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When does a New Day start? a New Year?

New all know that a new day begins at one second after midnight in whatever time zone we are in. Same with the start of a New Year after midnight on January 1st.

That is true on Planet Earth and on many other planets. Reference the number 14; the Creation Number. Each new day, according to Spirit, happens at 1400 hours, which is 2pm in our afternoons. OK. But, Energetically, many things do not happen until 0500 (which is a 14) the next morning.

Each new day is, actually, a new creation. It is important, Spiritually, to look at it like that.

OK. So when does a new Spiritual Year begin? Answer: When the shortest day begins getting longer. For us, in the Northern Hemisphere, that is December 22nd. And for those of us in Southern Hemisphere, it is June 22nd.

Wait, you tell me, it is the 21st. Not true. Spirit uses Master Numbers, particularly 22, for annual time demarcations.

So… When you think back to the end of the Mayan Calendar, it was on December 21, 2012.  The next new year for them, would have been on December 22nd.

So the real importance here is to allow my readers to get a jump on creating what they want for themselves as early as possible. At 1400, every day, you can create what you want for the next day. Set your INTENTIONS for next Day.

Same for the next year. You do not have to wait for New Years for your resolutions. Again, set your INTENTIONS for the Next Year on December 22nd (or June 22nd). Remember, we are all Creators. During the Year, use Creation Days (any day with a number of 5 or 14) as these will allow you to CREATE Consciously as opposed to Unconsciously like so many of us do. See my Home page again for more on the number 14.

While we are talking about Creating, here is another tip. This site is a resource for Right-Spinners. As Right-Spin energy has taken over and is growing stronger, you can use Your INTENTION to ask for a very Right-Spin event anytime.

Ask for a Most Benevolent Outcome or an MBO for any event coming at you. If you want a particular outcome, ask for it using the Creation Number at 1400 everyday or on 5/14 days. But, if you are willing to trust Spirit, you can ask for an MBO on AnyTHING or for AnyONE at AnyTIME.

You can even set up “standing” MBOs for great parking spaces or eating at your favorite restaurant, etc. Don’t forget MBOs when you are in court; it really helps if the opposing party doesn’t show.

Ok. The last thing I wanted to address was to bring up the fact that Newomen and Newmen are different, more advanced beings than Humans. We all have different, more complex DNA as part of the Transformation. I published a post called, “Newman Manifesto” a while ago.  It is time to review it again or read it for the first time for newer readers.

As the powre shift progresses, Newomen and men will begin to get their powres. Not everyone will get the same powres, but many will have variations on the same. These powres will set us apart from Humans like the Avengers Movie Super Beings are set apart.

Newomen will be much more abundant than Newmen; there are 19 Newomen for every Newman. Guys, we are only 5% (there’s that C Number again). Newomen will rule.

We all do this Transformation thing individually; it is a very personal thing and we are all led or guided to it as individuals; it is not now, and never will be a thing for the masses.

According to Spirit, there are 330 thousand (330,000) people on Planet Earth who have put themSelves on the Newoman/Newman Path. Among the Seven Pleaidian Planets, there are more than 5 million (5,000,000).

Do not be concerned. Many of the most powreful NewBeings  are here, on Earth. Also, Pleaidian Planets are all ruled by women who are the most Spiritually Advanced Being on their planet; all political powre is held by women. Men tend to still do most of the military fighting in their war for survival against the Reptilians. We are part of that War, whether we know it or not.

It is important for You to Wrap the Newman Manifesto MESSAGE around Your MIND. We will be getting our Powres Soon and the Pleaidians will be announcing their presence to us, on Earth, soon. We NewBeings, both on- and off-planet will be working closely together to defeat the Dracos/Reptilians. This is an Existential fight, the Dracos intend to exterminate all Beings who can resist them; they have already done so on two Human worlds that they conquered.  These two worlds have been retaken and are being repopulated.

Note: the militaries of the world are busy exploiting from an Intel perspective, one of the Reptilian Hives (50 miles diameter and 5 miles deep) that has been discovered in Antarctica. There are four more that our Governments do not know about; near Perth, Australia, near Cairo, Egypt, in the Alsace-Lorraine regions in Europe and in central New Mexico, USA. In 2011, the Pleaidians figured out a way to destroy them all very quietly. Remember, Pleaidians are among us and we are very valuable to them.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Visioneering is a New Powre

We have all heard of, and tried to do something “They” call Manifesting. As all Humans are created in the image of their creator, Humans were allowed to create as well. See my Home Page on the number 14 and Creation Days.

When using Manifesting, we were supposed to put photographs up on our mirrors or on the refrigerator to keep us focused on what we want. To create anything, it takes two energies; focus and will-power. My trouble with Manifesting is that it never worked for me.

Why? As a strong Right-Spinner, Darkness had found out who and what I was when I was in my Teens. Darkness put strong blocks up (within my body, using sugar) to prevent me from Manifesting, being wildly successful or rich and even, health and physical limitations. Ever since I can remember, I have had “weak” lungs and tended to get the flu (lungers) in my lungs before it went away. It also includes vision and hearing loss. Darkness has “messed” with me all of my life.

OK. This is beginning to change for the better. Light/Right-spin has taken over starting in September, and is getting stronger, every 15 days (9/15, 10/1, 10/15, 11/1, 11/15, 12/1, 12/15) until the end-of-the-year. 2018 is the final transition year from Pisces to Aquarius; in every shift of an Age there is a five-year waiting period (12/2012 to 12/2017) with the major power shifts happening in the sixth year. That five-year window is there for the collective mind to create a new world for itSelf (5 is really 14 which is the Creation Number).

So… Here we are in early October and I am seeing signs that Darkness is beginning to lose it’s grip on me and my body.  Soon, perhaps as early as 10/15, I will be able to start Visioneering.

Whoa. What is Visioneering? What Manifesting is to Humans, Visioneering is to Newmen/Newomen. Visioneering is Manifesting on Steroids; it is about 10 orders of magnitude greater than the strongest Human Manifestation.

As a Newoman or man, you may want to create improved youthfulness, health, wealth and happiness for yourSelf and your loved ones. You will soon be able to do so. Darkness is losing its grip and cannot continue to block us; our powres are growing too strong and getting stronger with each passing day.

So…Start Envisioning things that you want for yourSelf. Find them on the Internet and Book Mark them; the Internet is a wonderful focusing tool. I use Opera; it has a robust, free VPN and I put things that I want to keep seeing in my Speed Dial.

Money is mostly digital now. It should be easy to Visioneer more money in your Bank Accounts.

Here’s to being Free from Darkness.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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How to Protect YourSelf against Infectious Dis-ease

Bill Gates is supposed to have said that “30 million Americans will begin to die soon” of a Pandemic that will sweep across America.  Not sure what pandemic he is talking about, but it is most likely the new version of the Chinese Bird Flu that is killing very many in China.  Supposedly, it has entered the United States and has spread throughout the world.

In the 1850-80s, Pioneers migrated westward in Wagon Trains to populate our American West. How did they survive that journey of months going from contaminated water source to source without all dying of dysentery? The answer: they all started as Wagon Trains from one place; St Joseph, Missouri. When these pioneers purchased their wagons and draft animals, they also purchased one or more water barrels. The instructions that came with the water barrels were to put/place a silver dollar in the bottom of each water barrel and leave it there for the entire journey.

OK. What did this do, Chemically? We all know that water has oxygen in it (how else to fish live?). When high grade silver (coins, chains, crosses, etc.) is put into the water, the oxygen is attracted to the silver to make silver oxide (this is what is called Tarnish), but instead of being a dark surface blemish that must be cleaned with silver polish, it is suspended in the water.

This silver oxide is then available to our bodies to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites. It can be used as a liquid that you drink or sprayed on your skin topically. It is wonderful for attacking inflammation on our skin and in our bodies.

This is similar to colloidal silver that you can buy at the health food store, but this is pre-electricity and does not need electrolysis. It is all natural and the silver oxide molecules are very small and can get into the smallest cells.

Yes, this is useful against any bacteria, virus or parasite. Better yet, it is free; just place some high-grade silver into a container full of water and let is sit for 12-24 hours. I use a 1 quart (1 liter) glass jar with a silver dollar in the bottom. The silver water tastes a bit metallic and starts working immediately.

So…If you still believe in Doctors and anti-biotics (that don’t always work anymore), continue to trust that you will survive that trip to the hospital. More people die by malfeasance in hospitals than drunk driving and accidental shootings combined.

I believe in Silver Water and Apple Cider Vinegar and eliminating sugar in all of its forms over Doctors, Hospitals and Big Pharm/Monsanto. This is how I plan to defend mySelf against all dis-ease, sickness or other Darkness inspired actions.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Newman/Newoman Symbol

I call this a Six-Pointed Thingee in a Cube (Hexahedron).  For instructions on how to build this for yourSelf, go to the Transform YourSelf – Guided Meditation page.


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