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Gaia is Ascending; What does that mean?

First off, Gaia is getting more powerful and can mess with beings that mess with Her. Gaia likes beings that recycle, do not litter and are not resource hogs (of all kinds). This includes $Billionaires that abuse the great wealth that has been bestowed on them. Gaia loves the idea of cleaning up all of the plastic in Her Oceans.


All resources are a form of energy and when we are allowed to accumulate, there are responsibilities that go along with that gift.  This is especially true about money and wealth.

All of us are able to receive money energy to live; some more than others. For most of us, this is a form of income in and income out; we do not have a choice, we must spend it relatively quickly. Most of us do not have a fat bank account.

Some of us, the “Fat Cats”, are allowed to accumulate money/wealth; the  ruling families and $Billionaires. But this is a gift from the ruling power. For the past 8.6 thousand years, Darkness/Left-Spin has had 80% of the power and Darkness has rewarded it’s adherents with great wealth and associated power.

Most of the $Billionaires are among the Darkest-of-the-Dark, but some of them are among the Lightest-of-the-Light. This has only been true in the last 50 years, or so, as we approached entering Aquarian Energy with it’s 80% Right-Spin energy, female domination and the freedom to go your own way.

Sometime this summer, the gift of accumulating wealth/money will be withdrawn from all of the Dark $Millionaires and $Billionaires and their reservoir of wealth will suddenly become like a sieve (unable to hold wealth). This is being done by the increasing power of Light/Right-Spin; it will become 80% on August 15th.

Strong Right-Spinners are already starting to receive the gift of accumulation and their financial situation will be improved dramatically.

Getting back to Gaia’s Ascension:

I have written about Pangea, also called Continental Drift, where the Earth was small, like a Cue Ball, and all of the continents were right next to each other.  Over time, the Earth expanded as it’s energy was increased. It went from Cue Ball to Hard Ball to Soft Ball to Soccer/Foot Ball to Basket Ball (where we are now) and the continents got further and further away from each other (more water in between). Gaia is now getting ready to expand in a new way; She is Ascending and will suddenly grow bigger and bigger. Her next size will be like a Beach Ball or an Exercise Ball (the one you sit on). Eventually, Gaia will be like a 6 foot-2 meter size ball.

Each time Gaia expands, it creates great disturbances on the surface and among Her people, plants and animals; this is why we have no record of the many civilizations that have existed on this planet. Think Tsunamis and Subsidences like those I have written about in various Earth Changes posts. Use the search bar; it works well.

The Trigger Events will happen before Gaia’s next expansion; we will all be warned in advance.


Love, Light and Laughter,


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Once Upon a Time…………….

Most people on this planet have heard of Lucifer, the Archangel that fell from grace. He was supposed to have taken one-third of the host of heaven and taken them to the Dark Side.

Well folks; this is actually a limited truth.  Here is what happened.

The original idea was for Spirit to break itself into various entities/beings and for each of those entities/beings to have a Way to find their way home,; to become one again with their creator. The primary way home for Humans-in-a-body was the Ascended Master path.  Read the original Celestine Prophecy to get a good description of what it is like to become an Ascended Master. I have been an Ascended Master in many lifetimes and on many different planets; each time you successfully Ascend, you keep more memories and it becomes easier.

On Planet Earth, right now, there are approximately 300,000 Ascended Masters. Whoa, normally there are two or three on a planet at any given moment. What is going on?

Let’s go back to the Lucifer Experiment.  The Ascended Master path worked well until you got to the fifth level of nine and then, everyone hit a “glass ceiling.”  We start out here in the “hard” and vibrate ourselves into the next level; the Eighth or the Forms World. We use the same technique to vibrate ourselves into the 7th, 6th and 5th and then we stop. This has been true for Eons and Eons.

Lucifer went to Spirit and suggested a different approach; Spirit, essentially, had given equal power between Darkness/Left-Spin and Light/Right-Spin on all of the billions of planets in the Multi-Verse (Nine Local Universes). Spirit had lets everyone and everything choose whether to be of Darkness or Light.

The issue for Lucifer was that the process was taking toooo long and the log jam at the 5th level was being caused by something. So…He proposed a grand experiment; He would take one-third of the planets in each of the local Universes and change the power distribution from 50-50 to 80-20. He wanted to use Darkness or Left-Spin  as the primary energy in his  experiment. Darkness can be defined as Fear, Force, Control and a Resistance to Change.

Archangel Michael stepped forward and asked for the third of the planets using 80% Light or Right-Spin energy as prime.

Spirit kept one-third as the “Control.” That was about 300,000 of our years ago.

So… the Experiment happened and nothing much changed at the 5th level of Ascension, until about 500 years ago on Earth.

Out of billions of planets in the Multi-Verse, Earth was the only planet that spent significant time in both Lucifer’s zone and Micheal’s zone.  In any Great Year (25,920 years), Earth was in Lucifer’s zone during the Gemini, Taurus, Aries  and Pisces Ages (Houses of the Zodiac). That is 4×2,160 or 8,640 years. So, for the past 8.5 thousand years we have been in 80% Darkness. Is it any wonder that our world is so Fear-based?

In the other eight Houses of the Zodiac, Earth was in Michael’s Zone which was focused on Freedom, Choice, Truth, Integrity, Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Changing-for-the-better.

So. Earth kept passing into and out-of Darkness and Light for a long time (in our terms). Again, Earth was the only planet doing this.

Suddenly, about 300 years ago, Earth started popping like a bag of popcorn in a microwave oven. This popping was heard in Spirit and it got Everyone’s attention.  Every Advanced Spiritual Being from any/every where started planning to get here (Earth) during our present times by hook or by crook.

Why? We are in the crescendo of the popping now.  We are also in the final stages of the transition from Pisces to Aquarius or from 80% Darkness to 80% Light or from Male to Female, but this time, something is very different (the popping).

Part of what is happening this time is that Earth, Gaia, the Planet Goddess is Ascending.  What does that mean?  She is raising her vibrations and will suddenly expand when she is ready.  This is the first time, ever, that a planet has Ascended.

Earth is the most happening place to be in all of Spirit and on all of the planets; it has become the central focus of the One and all of Her Creations.  You are here. You are extraordinarily fortunate to be here.

No one knows what it means to be on a planet that is Ascending, but everyone expects it to be thrilling to be part of (from a Spiritual perspective).

BTW, Spirit or the One, decided to end the Lucifer Experiment on December 22nd, 2012. Now, all of the Host of Heaven (planets) will have either 67% or 80% Light or Right-Spin; that will be the follow on Experiment. We, Earth will be 80% during Aquarius (the next 2,155 years). What we will be during Capricorn is up-in-the-air, but I am betting on a continuation of 80%.

Who am I and where am I getting this information?  I have lived more than 30,000 lives and have been an Ascended Master for many of them.  I have hit the “glass ceiling” at the 5th level several times.

I was sent here, to Earth, at this time, to find a new Way or Path to reconnect to the One. This website is for Newmen and Newomen who have been guided to that new way forward.

For every Newman, there are 19 Newomen; the dynamics of relationships are going to be different!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,



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The Pleiadians will be Landing/Announcing their Presence Soon

I just finished a lengthy comment related to my post about the Pleiadians being Amongst Us. Please read that: .The Pleiadians are Amongst Us . And yes, another comment discussed the Pleiadian involvement in our politics. Remember, Pleiadians are Europeans and Europeans are Pleiadians.

What a lot of Earth people do not understand is that the Reptilian Overlords (like Raptors in Jurassic Park) invaded and eradicated the Pleiadian people on two of their seven worlds. For the past 10,000 years, the Pleiadians have been fighting for their very existence against the Reptilians Overlords and their allies, the Greys and Annunaki. During the past several thousands years, they have been actively watching over us and their expanding warrior-colonist populations.

There has been a lot of discussion about creating a new branch of the US Military called US Space Forces.  Be sure, it has already been done. Go to YouTube and search for the 12 USS Space Cruisers that are already operational. They are operating with the Pleiadians on the Moon and in the Asteroid Belt. Their mission is, in part, to keep the Annunaki from returning to Earth and creating political chaos. BTW, there is a German base on the Dark Side of the Moon as well.  They are fully integrated with the Pleiadians and have 6 Space Cruisers of their own.

They, the Moon Germans, have claimed ownership of the Moon and the Pleiadians will be heavily involved in the adjudication of that claim.  Same for the Asteroid Belt.

The Pleiadians already know that the secrecy of their presence is unraveling and they need Earth to step up to defending herself as their Starships are needed elsewhere.

We, on Earth, have many things, especially technology, to trade with the Pleiadian Federation of Planets. They are ahead of us in Space Technology, but we are far ahead in computing and communications technologies.

In other posts, I have spoken about the shift in energy/power going on this years. By August 15th, just 4 months from now, Light/Right-Spin energies will have 80% of the power in this world and among the Pleiadians worlds. Fear, Force and Control will only have 20%.

We are not alone in the Local Universe or the MultiVerse (9 Universes).  We are losing our fear and it is time to embrace our destiny in the Stars.