see my Transform Yourself page). Those who have transformed themselves into Vertical Master, Horizontal Master or Mahatma will get additional powres and those who have transformed themselves into an Earth-beings (Keeper, Grower, Miner, Smelter, Builder and Transformer) will receive astonishing new powres.

We have had to wait until Aquarius Light was able to assert itself over the remnants of Piscean Darkness; that happens today, October 1st, 2014. Following the Schools of Thought is no longer required; go your own way Light Being.

What I am talking about here is a HUGE revolution in Human affairs; there will shortly be a large minority of Light Beings who cannot be pushed around by the authorities. All of the authorities are Dark beings who still think that they can rule through the barrel of a gun or the court systems; you know, law enforcement. They are going to make you – force you to obey their laws. NOT. Review my post on Newman Manifesto.

Now. Please wait until you can crawl, before you can walk, before you can run. Most of your will, but some will push their energetic envelopes and get themselves in trouble. Don’t despair, just think of the fun you can have messing with the jails. Your powres will continue to grow and you will be able to get yourself out, even if we do not come to get you out.

What do you think is happening in Hong Kong now; this is the beginning of Aquarian Light in motion.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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