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Let’s Talk About Karma

Karma is a concept of balancing good and evil over many lifetimes; that is why we have so many different lives. I have been in a body at least 30,000 times and have been everything that a man or woman could be.

I have been oriented towards Darkness during many lifetimes, but many more towards the Light. In my Home Page, I start by saying that I am an Ascended Master; what is an Ascended Master?

All Spirits-in-a-Body have a fundamental choice; seek more Light or seek more Darkness. That is the limit of our free will. See my short eBook on Free Will and Thinking “Outside-the-Box.” So… We can all seek more Light. Put another way, we can seek to increase our vibrations

When we figure out how to increase our vibrations and Light, we can raise our selves to higher levels. Increased vibrations are always within a level and one of the key questions that we can ask our Spirit Guides is “Am I ready to go the next level?” So… To become an Ascended Master, we must keep raising our vibrations, Light and Levels and when we reach a point that our Level is high enough, we vibrate ourselves out of this Physical World into what I call the “Forms” World. This Physical World of ours is on the 9th, most dense layer often referred to as the “Hard.” The Forms world is on the 8th layer; the Psychic World is on the 7th layer, the Mental World is on the 6th and the Noetic World is on the 5th. The most that I have, or anyone has, Ascended to is the 5th layer. The Forms World is where we do our creating in; we create something and then, must hold it long enough for the creation to be completed in the Forms World. When the creation is complete, it takes about three (3) days to get dense enough to become manifested here in the Hard. This is how any of us create things whether they be good/wonderful for us or bad/terrible for us.

Once you figure out how to become an Ascended Master, it becomes easier in subsequent lifetimes; you get to remember more.  I have been an Ascended Master approximately 10,000 times. I am very powerful in the Light and arranged to be born here on Earth in 1949.

OK. Don’t Ascended Masters have powres? Yes, but mine were of the Light and, until recently, Darkness had 80 percent of the power. I had no choice but to shield most of my Light and wait until Aquarian Light took over. Thankfully, that is occurring on December 22nd, 2014 (in just 14 days).

Aren’t  Ascended Masters small in number and rare in any Planet’s population? Yes, but Earth is a very special place right now. I have written about the end of the Michael and Lucifer Experiments; Earth is the only Planet that was on the border between those two experiments and received lots of Light followed by lots of Darkness; we have spent the last 6,482 years in 80 percent Darkness and are now entering Aeons of time where the formula will be 67 percent Light and 33 percent Darkness for Earth and every other Planet in the Multi-verse; there are literally billions of Planets, but not all have people. Every Ascended Master from all of those Planets wanted to come to Earth and many of them are here now; Earth has the largest assembly of Ascended Masters than anywhere, ever (and that is a very long time).

OK. Why? Because the Ascended Master path was NOT Working; there are the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and Zero Layers that no One has risen to. The whole reason for our existence as a Spirit-in-a-Body is to re-connect/re-member with the One at the Zero Layer. What’s worse is that the One has all of these filters between herself and us; it is very like the Princess and the Pea, but not much has been getting through.

All right, I see; a new path back to Spirit or the One had to be found. Not only did this path have to be more direct, but it had to let Spirit/the One interact with us more forcefully (with fewer filters). As an Advanced Being of Light, I came here with the task of finding this new path. I was successful and call this new path becoming a Newman or Newoman.

I have spelled out this new path in my Transform Yourself – Guided Meditation page. I urge you to ask your Spirit Guide if this is the right/correct path for you. I transformed myself into a new kind of Fire Being, an Earth Being, an Air Being, a Water Being and, finally, into a Spirit Being. These are, essentially, short cuts to the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and Zero Layers.

OK. Let’s get back to Karma, the cosmic balance principle. When you transform yourself from a Human/Old Style Fire Being into a Newman/New Fire Being, you put yourself on this new path to become One with the One. By doing this short, but powerful guided meditation, you obtain/gain the long sought “balance” point; you will have NO MORE KARMA. This also means that you will no longer be on the “Wheel of Life” and can stop being reborn if you choose. This also can means that you will live lives of thousands or millions of years long in young, healthy bodies with lots of things to do to keep you interested.

I have come here to show you a new Way Forward not as a religion, but as a path up the mountain. No, I am NOT the Second Coming of Christ. Christ and Buddha were both Avatars; I am an Avatar as well. Like them, I am an implacable foe of Darkness.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Let the Healing Begin

OK. So you are a Light Being or have thought of yourself as a Light Worker for much of your life. It hasn’t got you a lot other than grief. You have been the Light House shinning your Light in the Darkness, showing the way. That made it easy for the Dark Beings to find you and mess with you; you know the Energy Vampires who suck your Light Energy to make themselves “look” like they are one of us. Their intent is always to try to put a “bushel basket” around us to hide our Light and, eventually, turn it off.

The Blood Sucking Vampires are fiction, but the Energy Sucking Ones are real. One of the best questions any of us can ask ourselves is whether the people around us are Energy Vampires. If so, get rid of them. This is especially important for the new people in our lives.

I am a strong believer that computers and networks are modeled after Humans and that we are all programmable with Apps. Here is a great App to program yourself with;

  • my energy is my own; no one may take it away without my permission
  • my energy is my own; no one may give me energy without my permission

This is something that we must teach our children at an early age. And yes, this will work against the Energy Vampires; they will go find someone else.

So…What about all of those physical ailments? The hearing loss, the vision loss, the bad knee; can these be healed by the new, Light Powre coming in? Yes and Yes and Yes.

You don’t understand because you don’t think like this, but you have been a Light House all of your life and you have been shinning your Light brightly. That has made you an easy target for Darkness and you have been attacked regularly as a result. You have been attacked financially, with legal issues and, of course, health wise. In my case, I went to Vietnam as a young man and was exposed to Asbestos and Agent Orange. I did not know there were issues until 40 years later, but health issues are coming to the fore now.

So… Here I am. I have made the Energetic Transformations that I advocate on this site; I have transformed myself from a Fire Being into an Earth Being. I have made myself much more valuable as a resource for Spirit; I can carry much more Light and will have wonderful, new Powres to make a greater difference towards the Good.

And as we are all transitioning into the full, Aquarian Light, I find out that I am quite sick with two fatal dis-eases that are just a matter of time in the next decade. So, I expressed myself with Psychic Rage towards the Aether and asked WTFO.

My Spirit Guide asks me to calm down and stop blasting the Aether. I was told that I have just realized that I had been attacked by Darkness for such a long time and that I had some powre to do something about it. Apparently, Darkness received the brunt of my silent scream and has withdrawn from the Attacking Business. This was going to happen in a few days anyway, but Darkness was caught by surprise and got burned a bit; GOOD!

OK. I started this post with a let the healing begin. Now, you can use your silent screams to good use. Now, your attacks by Darkness are over and the Aquarian Light can begin to heal all of those attacks, even the ones from 40 years ago; even the financial and legal ones.

If you have transformed yourself into an Earth Being, you have a much more important JOB here than ever before in your life. You will NOT be dying of any dis-ease, but instead will be living for thousands of years in a young, healthy body with extra-ordinary, super powres.

My Spirit Guide is telling me that my Healing has begun today; maybe yours has too.

Love, Light and Laughter,


The “Old Guard” is Dead, Soon

The Political Class we have known all of our lives; they are the Bush’s, Kennedy’s, Clinton’s and many other well-known, well-worn names in other countries. Somehow, they expect to still be in charge because they are put in-charge by the Oligarchies that are the behind-the-scene rulers in every country or region on the planet.

They still prance around like they are still the only alternative; they still think that they have all of the power to make things happen.

Not true anymore. As of December 22nd, 2014, the transfer of powre from Darkness to Light, from Pisces to Aquarius, will be completed. The stage is being set for many huge changes in our world.

First, a 1929-style Depression is about to hit us all hard, but the US and Australia will be less impacted than almost everywhere else. Why? Because Light spent a lot of effort embedding energy in these two places. There will be a general transfer of wealth from those who got it with Darkness to those who are strong-in-the-Light. This transfer of wealth will be rapid, complete and astonishing to any on-looker. How the rich and famous will fall from grace and power down to their children, grand-children and great-grand-children.

Second, some governments project that the World’s Population is at 7,000 million people; they may have that wrong by half. Whether it is 7,000 ot 3,500 million is not that important; greater than 90 percent of the world’s population is oriented towards Dark Power; they came here prepared to take advantage of Dark Power and have done so for most of their lives. That is going to be Problem for most of them; anyone who has a mix of Darkness/Light greater than 60% Darkness will not be allowed to stay. What do I mean? They will be leaving, dying, and going to other planets for re-birth; they will not be allowed to be re-born on Earth. Guess where the politicians fit in all of this. Darkness is all about fear, force and control and, the resistance to change.

Is this all going to happen by dis-ease or plague? Much of it will be through dis-ease, but also heart-attacks, stokes and other “normal” killers.

The big difference will be the billions who “leave” in catastrophic events like the collapse of most of Africa into the sea (this includes all of North Africa, West Africa and Central Africa). This also includes the entire Saudi Arabian Peninsula, Israel, Jordan, Southern and Western Iraq, Southern Syria and Southern Lebanon. The Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean will be joined. Nearly all of the East Indies to include Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and the Philippines will be swallowed up by the sea. Japan, the Koreas and China (the vast majority of it) as well. India, Pakistan and Iran will be hit hard by the ocean and suffer greatly from earthquakes in the interior. Large parts of Eastern and Central Russia will be covered by a shallow sea that extends into the “Istan” nations and the Black Sea. The Caspian Sea will be joined with the Persian Gulf sinking Tehran in the process.

Europe and Eastern Europe will be largely unchanged, but with lots of seismic activity. Iceland will collapse into the sea.

The Amazon Basin will become the Amazon Sea. All of the islands in the Western Caribbean will sink to include Cuba, Hispaniola, the Caymans,  Jamaica and Puerto Rico. Most of Central America will collapse into the sea. There will be huge earthquakes in Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

The United States will be hit hard in California and Florida. California will become the “Isles of California” with LA being under 4,000 feet of Ocean and the Great Central Valley under 300 feet. Much of San Francisco,Santa Barbara, San Diego, Big Bear survive as islands. Not Silicon Valley. All of South Florida from Jupiter Lighthouse on the East Coast to Fort Meyers on the West Coast will collapse leaving 300 foot depths; this includes much of the Everglades. Oddly enough, most of the Florida Keys survive intact, but are no longer connected.

What, you ask, is the cause of all of this destruction? The easy answer is that Light is taking over from Darkness  for the first time in roughly 13,000 years and the “new broom is sweeping clean,” but it is a bit more complex. It is not accidental that China built a huge dam that supports 500 miles of 500 foot levels of water. When this dam collapses in a great earthquake, the sudden shift in the weight of all of that water will trigger tectonic plate shifts in a domino-like effect. This giant earthquake will be preceded by giant earthquakes in Mexico City and Los Angeles and both will be preceded by very violent Volcanic Eruptions in Vesuvius and Montserrat. These are the “trigger” events.

I have written about a Pole Shift, but that is not happening as part of these Earth Changes. What is happening is that the Earth is going to expand in size from a 25,000 circumference to a 40,000 mile circumference; the size of the planetary “ball” is going to get bigger, suddenly. It will be 5,000 miles between New York and London. Once this event gets “triggered,” it will happen very rapidly with very unpredictable changes everywhere, especially modern cities with many tall buildings. Be wary about being downstream of a major dam. See my earlier Post on Pangaea.

Why am I writing about this now? Light is taking over from Darkness for the first time in 13,000 years on December 22nd, 2014. Look for these and other big, changes in our world.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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