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When does a New Day begin?

Followers of this Blog know about the number 14 as the Creation Number. This applies to Creation Days which add up to 14 or 5.

Something that I have not shared, on the Blog, is the start of each new day. Traditionally, the new day starts at midnight and all of our calendars use this convention.

But… the entire notion of Creation Number and Creation Days is information from Spirit. The closest conventional linkage to this Creation Number is a Fortnight or two-weeks which is the traditional vacation period in the United States. But…Fortnight is a British expression not commonly used in the US.

OK. The start of each new day is 14:00 hours; that is 2pm, but using the 24-hour clock nomenclature that is commonly used by the military.  Why 2pm? It is all about the number 14.

Every day, at 14:00, a new day begins in terms of Creation Days . Think about it. You are wide awake and have been functioning for much of your day already. Within hours you will be home and able to think of other things besides “work”.  You can plan out your creations, go to bed and dream/process them and then re-focus on them in the morning during your commute or weekend routine.

Of course, you can also go out and have fun; have drinks, dance and mingle; that is a wonderful time to create more good times. It kind of depends on what you are trying to create.

Anyway, it is now 14:00 in my time zone and it is December 22nd, 2015 (even though the calendar says it is still the 21st). What does that mean?

Now, it is three-years since the Earth moved into Aquarian Light. I had no idea that it would take this long for Light/Right-Spin to take over, but now, it is finally happening.  By taking over, I mean that Darkness has NO MORE residual or momentum power left. All of those things that it set in motion during our growing up years and all of those limitations that it imposed on us are no longer valid.

Why 3-years? We left Pisces after 2,160 years and entered Aquarius on 12/22/2012. We are a 3-dimensional world; height, depth and width and, essentially, we had a year of transition for each of those dimensions. Three years out of 2,160 is not much unless you have been waiting all of your life for it.

So…Now, Light is totally unencumbered by Darkness; there are no more tangled webs to overcome. All of those webs have evaporated into nothingness, but it has taken this long to do so.

Now, today, Light can blaize its own path forward and break with the past (all of the past is Darkness).

Remember, Darkness is all about Fear, Force and Control and most things of the past are all about those. Having said that, there are things that will be kept, but they will all be changed to make them more about Freedom, Truth, Choice and Doing-the-Right (Light)-Thing

Health and Insurance will be changed to Cooperatives; Banking will be changed to BitCoin or the like; Education will be self-directed by/thru the Internet; Government will be LESS or FAR LESS; Courts and Police will tend to disappear; People will be far more empowred to be who they are in confidence and positive outlook; Fear will take a back seat and will no longer drive us.

Things will get more simple or more direct; Fear tends us toward complexity (what about all of those things that could go wrong and that we must plan for?). Majik will come back into the world and it will be wonderful.

All of this, and more, will start to manifest itself in 2016,

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Light is OVERCOMING Darkness

It has taken a lot longer than I have been being told. Light will “string” us along telling us truths, but just not yet.

We entered Aquarian energy on December 22, 2012 and entered the “Photon Belt” or a region of intense Light. Both of these events meant that we had entered a space where Light ruled, not Darkness.

The problem can be called momentum; just as it takes 20 miles to turn around a supertanker in the middle of the ocean, the momentum of Darkness (after 6,480 years of being in-charge) was significant.

It has taken a full three years to overcome the momentum of Darkness. Technically, all of the momentum of Darkness will be dissipated on December 22, 2015. Unfortunately, we will have to wait for the New Year as we must deal with the Law of Energy Encapsulation; each month, year, decade, century and millennium  is an energy container or capsule and the Dark momentum will carry through to the end of December 2015.

With the New Year, there is a new energy container where Light has 67% of the powre and Darkness has 33%, but there is no more momentum to carry Darkness forward. 2016 will be the first time that Light can begin workings it’s agenda instead of reacting to what Darkness has been doing for so long.

For those of you who are new to the idea of the battle between Darkness and Light, I have put a new link up which takes you to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. It is a short read and should not take more than an hour or two.  Thoth is also called Hermes and, what many do not know, Osiris.

In all cases, He was the God of Writing and Majik. That translates, in today’s speak, as Communications and Technology; he was the original geek/nerd/techie, but in a world which new nothing about it.

2016 is going to be a year of Great CHANGES; Happy New Year!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Islam is a Theocracy, a Political ISM

The Caliphate has been re-established as the Islamic State. Islam is a political ideology masquerading as a religion. Adherents of Mohammedanism all believe that Sharia Law must, somehow, be imposed on everyone.

Everyone must become a believer; otherwise they can be killed, enslaved or taxed (Jews, not Christians).

Just in case anyone thinks that Jihad is, somehow, an aberration, there is a full chapter in the Que-ran/Koran which details that the straightest, most direct path to Heaven is to die fighting infidels (unbelievers). There are other kinds of Jihad; we call it a “Fifth Column” in the West.  Islamic people move in, start multiplying and, when they have enough numbers, then impose Sharia Law (the Theocracy). This is what they are trying to do to Europe with the mass migration from Syria. Islamic people do not integrate culturally because their God, Allah, Darkness, does not allow them to do so.

If you have read this Blog, you know that I place a strong emphasis on the powers/powres of Darkness and Light (or Left-Spin and Right-Spin energies). Yes, there is a central node for these powers/powres on Planet Earth. The Que-Ba is a large black obsidian cube which is the central core of Islam; it is in Mecca and all of the Islamic Faithful are required, at some time in their lives, to make a pilgrimage to  this site and walk around it eleven times to the Left (Counterclockwise or Left-Spin).

The Que-Ba is the Home of Darkness on Planet Earth; Allah is Darkness. Lucifer is just another name for Allah. If you worship Allah, then you are worshiping Darkness (Fear, Force and Control). Only Islam states that you can go to Heaven by killing innocents who do not believe as you believe; if you are a suicide bomber, you go straight to heaven. Is that Darkness? or What?

Islam is a political movement; it really has nothing to do with religion. It is all about imposing the belief in Allah on everyone. There is no freedom of religion in any of the countries controlled by Allah; it is a crime to bring a Bible with you when you go to Saudi Arabia. This crime has severe penalties which include jail time in Saudi Jails; this is not a slap on the wrists.

We, in the West, pride ourselves on our Freedoms, especially of the Press and Religion. In Islam, both are suppressed; only what is good for Islam is allowed. It is time for the West to wake-up. Islam is not a Religion; it is a Political ISM as in Nazi-ism, Terror-ism, Totalitarian-ism, Fascist-ism, Stalin-ism and it must be destroyed. Islam is Darkness and it has thrived when Darkness had most of the power in our world.

Effective on New Year Day, 2016, all of the momentum of 6,480 years of Darkness being-in-charge will be dissipated. Light started taking over on December 22, 2012, but it has taken three (3) years for the powre transition to be completed (we live in a 3-dimensional world); in 2016, Light will have 67 percent of the powre with no momentum to overcome.

Soon, you will see things go against Allah/Darkness; it has already begun.

Love, Light and Laughter,


Put Your Love into It

Yesterday, I put up a post about being a Conscious Creator. Today, I have a bit more to say about that.

It is OK to use someones else’s creation as long as you find a way to put your own love into it.  It is OK to buy a pre-mixed pancake mix, but go the extra distance and put blueberries into it or warm up that maple syrup; that is putting your love into it.

Whatever you want to create, you are the creator and you must put your essence into it. Creating at the collective level is being done all the time and over time, the collective creations get better and better; just look at laptops, wifi, tablets and smart phones.

When you want to bring a new idea into the world, it takes a lot of visualizing and focus and, unfortunately, waiting for the Universe to get around to it (in its own time). If, however, you are primarily interested in improving your love life or finances, that is much easier.

The first step that I recommend is to have a chat with your Spirit Guide or whatever you want to call Him/Her. Ask if there are any impediments that need to be removed. If so, ask to remove them JOINTLY. Yes, this is a form of Prayer, you are asking Spirit to work with you; you are asking for very specific help.


Notice that you must already be talking to your Inner Being to have this conversation in the first place. For those of you who are not already doing this, START.


Ask yourSelf if He/She wants to have a conversation with you. If you head starts nodding, PAY ATTENTION. That is yourSelf telling you Yes. That is how you get a YES and, I’m sure you can figure out what a NO is.

Remember, we started out this thread talking about whether you were a Conscious Creator or an Accidental Creator? We are all Creators, whether we know it or not; there is a little piece of God in all of us. It is called the Spark of Life.

For those of you who do not trust your internal conversations (as you have been messed with), Light has taken over enough, so that you will be able to get good information (if you are of the Light). Give it a try again, you will be pleased with the result.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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