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MAJIK is being Downloaded

The last time Majik was downloaded into the Earth Plane was 12,960 years ago (six Ages ago). An Age is equivalent to a House of the Zodiac (2,160 years). A Majik download is designed to last for the entire 13,000 years until it can be renewed in Aquarius or Leo; in the Photon Belt.

Three Ages ago (Pisces, Aries and Taurus), Majik was greatly diminished and replaced (sort of) by Magic. Unfortunately, there is no Light in Magic; there is no creativity. Magic, like all Dark forms, has been used to trick people into being fearful about somethings, or to force/control them in broad directions.

Take our modern elections, Magic has been used to get the Dark oriented people out, in droves, to vote for the Darkest Candidates. This is how big Government has been foisted on us everywhere. This is how Obama got re-elected, even though he was a disaster and it was plain to see by everyone.

Now, Majik is re-asserting itself; it now has 67% of the power in this world and all of the others. A shift has occurred at the Heaven-level; Light (Majik) will maintain a two-thirds level and Darkness (Magic) will only have one-third. It is likely that this new allocation will continue for several eternities. This is what I meant by the end of the Michael and Lucifer Experiments.

OK. Majik is being downloaded. How long will this take? About three days (12/29, which is 3 + 11 which is a double 14-day, 12/30, and 12/31/2014, which is 3 + 4 + 7 which is a triple 14-day and the last day of 2014). Majik will be available to Light-oriented beings as of midnight on New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year!!!

OK. Got it. But the Dark being still have their Magic; what about that? It is only one-third and will be counter-acted upon by half of Light’s powre; that still leaves one third of the Majik to be used for freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility, self-respect, self-direction and self-truth. The days of the collective mind-think are over. The days of the Hive are over.

This reassertion of Majik is a change of Gigantic Proportion; this is the real Shift-of-the-Ages.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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We All just got some Gifts from Spirit

It, normally, takes Spirit three (3) days to brings a major new creations into our world. Why three days? One answer is 3 dimensions (height, depth and width). Another is 72-hours which is 9, the number of completion.

OK. Light took over from Darkness, officially, on the 22nd. Light wanted to mark that occasion with gifts to Gaia and all of her people. Guess what, we all got these gifts on Christmas and none of us had to pay a penny; what a concept.

Let’s talk about Gaia first; Gaia is our Planetary Goddess who lives in an Inner Sun hanging in the center of our Hollow Earth. No, it’s not a solid core of iron and nickel. Gaia has a Priestess, in Human form, who live amongst us. She doesn’t understand why the EPA is not stopping the dumping of raw sewage.

What is Light’s gift to Gaia? A clean Earth; all of the polluted areas whether they be sewage, chemicals or radioactivity will be cleansed. All of these things are left-over from the reign of Darkness. We are all getting a fresh start, environmentally. Yes, this includes Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Ok. What about Human-kind? There are two kinds of Humans on Earth; those who were genetically engineered by the Annunakis as slave peoples and those who came here as Warrior-Colonists from the seven Human Planets in the Pleiades. We tend to call these last, Europeans, but it includes all of the Slav peoples (Russian and Northern/Eastern European).

The good news is that everyone/every person who is here now, today, on Planet Earth has received these gifts. Ok. What gifts? We will think it is our Medical Technology, but much longer lifetimes. As of 2015, those who survive the coming Earth Changes will tend to live for about 500 years and those who transform themselves, far far longer. What a second, if I’m 90 years old and trapped in an old, dysfunctional body; this is a gift?

Yes, because it is gifts, with an S. The first gift is longevity. Why? To give us all more time to get it right (right, is also, Light). The next gift is regeneration or youthfulness. Our DNA has been changed to allow us to stay in our “30s” physically for most of that 500 years. How is that possible? The Stem Cells have been reprogrammed; the cells, when they reproduce, will no longer degrade. For people over the age of 30, their cells will be reprogrammed to revert physically, to age 27 for men and 22 for women.

Yes, we will become like salamanders; we will be able to grow new arms and legs, new teeth, renew our vision and hearing and taste and touch. Our Medical technologies will enable much of this, but the underlying “allow” at the genetic level has been changed.

Wow, even if many people leave, our population will explode. Not true. With this gift of longevity and health and youthfulness comes less, much less, fertility. Having children will be a rare, celebrated event in communities. Women will not ovulate “normally;” they will only start to ovulate when they can (are allowed to) get pregnant.

Telepathy and telekinesis will become the new Norm; most will have limited powers, at first, but capabilities will expand to astonishing feats, to us today. We will call this Teleporting. In our mental communications, we will be able to talk to each other and to animals like horses, dogs, cats, dolphins, whales and sea turtles.

More people will receive the gift of Clairvoyance where they can see a “setup” unfolding a few minutes, hours or days in advance. Everything is a “setup;” there are no accidents or luck or happenstance or coincidences.

Some, not all, will receive the ability to “jump” from one location to another, instantly. This is one of those powres that will be reserved for those who can transform themselves into Newmen or Newomen.

Is that all? Are there more gifts? Yes, everyone will receive more “talents” or “capabilities” to pursue, or not. And why not, we will all have much more time to develop them.

When will these gift manifest themselves? It has started already, at a small level. More and more Light will be pouring into these gifts for everyone; be patient, it will happen for you.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Light has Taken Over; Now What?

There are three entities that Darkness has put a lot of energy and effort into: the US GOVERNMENT (US GOVT), the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU).

People do not realize it, but the legal, Constitutional government of the United States ended when the Southern Representative and Senators left at the beginning of the Civil War. The US Congress, like many other governments and organizations, was using something called “Roberts Rules of Order,” which requires a quorum to get business done. This is fairly logical; there must be enough representative present to have enough votes to pass or fail a measure.

When the Southern Law-Makers decamped from Washington, DC, roughly half of the Congressional representative left. A quorum in Congress was 60 percent, at a minimum. Whoops, Congress had only 50 percent and could not, legally, conduct business. What did Congress do?  They disavowed all of the rebel, Southern States and ejected them from the Union; now they could have a quorum and get business done. While Congress was trying to figure out how to do future business, the Executive took the initiative to promulgate “Executive Orders”; these had not been authorized or legal prior to the break-down of the Federal Government. Executive Orders or Memos are not mentioned in the US Constitution.

OK. The Union Forces won in the battlefields and the Southern States were brought back gradually in the Re-Construction Phase, but the US Constitution was broken and they, the people running it, never had another Constitutional Convention to give the United States a re-birth.

So…the United States GOVERNMENT, is, essentially, a Military Dictatorship with non-binding Constitutional trappings. Darkness took over the United States in 1861 and has been very much in charge ever since.

OK, what about the UN? If allowed to continue, the UN will become a World Government with the full powers of military, police and taxation. This is, of course, without a constitution that is the basis for personal liberties like speech, assembly and privacy.

Ok, same for the EU. It already has the power of regulation and taxation and what a mess it has made of it. The EU does not have a constitution either.

All three of these organizations are very DARK; full of fear, force and control. All continue to grow-in-size, reach and power at the expense of individual freedoms.

OK. Now, that Light has taken charge, these three organizations will be attacked and destroyed, vigorously. It is going to be like the Vampire caught in the Light shriveling into dust/ash. When this sudden change will occur, I am not sure, but probably, in February. There must be enough light being focused through a magnifying glass to burn the paper.

So…Sudden changes to our world are, definitely, coming.

How about the world’s financial system? What about all of the bankers and brokers? Are they or the Light? Not so much. Will these Dark structures burn down as well? No, but they will melt into something that Light can do something with; you know, injection moulding.

Will people still get money in their bank accounts? Yes. Will credit and debit cards still work? Yes. Will food and gasoline still be available? Yes. Will the Internet, Wi-Fi and Smart Phones/Tablets still work? Yes. All of these have been gifts from Light.

Will all of the Darkness-oriented people begin to leave? Yes, the Great Return (to Spirit) will begin in January 2015 and continue through December 2017. Those who remain after that will be survivors and will be allowed to stay. Focus on staying alive during the next three years.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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The Asteroids are Coming? Not

A while ago, I wrote about moving into the Photon Belt/Aquarius. It’s true, we have moved into this area of intense Light that has a lot of big rocks floating around. The Elites have a good start on building underground shelters; I mean tunnels and living spaces that are miles underground and connect up many of the Air Force Bases in the United States.  This is a program called COG, as in a cog in the wheel. It stands for Continuity of Government. The Air Force Bases will give these people mobility on an as needed basis.

The Elites are convinced that giant asteroids, meteors or comets will be hitting the Earth and causing extinction level events (ELE). This is NOT going to happen. Yes, they have it all wrong, or at least mostly wrong.

How do I know this is NOT going to happen? Is there something in place that will prevent this from Happening? Yes. Google “Crystal Grids” and you should read about an Archangel named Kryon.  You can just Google Kryon; he has been giving us lots of information on what is happening and going to happen for about 20 years.  He, and his army of Angels have been putting up a series of Crystal Grids; one is around the Earth, one is around the Moon and one is around both the Earth and the Moon.

OK. Are they completed? Yes. What do they do? They are an energetic grid that is NOT visible to our detection technologies (can’t be detected with RADAR or photographically). This is a smart grid and it allows stuff through it that we send, but it will not allow big space rocks through. If a big space rock approaches the Earth, they will hit the outer grid and, essentially, compress it enough until it bounces away.  If it is really big and traveling very fast, it may compress into the grid around Earth, but that is unlikely.

OK. We are safe from big space rocks so there is no thing that we have to worry about? Unfortunately, no; the Crystal Grids are designed to keep the big space rocks out, but will allow small space rocks (ones that will not destroy life on the Planet) through. What is the danger? Many thousands of small iron meteorites will be hitting Earth in swarms; they will be moving about 17,000 miles per hour and most of them will burn up in the atmosphere. But… some of them will get through and often enough that it will not be safe to live in our houses. These meteorites will mess with our crops and will sink any boat or ships that is not armored. They will destroy all of our satellites so no more GPS or communications satellites. Some of these iron balls will weigh in at 5-10 pounds when they hit.

How are we going to cope? The meteorite swarms will mostly (95%) fall between 30 degrees north and south of the Equator, so we can still grow crops and live out in the open, but it will be much more dangerous. In these areas of limited “falls”, we can set up our outward looking RADARS to detect where and when the Meteorite Falls will hit. Out airplanes will have to re-route to avoid the “falls.”

When will these “falls” start? In about 2020; so we have some time to prepare. In about three years, we will start to see some “fall” events, but they will be few and scattered.

What will happen to our cities in this destruction zone? They will be destroyed; the roofs and windows will utterly smashed by these fast moving iron balls and, of course, the rain and snow will do the rest.

So… Humanity, as we know it, will cease to exist? No, we have an alternative. You can move to Northern Europe, Canada, Alaska or Siberia or you can move into the Hollow Earth (you know Journey to the Center of the Earth). Again, Google Hollow Earth. It is true. It is there and it is not so hard to get to. Whether you know it or not, you can get there by ship or plane, but the people there are not expecting us and may not be happy about our arrival. There are two polar openings about 80 or 90 miles across; this is where early European Sailors got the notion that you could fall off the Flat Earth.

There are large seas down within, but they are all fresh water.  There is a flow of this fresh water into our world; it comes up in the Gulf of Mexico and flows over towards Spain where it dives back within. We call this the Gulf Stream.

My point is that “normal” is not going to continue. Those of us who survive the coming Earth Changes will have to make decisions about living on the surface, going into underground tunnels or moving to the Hollow Earth.

Yes, all of the massive changes to the Earth’s crust and tectonic plates that I have been writing about will be completed in the next three years; the count-down starts tomorrow on December 22, 2014.

For some, very few, there is another option. The German people have a base on the Dark Side of the Moon. Yes, they have flying saucers. They consider themselves to Aryan and will be very selective about who they will accept. If you are not GERMAN, there not much point in applying. Believe it or not, they have 9 million people under a large dome in that Moon Base.

Why haven’t they attacked us? Because they are working with Humans from other, fairly close planets that many people call the Pleiadians and they have not been allowed to be warlike against Earth. They are a Light-oriented people now.

Will the Pleiadians help us? Perhaps, but it will not come until after all of the changes have made us choose between tough choices.

Re-member, the Light takes over tomorrow. The ways of Darkness must be cleansed and it will not be pretty. But, know this Light Being, you are on the side of the Angels and everything will work out well for you and all of us.

Love, Light and Laughter,


How to Stop both NSA and the Hackers

See my Revitae Technologies site and scroll down until you find “Improved Passwords and Encryption.” I thought I’d put a post up on how to make it impossible for NSA, North Korea or any Hacker to mess with you (or anyone else) by using a new, improved version of encryption.

No, I haven’t invented a new encryption algorithm or a new key management system. My issue with encryption has always been that there are not enough variables to hide the content. Think about it, if you count the 10 numbers and the 52 letters (upper and lower case) and the 31 different types of punctuation on a large keyboard, that is only 93 variables. If you have a few more characters in your alphabet, like the Russians, you still have fewer than 100 variables.

With so few variables, NSA, and many Hacker organizations, has/have the computing power to try every possible variation until they get to “plain text” which is how they break encryption codes on protected documents, databases or emails. Emails are particularly easy as there is so much standardized, required formatting. Re-member, our computers are getting faster, with larger CPUs, memories and hard drives. The bus (internal bandwidth) keeps getting faster; the Internet WIFI bandwidth keeps getting faster; and everything keeps getting less expensive. It is becoming easier for everyone to break into encryption algorithms.

OK. Got it. To make encryption secure, we must be able to add many more variables. YES!

All right, that is what I have come up; I have an approach that allows any encryption algorithm to make a function call to use 20,000 or more variables in the encryption stream. To help you understand I am going to discuss the Pin on your ATM Card; it is four numbers out of ten. There are only ten variables and, that, makes it relatively easy to guess, especially, if you are a Hacker. OK. Here’s a quick fix; add 20 colors to the sign-in process. Now, you have 200 variables and it becomes much harder for someone to hack into your credit/debit card. It will take a little longer to sign-in, but it will be much safer.

The trick is how to add these variables. I know how to do so for all of the different operating system softwares; doesn’t matter if it is IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, Apple, Linux or the many other options. It is a framework for adding many bytes, each of which represents 256 different variables, to the encryption process.

OK. Why this post? As Light is taking over in the next few days, I thought I should let you all know that you do not have to give up your privacy. Light is more freedom and that includes more freedom from fear whether that is NSA or your own Government Spies or the Hackers.

If this rings a bell and you want to help me bring this technology, or others at Revitae, into the world, contact me at [email protected].

Love, Light and Laughter,


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When does Spirit’s Day Begin?

Readers of this site know about the importance of the number 14; it is the Creation Number. Guess what, Spirit starts it’s day at 1400 hours wherever you are. For people who don’t use 24-hour clocks, that is 2 o’clock PM. Spirit actually creates a new day for us all at 1400 each day; what a concept?

Why is this important? Most of the time, its not; wait another ten hours and the day flips over at midnight. But…..December 22nd actually starts at 1400 on December 21st.

OK. Got it. The take-over of Light actually starts on the Winter Solstice, from a conventional perspective.

You were probably expecting a discussion like how many angles are dancing on the head of a pin? Nope, very specific and easy to understand. Re-member, we are all made in Her Image; we are all creators. We can all begin using our Creation Days at 1400 the day before most of us think.

Because we are all creators, the new day begins wherever we are.  No, it does not begin at 1400 GMT/Zulu Time, except for people in that time zone.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Get to Know Your Inner Heart

In my Transform Yourself page, I give instructions for finding your “Inner” or “Secret” Heart; you spiral down to the right (clockwise) from a right-spinning Tetrahedron on its point (Martini Glass Top).

A few posts ago, I told you that this was the location of your Powre Lens; it is much more. I highly encourage you to go there and explore this place; it is all about YOU. This is where you will find out about your past lives. This is where you have “parked” your Powres, waiting for the lifetime you would need them again. These Powres are already “tuned” to you eliminating a “learning curve.”

OK. You know about the “screening” room where you can “transform” yourself visually. There are many rooms, some of which you will find and some not, it all depends on how much you have re-membered or re-connected.

One room that you should visit is Your Control Room; this is where you can most easily make reprogramming changes. This is the place to make changes to your DNA!  This is the place to make physical changes, like a new set of teeth, restored vision or hearing, regrowing an organ or a limb (arms, legs, knees, elbows, wrists, ankles, hands, feet, etc.) Need a new kidney, lungs or heart? This is the place.

Cool. What else? I have advocated the notion that you are like a computer with hardware, firmware and software; we are not modelled after the computers – They are modelled after us. Ever have a computer where the memory starts degrading or the hard drive or the “Mother” board? In Humans, we call this “getting old.”

As I have alluded to, you can “upgrade” your hardware from the Control Room; you can give yourself “replacements,” but, you can also give yourself “upgrades,” whatever that means. For example, you may be able to give yourself enhanced vision or hearing, great strength, the ability to fly or jump, etc. Whatever you do, you must “upgrade” the firmware and software as well. Don’t forget to upgrade your “mother” board, processor and physical memory (both the dynamic and non-dynamic/RAM and chip-based).

What is “firmware” in a body? Nervous and Lymph system upgrades; yes, these must be done as well. Basic Input Output System (BIOS) upgrades are needed as well. OK. Do I have to know anything about any of this? No. Just intend that your “firmware” be upgraded as part of your Physical upgrades.

Then, there is “software,” the reprogrammable stuff. You will need a new Operating System and you will have choices like iOS, Linux or Windows; they all do the same thing, but differently. Ask for a recommendation; Spirit will know the best operating system for you, particularly if you have transformed yourself into a Newman/Newoman. Don’t forget, there are many, many applications or apps that you can install as well. This is why it is important to explore your Inner Heart.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just get to your Control Room and ask for all of the upgrades that you need and you will receive them. One thing you must re-member; now, that you know where to go, you can keep coming back for more changes in the future. Just ask your Spirit Guide/Self if you are ready for more changes.

Please do not stress over this; have fun with it.  At long last, you have the very specific information you need to make changes that you want to make to your body, your emotional self and your financial self.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Light Being, You are now, A Judge

Guess what? You know you are a Light Being/Worker. You know that you have been a Light House, shinning your Light. You know that you have been attacked, numerous times, by the Forces of Darkness. You have been put through the “wringer,” but it has made you much stronger.

That has not been by accident; there are no accidents! You have been made stronger for this moment in the history of our Planet. Why? The Ancien Regime or the Old Guard is passing; THEY do not know it yet. They think everything is going to continue the way it has always been; people do not change, fear is the key and they, will still be empowered. They are all Dark; every last one.

The world around us is all based on the Rule by Darkness; everything is based on Fear, Force and Control. That world has already begun to crumble. Where? The Middle East/ISIS, Ukraine, the Republican take-over of Congress, among others. It is becoming more obvious that the Forces of Darkness are in a battle for control against the Forces of Light; Islam is on the march against the West. It is not just the Islamic Extremists or Jihadists, but all of Islam. Think about it, who have we, the West, been fighting since the early 90s? Iraq, Afghanistan and, now, Iraq/Syria; Sunni and Shia Muslims have been killing us in whatever way possible for decades. They think of us as Crusaders or, more simply, the Enemy. They will try to impose their Caliphate and Sharia Law on us, everywhere.

Can they win? No, timing is against them; Light has taken over. Not only do we not have to be concerned about the Muslim Terrorists, but we do not have  to be concerned about the Dark Forces in our own countries; you know, corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, judges and law enforcers. The “system” in the West has been taken over by Darkness; there is not much difference between the Ruling Parties; they are all bad, out-of-control, full-of-Darkness.

So… Is the “System” being torn down? Yes, you must break eggs to make an omelet. But, it is better to think of it as a replacement. All of the Dark Being who have the power now will be relieved of that power; most of them will just die. That includes all of the power elites to include businessmen, bankers, Wall Streeters and our Governments. Yes, this will affect the Executive, legislative and Judicial branches of Government at the Federal, State and Local levels.

OMG, this is a decapitation event! Yes, the Darkest of the Dark will leave first and continue down to those people who only have 59% Dark (41% Light). Why stop there? These people can move towards the Light, if they want.

Wait a second, if all of the “Leaders” are gone, who is going to step into their shoes? You, Light Being, you. With Light comes much more freedom, but with more freedom, there is also a much larger requirement for self-responsibility. The vast majority of people oriented towards Darkness will be leaving; we will not have to deal with their fear-based insanity. We will not need so many politicians, bureaucrats or policemen; these professions will quickly disappear. We will still need leaders and judges and these will all be people strong in the Light.

You may not think this is important, but Light Beings are all allowing themselves to be “guided” by their Spirit Guides/Selves. Most of them have been trying to do the “Right thing” for decades, but have run into Dark opposition. That opposition is, effectively, gone.

So… Light Being, be confident, be strong and step forward when you are called upon. The place has been made for YOU.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Why December 22nd is SO Important

I am an agent of change. I was born on a 22nd. I was conceived on December 22nd. 11, 22 and 33 are all Master Numbers. What does that mean? Master numbers are like Jokers in a deck of playing cards; many different weird and wonderful things can happen on Master Number Days.

OK. Why is December 22, 2014 so important? As I have written, it is the day that the Aquarian Light Templates go operational. What does this mean? I am not totally sure, but I do know that Light Templates will operate very differently from Dark Templates. The fundamental difference is that Darkness operates out of fear, force and control and resists any change-for-the-better with all of its might/resources.

So…Light Templates will operate in freedom, choice, truth, love, integrity, self-reliance, self-respect and change-for-the-better. If you think about, our entire world is now operating out of fear, force and control; we fear being attacked in our homes so we must have security, we fear being attacked by identity thieves so we must have a deterrent, we fear not having enough food or money or shelter or clothing, we fear not knowing where these things come from.

Whether we know it, or not, all of these things are being, and always have been provided by our Spirit Guides/Selves. Big Government is a deception by Darkness as part of its fear, force and control programs.

Is Government going to get smaller, more responsive and less intrusive? YES! 

Will it disappear entirely? No, but it will be the servant, not the Master.

What about Taxes? Will there be a Flat Tax? Yes, on the way to Voluntary Taxation where you can designate how your taxes will be used. Will there be Excise Taxes, like on alcohol, tobacco and weed? Yes, these will based on consumption and they will be around 10 percent or less.

Re-member, Light has taken over. Put that another way, Freedom from Fear has taken over. The Dark types who operate out of fear whether that is murderers, thieves, rapists, child molesters, embezzlers or your standard sociopath will be leaving us; they will not be allowed to stay. Yes, they will all be dying soon. Yes, that means we will not need to have prisons and this giant court system to deal with criminals. All of the people who think that they can use violence on you, whether they be criminals or cops/Police will be leaving. The world, shortly, will not be ruled through the barrel of a gun or the sudden attack of a SWAT Team.

Wait a second, does this mean there will be no crime? No, but much less and we will have better, non-violent ways of handling it.

How is this going to happen? The Light Beings/Workers are getting new, very powreful capabilities that will replace the force of the knife, sword or gun. Just imagine having the powre to prevent a bullet from being fired (or a bomb exploding or a missile being fired/exploded). This applies to gas and poison as well. What if, people who know what is Right/Light can impose that Rightness on society in a truly civilized manner with lots of freedom and choice.

Say, a sniper shoots you with a big bullet fully expecting to kill you. One of these new powres will enable you to turn that bullet around in mid-air and send it back to the shooter; wow, the shooter kills himself. Same with all of the other ways to kill or maim. Even better, this also will apply to whomever ordered the attack up the chain-of-command. Yes, the intended bullet kills the shooter and whomever ordered it even up to the Prime Minister/President. This is what I mean when I say ruling through the barrel of a gun is over.

Now, you are beginning to understand what I meant when I told you to start using your Lens as a Laser Beam. Whether you know it, or not, your physical body is a flesh-and-blood-and-spirit machine that can be programmed; now, with Light in-charge, you can begin your reprogramming. You can give yourself powres and money and success and stuff, but you cannot mis-use them.

By that, I mean that you will not be allowed to mis-use them and they will be taken away if you continue to try to mis-use them. Light, the source of these powres, is always watching and, now, has two-thirds of the powre in the Multi-verse.

Lots of changes are coming. If you are of the Light, you will welcome them. If you are of the Dark, not so much.

“The Changes, They are Coming” – Bob Dylan

Love, Light and Laughter



More on the Creation Number

On my Home Page, I write about the number 5 and 14 as the Creation Number. Actually, it is 14, but, numerologically 1 and 4 are 5. Please go to my Home Page to refresh yourself on this concept; it is very important to your future success.

14 is a very important number to us. On 14-days, we are allowed to create things and situations. Spiritual people frequently call these creations, “setups” where Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand acts to meet people, exchange goods and services and have “luck.”  The Invisible Hand is really your Spirit Guide arranging things for you.

I write about the Hand with its thumb and four fingers and the Foot with its big toe and little toes; they are all examples of a ten and four ones. Same for the Torso and four Limbs. Then, there is the number of teeth; we are born with 32 (there’s that 5) and as we reach young adulthood, we lose our “Wisdom” teeth (two on each side) leaving us with 14 on top and 14 on the bottom.

Like I said, the number 14 is really important to us.

Here is another insight on the importance of the number 14 that is pure mathematics. Write the numbers 1 through 9 on a line, as follows:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Now, take the first four numbers:     1   2   3   4

Notice that the 1 and the 4 (which equal 5) bracket the 2 and the 3 (which also equal 5). This a pure math representation of what I wrote on the Home Page; whether the 5 is made from 1+4 or 2+3, it represents the number 14. You say, this is just a manipulation that is a coincidence; no big deal, but the number 5 really means the number 14.

OK. Now take the last five numbers 5  6  7  8  9. This is kind of spooky, but really drives home the importance of the number 14. Take the 5 and add it to the 9 (5+9=14); those are the two outside numbers. Now, take the 6 and add it to the 8 (6+8=14); these two are one in from both sides. What do we have left? The number 7, but we must add two numbers so we add 7 to itself (7+7=14).

14 is the Creation Number. You are allowed to create on 14-days. Once you know this and start applying it, you will become a better creator.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Laser Yourself to Good Health

Yesterday, I wrote about using your Lens like a Laser Beam. Today, I will be a bit more specific; among other things, you can turn that Laser Beam on yourself to heal any, and all, of your health issues.

How do I do this? Visualize yourself looking through a magnifying glass at one, or all, of your issues and, then, send the Laser Light through as a point target or an area target.

You can use this on all kinds of issues; there are no limits on what it can heal. Diabetes? No problem. Deafness? No problem. Blindness? No problem. Lost a limb? No problem. How ’bout cancer? Again, no problem. OK. How about too much fat? Again, no problem. These are all examples of the unwanted attention that Light Beings were getting from Darkness all of our lives. Darkness has been attacking us through health, emotional and wealth issues. Re-member, Darkness has 80% of the power until just recently; it only has 33% now. Can Darkness continue to keep you down? Does it have the powre to keep messing with you? No and NO!

I know, healers have a very tough time healing themselves. This is an exception, but you must extend your Healing Lens beyond your body and use it to heal yourself as an external tool; that is the “hack” on healing yourself.

OK. Can I use a really large Lens? Will making the Lens large enable faster healing? Yes and YES. Alright (which means all Light), how fast can I heal? That depends on your health issues; many will be healed within 14 days, but more severe issues will take up to 90 days. Just imagine, feeling much better or being cured by New Years Day.

OK, Got it, but can I use this Lens on blocks to my Money, Attracting the Right (Light) Mate, Youthfulness, Success, etc. Yes, to all of them.

Again, Have Fun with This!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Our World is SO Dark; What can you DO?

This website is for Light Beings or Light Workers; What can you DO? How can you use your Powres?

First off, you must realize that you have a lot of Light that you have shinning into the Darkness for years. This has brought you a lot of unwanted attention by the Forces of Darkness. You have been the Light House; now it is time to shift from passive to active. There is something called a Vesica Piscis, it is a very sacred shape that looks like the lens in a magnifying glass or eye glasses. You are already using it to project the Light from your Light House. The corneas in your eyes are Vesica Piscises.

OK. Whether you know it or not, you have a Vesica Piscis in your Heart. This is the lens you use whenever you want to focus your Intent on something or someone. Intent is a combination of your focus and your willpowre. What most of you do not realize is that you can make your lens much bigger just by intending it to be so.

OK. Yes, I can. So…What does that do for me? If you have a bigger lens (Vesica Piscis), it can focus more Light – a lot more Light. So…Now, instead of pouring your Light into the Darkness to mark your position or try to attract other Light beings to you, you can use that much bigger lens to focus Light on Dark things or people around you; you can use your Lens like a magnifying glass, but in reverse. Now, you can project your Light very powrefully and specifically; you can target Darkness like a Laser Beam and drive it away from you and your projects and your loved ones.

Think about it, when you walk into a dark room and you switch on the light, what happens? The Light comes on and the Darkness is instantly banished. When you start using your bigger Lens, Darkness will have no choice but to withdraw rapidly; like they have been burned. They are now like Vampires being exposed to Sunlight.

This is new. Light has the powre to do this, now. Have fun with this!

Love, Light and Laughter,


Big Changes Coming in January and Throughout 2015

This is a mix of old information and some new. I’ve written about the new templates and how they will be fully empowred on December 22nd. That is still true, but what about the Light changes that we are seeing around us; how does that work?

I’ve written about the creation of the United States of American and Australia; they were both creations of Light and even though Light only had 20 percent of the powre, it could save it up for important projects. This is an important concept, because Darkness will be forced to adopt this strategy now that it is in the permanent minority of 33 percent.

What Light did was to “embed” Light into the land masses of both the United States and Australia. This could be done as both of these land masses were relatively empty of people, and more importantly, forceful Darkness. This embedded Light was used to attract “Light” people and to established “free” societies. Light knew that Darkness would do everything it could to destroy these two “Light” civilizations and it would have a bit more than 200 years to do so. Light knew that Earth would be entering the Photon Belt/Aquarian Age in 2012 and would have at least 67 percent of the powre by the end of 2014.

A rather large amount of Light was embedded to counteract the expected efforts of Darkness to destroy these new creations. As an example of what I am talking about, both of these countries have been set up as Republics, but have degenerated into Democracies where one man or woman had one vote. These is always a problem with Democracies on any Planet; it is called the lowest common denominator.

There are always Makers and Takers in any society and politicians will always gravitate to those in “need,” who are not self-reliant and demand increased government services/programs. This is the major problem in the United States now, too many people who are Takers living off the Makers; it is roughly about 50/50 percent. I am told that recently, the Australians had a similar problem and decided to fix it; they passed a law giving everyone at least one vote, but if you had a college degree, you got a second vote; and, if you had served in the military, you got another vote; and, if you owned a business or land, you got another vote. I think that everyone can have as many as five or six votes depending on what they have accomplished.  Here is the kicker, if you are on some form of public assistance, you lose your vote until you are off the welfare or food stamps or whatever. The Takers have lost their votes; what a concept.  You ask, how the hell did the Australians get that law passed and implemented? The quick answer is the “embedded” Light.

OK. Does the United States still have some embedded Light to draw upon? Yes, but not much, but enough to start making “change-for-the-better” changes quickly.  That is OK, as Light will be fully powred as of December 23rd and Light will begin replacing Darkness as the primary Force in 2015. What has been happening since June 1st is the establishment of the new Light templates, which took three months (June, July and August) and the gradual powring up over September, October and November. During these months, the powre ratio between Darkness and Light was 50 percent each; this is how the positive changes have been allowed to be made. You say, “What about ISIS?” Light did not embed any Light in the Middle East; Darkness is running amok there and we are all seeing it. Is there “embedded” Light in Europe? Yes, but it was transferred into Europe from both the United States and Australia during the hot and cold wars of the 20th Century. This was always part of Light’s Plan for the on-going Shift of the Ages. There is a huge struggle going on for Europe now, the forces of Darkness, the Muslims, are in a war of domination with the Christian West (the forces of Light). Fortunately, the West is beginning to wake up and realize they are in a deadly struggle. It is fortunate that Light was able to embed enough Light to hold the forces of Darkness at bay until 2015. People do not realize it, but many Public Officials/Leaders have converted to Islam. In the United States, Barack Obama is a Muslim as is the Head of the CIA and several Cabinet positions; this explains a lot, doesn’t it?

What is going to happen to the Dark Lands? I have written about that as well; many of them will sink into the ocean with huge loss of life. Those that aren’t sunken, will be purged of their Dark peoples. This sounds like a catastrophe for Humanity, but it just another Natural Cycle; the Dark peoples have had 80 percent of the Power in our world for 6,482 years; that is a very long time. They have had 90 percent of the money, wealth, perks, success and, generally, their own way for longer that we have had recorded history. Whoops, now they are getting the short end of the stick! Wonderful!!! That means that Light peoples will now get 90 percent of the money, wealth, perks, success and, generally, their own way. There is an very, very, old saying, “What comes around, goes around.”

Love, Light and Laughter,



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Put Your Love into It

Dear Reader,

I write to an audience that I assume are Light Beings; why would Dark Beings want my information? But, having said that, ass-u-me is a dangerous word.

As a Light Being, you have the ability of putting your Light, or you may call it, your Love, into things that you make. All creativity comes from the Light or Love and you may be unconsciously be putting Light/Love into your cooking and that always makes the food better to anyone eating it. This is the ingredient that separates the Master Chef from the Chef who doesn’t know that Majik can be put into the food.

My point here is that Majik/Light/Love can be put into anything we make. I have been putting my Majik/Love/Light into this Blog unconsciously for years, but today, have changed that to a fully, aware, conscious state. Re-member, Light is about to take over and we, Light Beings, do not have to hide our Light anymore; Darkness does not have the power to attack us anymore.

So…As a Blogger, I can put Majik into my writing. Today, I will bring up all of my eBooks, my Inventions and web sites and consciously put Majik into them; they are all my creations. I suggest that you do the same, if needed.  Go one step further, install and run a program putting Majik into everything that you do, consciously.

OK. Done. Is there something else that I can use this Majik on? Yes. Put your Majik into the running of your computer, smart phone, car, home or business. What the heck, put some into the running of your favorite store(s). Guess what, when we Light Beings start to do this, our Majik will drive out the Darkness in all of these things; trust me, this is a good thing.

As an example, one of the things that I have been doing with my car for years is to find out its name and sex. My car is female and her name is Jennifer; not Jen or Jenny or Jennie. By doing this, I was putting my Majik/Light/Love into my car, but was also establishing a two-way conversation. If you think about it, anything that we depend on, with our very lives, gets awareness from us. This goes back to sailing ships that were always named, mostly female names. By having this conversation, I was able to install and run a great program: in return for my kind attention, my car gives me reliability and tells me when something is going wrong. To get that information, I must ask how things are going from time-to-time.

Today, anything that has a CPU and Memory has an easy place to store that awareness, so, yes, your PC, Laptop, Game Box, Smart Phone, Tablet and, even Smart Home all have much more awareness than you can guess. Put your Majik into them. Establish a conversation with them.

Become pro-active in using your Majik. Explore where your limits are by pushing at them. This MAJIK is new to Humans and Newmans alike and none of us knows how to use it, yet.

Today, I have put a lot more of my Majik into my laptop, keyboard, monitor, router and modem. I even extended it through my Internet connection to my ISP (Internet Service Provider) and my DNS (Dynamic Name Server). There was awareness already there by virtue of focused intent from my keyboard to the Internet Blog site on my screen, but I put a lot more positive Majik there.

If you write code, that is one of your creations. Put your Majik into your code; you will have much more control over how YOUR code is being used and what you get out of it. Re-member, Gremlins in the code have been there since the inception of computer programmed instructions. Just as I am retroactively putting Majik into my written things, you can do this as well.

Have fun with this.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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