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How to Manifest

We all come here without an Instruction Book. We arrive and get nurtured, or not. Regardless, we grow and learn and expand our Boxes with growth and experiences.

We have all heard about creating things with our minds. It’s simple, just Manifest it! Right!?*

Most of you are Right-Spinners; otherwise how did you find this site? As Right-Spinners you were born that way and had a lot of Light. Darkness, being in charge, set limits on what you could do in this life. One of the most significant limits placed on you was to restrict your ability to Manifest.

On a scale of 0-9, most of you are going to be at 1 or 2 in your ability to Manifest; it does not work so well for you.

Go back and read the Home Page again. To Manifest, as Fire Beings, you must use Creation Days (the number 5 or 14 in various configurations). You must wait a few more days; you can release your limits in November 2020.

Why then? We are in a transition from Darkness being in charge to Light being in charge. This transition will be completed by January 1st, 2022. We started on December 22, 2012 and it will take until December 21, 2021. Yes, it takes 9 years to complete the transition and yes, we must wait for the next year (next appropriate energy envelope).

For whatever reason, we can all release the limitations that were imposed on us before we were born and after, in November 2020. Don’t believe it? Fine, carry on. But if you know you are limited, clear it if you can.

To release your Manifest Limitation, do the following. Wait for the next Triple Creation Day; the next one is 11/8/2020 or 11/17/2020 or 11/26/2020). These are the most powerful Creation Days. Go to your “Secret” or “Inner” Heart. You can get there by following the instructions in the Transform YourSelf – Guide Meditation page. Once you are in your Inner Heart, just tell yourSelf that you want to go to the “Control” Room and you will be moved there.

The Control Room is the place where you can establish new programs and delete old programs that no longer serve you. There is enough Right-Spin energy that we can draw on (in 11/2020 also 11/22 also 33 also a Master Number) to make programming changes.

Once you get there ask the question about where you are in various areas of interest using the 0-9 scale. You may find that you are limited in more things than Manifesting, like health, success, money and relationships/sex. You are in the Right place to make changes. You will have to ask your Self about how fast to get more. Some may zoom to 9 immediately; others may have to go to 3, then 5, 7 and 9 in different stages. It may be different for each category of interest. Whatever it is, it will be worth coming back again. After you make the first changes, you may be able to come back to make more changes on Double 14-days like 11/12, 11/21 and 11/30. However you chose to proceed, recommend fixing your Manifest first. And….ask if you can do more. If you don’t ask, they can’t say Yes.

So…What happens when we can Manifest? We are in the most dense part of creation; we are in the 9th Level down from Spirit also known as the “Hard.” When we create anything (when we are allowed to), it is created first in the space above the 9th level. That 8th level place is called the “Forms” World. Whether we are creating money, success, health, happiness or more/better relationships/sex, it must be created there first.

So. For Fire Beings (we are all born as Fire Beings), the creation takes up to 72 hours to be created in the Forms World. As we get better, the creations get faster and can be created in 36 hours.

OK. Why so long? Everything take time. We all know that. Besides, the Universe always gives us a chance to change our minds/creations. Sometimes, we want to make it better and other times we want to cancel it/them.

So…We can create something and a day later think it is not possible or that it is never going to happen or get here. Guess what? That is a cancellation message.

Wow, so most of us “kill off” our creations anyway? Yes. Can this be fixed? Yes, when you are creating set up a Conscious Kill Switch where you must decide to consciously change or kill your creation. I wrote the home page to tell people how to consciously create; this is more on that instruction manual.

Again, the idea is to begin to Consciously Create. That means using Creation Days and setting the Conscious Kill Switch. No more unconscious self-talk destroyers of our creations.

So… When I change my creation does that restart the time clock? Yes and no. If you change the creation within 6 hours, everything can adjust. Any more than 6 hours, it must be restarted.

OK. What happens when the creation is completed and ready to be sent down here? Two things happen. The first is the Universe checks to see if you have limited yourSelf or been limited and how much. The next thing involves Energy Envelopes.

I referenced this above. Everything is energy and we, everything here and around us, are slowed down energy. What are Energy Envelopes? The most basic is a second, then a minute, than an hour and then a day. These are useful to us to regulate our waking hours, sleep, meals, etc. The next level up is more useful to the Universe; things can happen between weeks and on certain days like business days or on the weekend.

The most powerful energy envelopes for Spirit are months and years. I am telling you to wait until November; that is the next Monthly Energy Envelope. 2021 is the next Yearly Energy Envelope. Universe cannot give us big changes unless it does so in Monthly or Yearly increments. Think about it, almost all of our milestones are several months or years away.

What I am saying here is that even the Universe is limited in how it must deal with us. It cannot give us what we want instantly; everything has a timing that is, usually, longer than we want.

Alright, we are not limited and have an appropriate energy envelope to put the creation in. How long to get the creation down into our realities? For Fire-Beings look at 36 hours. As we become better at this, it can be realized in 18 hours.

So, we can create just exactly what we want and the Universe must give it to us (as we demand)? No. We ask for more and the Universe decides how it is going to give it to us. As Creators, we must learn the ebbs and flows of the supporting Universe. We must learn how to tamp down EXPECTATIONS and Allow things to happen when they are supposed to. We can change that curve with our Manifested Creations; be patient, confident and hopeful.

A great question to ask is, “Am I where I am supposed to be?” and “Am I with the person that I am supposed to be with?” and “Do I have the resources that I am supposed to have?” and others that check your current status. So, if you get an answer that indicates change is coming, that is a great heads up.

Always remember to say “Thank You” for whatever you have. Believe it or not, YOU have put yourSelf there.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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No One believes How Bad it will Be!!!

Dear Readers,

Please begin your preparations (if you haven’t started already). By this time next year (2021), basic food items will be 4-7 times higher in cost than now.

Start buying rice, pasta, dried potatoes, dried peas, and canned protein and veggies of all sorts. Store these in water-tight containers (air-tight is better). Make sure that they are stored above flood levels (yes, flooding will be a problem).

Why? The Grand Solar Minimum or not so Mini-Ice-Age is beginning to hit us hard. This one could be on a 2,000 year repeating cycle; that means it could last 400-800 years. Really? Yes, no shit!

OK. What does that mean? In Europe, all of the farm land North of the French and Italian borders will have growing seasons that are just too short. Yes, potatoes and cabbages can be grown, but corn, wheat and other grains not so much. Yes, the Ukraine will have shorter and shorter growing seasons and the cold/snow will come earlier and earlier (sooner). The same thing will happen to the grow areas in the United States; draw a line from Northern Arizona to Southern Virginia and anything North of that will be too cold. Yes, all of Canada will be too cold.

This will get worse and worse as we move into this new climate. It is not warming, it is getting much colder, quickly. So growing food in the Caucuses will not be an option. Where can Europe get food from? Simple, Syria. Why do you think Putin has his forces there? Hopefully, Northern Africa will become a new grain belt like it was during the Roman Empire. China is making moves to control that whole area; it will begin to have famine this winter.

On China, this is the worst year in more than 400 years for Typhoons and heavy rain. This is not accidental, it is the Jet Streams changing. Many of the 1000s of dams in China are collapsing/have collapsed and flood waters have ruined the crops (and the computer chips). The Chinese Infrastructure has also been destroyed; the food that they have will be much harder to distribute, especially to the countryside.

So… What I am saying is that much of the world will have to adapt and move its growing areas South (or North for the Southern Hemisphere). In the United States, the Desert Southwest will become well watered soon as the Jet Streams move South and carry moisture. This will also bring water to Northern Africa.

Wow. Food security will become a big problem for much of Europe. Yes and No. American farmers must move their operations into the Southern States. This way the Americans will still grow a lot of food. This strategy will not be so easy for Europe; will Europe re-colonize Northern Africa?

What else can be done? Technology may be the answer. Think of all the abandoned warehouses (and castles) in Europe. These can be transformed into vertical farming operations that grow many kinds of vegetables. Hay for the animals will have to be grown in the ground, but hay is a grass and will be able to be harvested until snowfall. Soybeans can be grown via vertical farming. So can potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbages, carrots and others. Mushrooms as well. Grains are going to be hit hard, but they are mostly sugar (or produce a lot of glucose). Many of us are moving away from grains in our Keto Diets. In these high-tech growing operations, fish farming is (or can be) built-in. Fish can eat soybeans and so can pigs.

Note: Much of the Ukraine has three meters of top soil. This could be a wonderful source of rich dirt to supply these vertical farming operations.

This is already beginning to happen in both Europe and the United States and is spreading around the world.

What else can be done? Simple, the temperature of the ground is 12° C (or 54° F) two meters (6 feet) down. This is true whether it is in the deepest winter or hottest summer. So, we must take a backhoe and dig down two meters, lay some plastic pipes (be able to put your fist into), cover them up, and hook them up to a fan. We must put enough of these buried pipes in the ground to pick up the heat from the ground and recirculate it in our buildings; taking our cold air and pumping it into the ground pipes. This one operation will provide a continuous baseline of 12°C/54°F; that is nearly the perfect temperature for growing plants and is a much more cost-effective start for heating to Human comfort zones. This is something that can be done in Canada or Russia for those who want to brave long, cold winters.

Then, there is the option of moving underground as well. In our past, we have had entire civilizations move underground to escape falling debris from asteroids or meteor showers. When rocks start falling from the sky, our roofs and vehicles are not make for that kind of punishment. Anything above ground will have to have strong steel coverings. Look up places like Cappadocia and its vast labyrinth of underground dwellings in Turkey. These ancient people dug these stone dwellings out by hand; something severe must have driven them to do so. Our Astronomers are telling us that we are moving into an area of increased meteor activities, what does that mean?

Because of our technologies, if we move quickly, we will be able to grow enough food to maintain our civilization (not so many as now).

So,,, ,whether we are using backhoes or something bigger, getting heat from or getting protection by going underground may be in our futures.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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More on Energy Vampires and Such…

I have written about Energy Vampires on this site before; us the search to find it. Here is some more. I will be repeating some of what I have shared again for the new readers.

This site is for Right-Spinners. We are of the Light and tend to think of ourSelves as “Light Workers.” As such, we are like “Lighthouses” that send their beams out into the Darkness; we can be seen a long ways off by the energy manipulators.

Who and what are these energy manipulators?

Energy Decoys

The lowest level I will call Energy Decoys. These people are quite strong Dark/Left-Spin beings who are on the path to become Energy Vampires. Unlike Vampires, they are able to passively collect our energy and hold it. They look a lot like Right-Spinners to us. If we ask ourSelves if they are “Right-Spinners?” We will get a Yes as they have a layer of Right-Spin energy around them. That is the wrong question; it should be “are they Energy Decoys?” They look like us but do not act like us. But, unlike Vampires, they do not suck our energy and drain us; it is more subtle. They tend to operate in a group and are associated with a Vampire that is apprenticing them to become a Vampire.

Energy Vampires

We tend to be unaware of Decoys as they collect our energy passively. That is not true of Vampires. Frequently, when we are with a group of others, a Vampire will get close and suck our energy. If they can, they will completely “drain” us and it will only take a moment. Many of us do not realize that these Vampires exist and do not understand what just happened. But it keeps on happening.

Vampires are very strong Dark/Left-Spinners. They suck our energy to get stronger and stronger. They actually are striving to become a Demon Holder (next advancement).

You mean there is a hierarchy of Dark ranks here on Earth? Among people? Yes, just like there is a hierarchy of “Church” ranks from Priest to Bishop and up to Pope. Unfortunately, the Church attracts and promotes these Dark Beings (like our existing Pope). Not all, but most senior religious leaders are Vampires. This also applies to Politicians and CEOs. These successful Vampire love to have strong Right-Spinners around to suck from.

Demon Holders

The most senior rank of Dark/Left-Spin people is that of Demon Holder. You can be a High Priestess of Darkness like Hillary, but you must be a Demon Holder first.

Demon Holders get promoted from the most successful Vampires. They are rewarded by carrying around one or more powerful Demons. These Demons are ancient Spiritual Beings that have developed kinetic powers and cannot “fly” around. The Demon Holder brings the Demon to its intended target and provides the Set up for the Demon to enter.

Wow, you mean that Demons can actually take over a Human? Yes, whenever you see a “truly” Evil Person, they have been taken over. To become a Demon Holder, you must allow yourSelf to be taken over by a Demon.

How do WE Protect ourSelves?

First. WE are all biological computers. Some of us can program ourSelves. Others must approach the programming/reprogramming with sacred geometry, ceremony, candles, essential oils, and such. Do whatever works for You. For those who can program themSelves, say the program and then say, “Install it and run it.”

Here are the two programs that I recommend that you install.

“My energy is my own. No one may take my energy without my permission.”

“My energy is my own. No one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.”

The first one prevents Decoys and Vampires from stealing/sucking your energy.

The second will offer significant protection against Demons and the Spells of Dark Magicians (Dark Witches, Warlocks and Sorcerers).

I know, this is fantasy or fiction, but then Energy Vampire exist, don’t they?

Next. After installing the two programs you must ask about the people around you. Remember, we are like Lighthouses and they are attracted by our energy. We can be seen a long ways off and they want what we have.

Yes, this is also about money. They can use our energy to advance along their paths for more money and power. Up until recently, Darkness had 80% of the power in our world. Advancing in Darkness was the chosen path for nearly everyone seeking power.

How many of you have realized that you were living with a Decoy or Vampire and threw them out? After a while, they could not hide who they were. Drawing your energy sexually is one of their favorites. Be very careful about who you go home with. She may be beautiful, but she may also be a Vampire (not blood, but energy).

It is not good enough to ask if “they” are like me. They steal/suck our energies and “look” a lot like US. The correct questions are: “Are they a Decoy, Vampire or Demon Holder?”

Yes, we tend to most interested in the Vampire question, but then the Decoys get a free ride. If we get a yes to Vampire, then the next question should be Demon Holder. Then, you know who and what you are dealing with.

My Experience with a Very Powerful Demon

I did not know about Decoys and Vampires at this time, yet.

A Decoy who I trusted introduced me to a Vampire/Demon Holder. I cam to trust him as well and started working on technologies with him. I spent time with him at his house. One afternoon in his living room, he pointed out that the light fixture with four light bulbs hanging from his ceiling was turning one way and then the other on its own. He said it was strange and maybe his house was “haunted.”

For whatever reason I was “prompted” to walk over and reach up with my finger. I do not know where the prompted came from, but maybe the fight that came was a SetUp.

When I touched the light fixture, it stopped and a Demon came down my arm. It was exalted and sang as it came, “I have eaten many like you and will eat you” and “You are mine.” This came through to me mentally.

I waited and watched. When it got to my elbow I, mentally, told it to Stop. I wasn’t sure what was happening and what to do about it, but it stopped. It was not happy and started telling me how very powerful it was and that I could not keep him from eating me for long. It even said that it would finish me off when I fell asleep.

Mistake. I knew then that I must take actions against it. How? What? From somewhere I knew what I had to do. I put a sphere of golden light around the Demon (in my arm). I made the sphere very strong. I, then, put 143 other golden sphere around the first sphere. I created a very strong holding tank for the Demon.

The Demon was not happy and told me that I could not hold the shield while I was asleep. I was not sure that was truth, but could I take a risk? I told the Demon that I would allow it to retreat back up my finger to the light fixture. It laughed at me and told me that “I was its meat.” It gave me a mental image of what it would do to me. It was planning on going up my arm, across my shoulder and into my spinal cord. Once there, it was going to move into my medulla and control me.

I said, “you are a very powerful Demon with great respect among other Demons? “Yes”, it said and again told me that I was “its meat.” I asked it to leave once more and it refused.

I then put 144 golden tooth picks (that were also straws) into the ball of spheres. I asked one more time (three times) if it would leave. It answered, “No.”

I began “sucking” the awareness or, perhaps, its power, out of the Demon. I was doing to it what it had done to so many others. I was not keeping this energy and just released it into the air around me.

The balls of golden light were about the size of a basketball (larger than a soccer or foot ball). I shrunk the globes of light down to the size of a softball and asked again. “No.” I shrank the globes down to the size of a pool or billiard ball and asked again. “No.” I kept going until it was the size of a pea and asked again. “No.” So, I kept going until the Demon globe was the size of a grain of sand.

I thought that I might go down to a mote, but that may be too far. I wasn’t sure that it was my task to “kill” or “terminate” this Demon being. I asked my Spirit Guide if I should continue the reduction in power.

Got a big Stop. I had already reduced the power of the Demon down to the lowest rank of Demons (from the very highest). OK. Now, what was I supposed to do with it?

No reply. So I asked if I could hand it off to an Angel? I mean if there are Demons then there must be Angels. I got a Yes and handed the weakened Demon over to Michael. I slept well that night.

I realized that I was a powerful being in my own right and was put here for some reason greater than I knew. That realization put me on the path to this site – the Earth Being Transformation.

I share this story so you will know that you can fight back if/when you are attacked by a Demon. Not only that you can, but how.

Not all Demons will be as full of themselves or as over-confident as mine was. If they attack hard, counter-attack harder; there will be no meeting of the minds.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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Being Lied to…

Whether we like it or not, Spirit is a binary space; it has both good and evil or darkness and light. We too struggle with the same issues; we are moving towards either Right-Spin or Left.

I have, like all of you, struggled with my responses from Spirit. Some, I knew immediately to be TRUTH but many were half-truths at best, especially when dancing around WHEN. The WHAT is generally much better, but it too has its issues.

Our problem, as Spirits-in -a-body, is that we are not respected by our Heavenly Host. The bureaucracy of Heaven is made up from a group of Being called TriUn Selves. They are Humans who have managed to merge themSelves into a being that is both sexes; I know, quite a feat. This is a “normal” evolution for Humans. What happens next is that these Sexless Beings are tested; they must separate into the two sexes again and put themSelves back together without succumbing to sexual intercourse.

Those who pass this test are made into Powerful, Immortal Beings that are given Spiritual Guidance powers over us. They call themSelves “Governors of the World” and move up into Heaven Bureaucracy from there. Those who do not pass this test are put into the wheel-of-life to be reborn over and over again until they find another path forward. That dear reader is all of us here on the Earth plane. You can read more about this in one of my recommended reading books called “Thinking and Destiny.”

So, to the bureaucracy of Heaven, we are all failures; we had our chance and did not pass the test. We are lesser beings and are treated as such. What this means is that it is OK to disrespect Us or to lie to Us; we are just Human.

Now, you can begin to understand why Bureaucrats can be so capricious and arbitrary; as Above, so Below.

So… Humans always find a way. What did we do? We figured out how to vibrate ourSelves into higher and higher realms of existence; we are on the ninth plane and vibrated ourSelves onto the eighth, seventh, sixth and fifth. We were half-way back to Spirit or the One. This is what an Ascended Master is and this is the Ascended Master path.

So, remember our Bureaucrat Masters have disdain for us. This was a way around their control; they stopped us from going any higher than the Fifth level; that is the original “glass ceiling.”

I was one of the beings that kept on hitting that 5 level block and came back in this lifetime to find another way. Yes, many of you who visit this site have been Ascended Masters in several of your past lives.

This part is critical to understand. Humans and TriUn Selves were, and are created as Fire Beings. The Tetrahedron is the fire shape and two of them intertwined make up the MerKaBa. My point here is that our Heavenly, Bureaucratic Masters are “jumped up” Fire Beings. They are derived from our baseline; their symbol is still the Tetrahedron.

When anyone first comes to this site they see a rotating cube with a six-pointed thingy in it. The six-pointed thingy is composed of six spinning Tetrahedrons configured to point to each other from three planes; it is a corner times six.

For those of you who can reconfigure your Tetrahedrons and put yourSelf into a cube (see my Transform YourSelf – A Guided Meditation page), you are now an Earth Being. Your symbol is now the Hexahedron or Cube.

Anyone who is able to change their Tetrahedron – Fire Being configuration is also on this new path – the New Being path. Newmen and Newomen can all become Earth Beings, then Air, Water and, eventually, Spirit Beings.

So, our Bureaucrat Masters in Heaven stopped the Ascended Master path. Do you think they were happy about this new path? Not. Why, besides the obvious? This new path goes around their power/powre; it enables we Human to transform ourSelves from Fire Beings into Earth Beings.

The Heavenly Bureaucrats have done everything they can to slow the adoption of this new path and to put obstacles in our collective way. They have slowed down/delayed the arrival of Earth Being powres as long as they could.

Imagine, we have been fighting a battle with the Host of Heaven opposed to Us. Well, the Bureaucrats, but not the Angels; Michael is with US.

Fortunately or unfortunately for Us, this new path, New Beings, was timed with the arrival of Aquarian Energies. The transition began back in December of 2012 (that is a five year or Creation Year) and will be completed (number 9) by December 2021 (another 5 year).

What this means is that Earth Beings (those within a cube) will have powres separate and above those of Fire Beings. The Heavenly Bureaucrats are not happy; we have gone around them. What’s worse is that they cannot do anything about this change. They will have to adapt to an uncomfortable paradigm shift; Earth Beings, even though we are still Beings-in-a-body (here in the Hard) are a more advanced Spiritual Being. They will soon be inferior beings.

Meanwhile, they will continue to lie to Us or, as they like to call it, deceive. There is supposed to be no malicious intent; just their disdain and disrespect.

Is there anything that we can do to shut this Deep State/Resistance down? Yes, everyone on this New Being path (that includes Adepts, Vertical Masters, Horizontal Masters, Mahatmas, and anyone in the Cube) can use the New Being symbol as a shield.

Visually place yourSelf into the center of the cube where the six-pointed thingy comes together. Anyone can do this.

From that point/place, you have invoked Earth Being powre; you have stepped into a higher realm. The TriUn Selves cannot mess with you or lie or deceive you. It does not matter whether They are Dark or Light or what their motives are. They are not allowed to show anything but deep RESPECT to higher-level beings.

I hope that this post has provided some clarity on how and why we Humans get so much discord in our Spiritual communications. Put yourSelf into the cube for TRUTH and AMITY.



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